The Day the Crayons Stopped Fighting

Dear Yellow and Orange Crayon

Very Confused and angry with both of you and can’t both of you be the colour of the Sun. Remember, last week it was about who coloured the classrooom walls in my school activity book, now this. Why are both of you so rediulous and it’s really like your a pair of two year old’s. I use you very fairly indeed. I have to take Yellow Crayon’s side because the Sun is normally Yellow!

Think about it Yellow Crayon I use you for loads of different thinks such as huge corn fields even bigger sandy deserts. Orange Crayon what about the gardens I use you for, with the bright Orange carrots and the hairy, orange monkey I drew for my sister. Your acting like I’ve cut you both in half and threw you in the bin ( not that I would do that.)

Who even wants an orange or yellow Sun when you can have a dark colour like blue. If you start talking and stop this foolish fighting then I might consider using you both for the Sun. I could use Yellow for the base of the Sun and use the orange for finishing touches.

The best idea that I could possibly think of is using only you two for a beautiful sunset with Yellow reflecting the light into different directions. Wouldn’t that make it realistic?

Tommorow I will start on the sunset and I wish for an improvement and if  get another complaining letter like the two I’ve already had!

In summary I do use both of you extremely fairly and mostly the Sun is yellow, but I can use you together as a team to improve my picture and make it realistic!


The Day Duncan Replied

Dear Orange and Yellow crayons 

You may see I am writing back with red that is because if you don’t stop arguing I will use red as the sun . 

 reason is that I could use you both for the sun.  Do  orange then yellow and then we can smuch your colours together.  Which , should not be hard to do  but  maybe your colours may collide  together a little bit.

I also heard that you both aren’t speaking, is that because of your fight .  Well then I will ask the other crayons for a vote and se how wins I will write that note to the other crayons right after this .

Though I could switch between each of you every time I colour the sun . 

So maybe I could switch between you both or maybe I could smuch you together . But  if you don’t stop arguing I will use red as the sun . I will also do the vote . 

The day Duncan replied

                                           Dear orange crayon                                                                                                                                                                                                          Orange you can be the sun if you stop arguing with  yellow crayon.                                                                                                                                                                    
                                      Dear yellow crayon                 Yellow crayon I mite use you for the sun if you stop arguing with orange crayon.                                     

Dear both crayons                                                                  If you keep on arguingwill make the sun red