Dear Crayons !

Dear Yellow and Orange crayon

Look crayons we had this chat last week and I’m fed up with it.

One day I might coulur the sun in both of you to stop you from arguing. Because that  is the sun is actually yellow and orange.Know because I’ve seen it.

Don’t be sad because your useful for other  things.Orange crayon you can be good for oranges (of course) and Tigers,Orangutangs and shoes.Yellow crayon you can be good for lemons,Leopards,sand and other things.

So you see you have no need to argue about it. I hope you can get along now okay then no more arguing.

from Duncan.

Dear yellow crayon

Dear yellow crayon

A little stressed and frustrated, I can not believe that you are fighting with orange crayon AGAIN you did this last week and the week before! This time I am going to take sides. Yellow crayon you are the couler of the sun but can’t orange be to!

I STILL CANNOT BELIEVE THAT YOU HAVE FOLLEN OUT WITH ORANGE CRAYON! You to used to BEST of friends. Like when I put you two in the crayon box you had a best friends party. I came to the party but I was not oloud to come for two reasons,

  • because I was two small.
  • it was a best friend party I am not ouolud

I think you two should just be friends and have fun so you don’t end up melting together.

In summary I do think you are the couler of the sun but you should be friends with orange crayon.

You sincerly


Orange And Yellow Crayon

I have seen both of your letters and I promise that I will use both of you. I saw your letters and I was surprised and shocked I will talk about that later. First I would like to report that you shouldn’t of argued in the first place otherwise you wouldn’t of fallen out in the first place so let’s talk.

I have a plan which is fair Orange: sunset, sunrise Yellow: after sunrise, before sunset and one side yellow and the other side orange at midday okay. Sometimes I just use yellow for the sunset and orange for after sunrise so it totally doesn’t matter okay.

Now on to the not speaking to each other part. I think you can both start by saying one tiny little amazing sentence to each other and eventually get to telling one big exciting funny story about your day each bright sunny summer day.

To be honest yellow is the real colour of the bright summer sun in the day time but the sky is pretty colourful orange at the sun set and sun rise. But as I reported I think too use you both in the day time I will have both of you at midday. But sadly I can’t use any of you when it’s night in the picture.

So in summary I think that you are both useful for the sun and again you should try to at least speak together again. I was also very shocked when I saw you won’t talk too each other over such a little thing about who is the colour of the sun. As I said before you can both be the colour of the sun just if you think. So let’s think about this in the first text I talked about who to use when and it matters about what time it is on the drawing. I hope that you will get together again and I would like to end this letter with a very big good luck to both of you bye.

The colour of the sun

Dear yellow and orange crayon

I am amazed that you are still going on about who is the colour of the sun. Does it really matter? Both of you are the colour of the sun but I am happy to help.I think yellow is the colour of the sun because it is bright, but orange makes it a beautiful sunset look. The more I think about it the more I wonder what is the problem. Yellow and orange would be a great mix for the sun. My opinion is that you should be the colour of the sun together because it would make a lovely sun.

Sincerely Duncan

The day the crayons started to fight

Dear yellow and orange I still can’t believe your arguing about who is the colour of the sun again. Yellow is the colour of the sun most of the time. No arguments  about it!

You both the colour of the sun. Yellow is most of the time the colour of the sun but not always the colour of the sun. Can’t you just take there’s to be the colour of the sun. Can’t you stop this nosest about who is the colour of the sun

But orange can be youst for other things like oranges and a orange dice and other stuff. I don’t won’t you feel left out because you are not the colour of the sun but you can be youst for stuff.


But I could  youst orange for the colour of the sun and could youst yellow for stuff like bananas and   other stuff.

In summary, I think orange can’t be the colour of the sun but I will give it a try with the colour orange as the colour of the sun.