Hi I’m Harriet

Hi I’m Harriet.

I like Pusheen, dogs, cats, football, unicorns, jojo bows, monkeys, minecraft, roblox, youtube, glitter, emojis, basketball, pencilcases, pokemon, dance, starwars, lepoards, tigers and HARRY POTTER!

my friends are Grace, Lola, Freddy, Harley, Brooklyn, Cora, Annie, Olivia, Aston , Morgan, Amelie, Amy and Annabel.

my nickname is Sassy. My pet is my dog George. I support spurs for football. I like reading and  maths. When I grow up I wanna be a singer.

Hi Im Mia and Amelia

My name’s Mia and I like hourse riding and I live with my mum and 3 pet’s one dog called ralth he is 12 years old and 2 cats called Bobby and Sven Bobby is 6 and Sven he is 2. I play with Amelia at school we have two teachers called Mr Murthy and Mr Anscow.

My name is Amelia and I like playing with Mia beuase when I am sad she cames and helps me a lot and I live with my mum and I have 11 animals 1 cat and 2 kittens and 3 fish and 3 guieapigs and 2 rabbits I play with Mia we play every brace and lunch.

Freya and Harriet!

This is a post with my friend Harriet. We are in year 5 our teacher is Mr Murphy. I love love horses, my guinea pigs Chocolate and Fudge, the racehorse that couldn’t gallop and I do not have a fave movie. Hi I’m Harriet, I like my dog George, cats, unicorns, monkeys, my fave movies are Goosebumps, Sing,  Trolls and Ghostbusters (both versions). We are BFF’s we like to play ninjas and karate. The clubs I go to are Brownies, horse riding and ballet. Harriet goes to street dance. We are keen readers. We like to play with barbies, fimo, squishy toys, shlikes, playmobile. We like to watch clarence, adventure time, dance moms. our fave youtubers are Jojo Siwa, Denis, Corlhorl, alex, subzeroextabytegaming, stampylonglegs, zoella, pointless blog. Bye from us peeps.