My Terrible Life

As I sat on the wooden, dusty floor and watched the boring old T.V I ate my disgusting jam sandwich. I also had a juicy apple (that was nice.) I really hate butterflies. Part of my horrible ruff wall is butterflies my other bit of my wall is ugly coloured stripes and black feathery stuff as well I really don’t like that. I was wearing: green socks that were rubbing, denim jeans that were also rubbing, a red top which was wet and had my hair in a pony tail which was pulling I was very uncomfy. At one point I was very scared because I could hear a loud noise coming from outside. Quietly I peeked out of the window which really needed cleaning and i saw that the big noise was… RAIN!!!! 

Home Alone

Today, the most exciting day ever, my parents and I are going to Florida and can not wait to get on the plane and go, but. My step sister is coming and my parents love her a lot more then they love me and they won’t even pay a little bit of attention to me. Any way I have got the best idea ever. I’m going to pretend to be ill and vomit and hopefully they will cancel the flight and none of us would go. But wasn’t i wrong about that, they left me with my next door neighbour. Not that it was worse enough staying with someone I hardly know, she’s elderly to. It told me that day that my parents do not care about me even one percent they care about Sam (my step sister). I found an old, small television in the wrecked, broken cupboard and plugged it in and watch a programme about a zoo. I just sat there and thought about it if it would of been alright going to Florida or not. I HATE my parents!


Ones there was a little boy called josh he had a mum who was a gym teacher and his dad who worked at an office and his annoying brother his mum wanted to move house but his dad didn’t. One night the sower pipe bursted so his dad said we might as well sell this old house because it is falling down. So they had to move house they bought a house in America also their dads friends were lorry drivers so they came round on our moving day we packed are things into the lorys we disidid put the food in the small car they left and they got there. BING! The phone rang is was his dads friends one of their trucks had cought on fire so joshes family had to stay in there new house with food and a TV. It was could . They were frightened. They were scared so how they got throw a night. BING the door bell rang It my dads friends they fitted all the stoth in one of the trucks.

Midnight terror

At midnight ther was a gril called ola. Ola was out with her freands and she sor a killer clown. Wene she sor the killer clown and she ran back to her house and sat in a corner and watched tv and ate a sand which. Some one noct on a the dorr of her house and it was the killer clown and it chast her rand her house but she got alt. Ola went to her freands house and noct on the dor but no one arnsord. So she went some were with was her uther freands house and no one arnsord.

The sad and lonely girl

once upon a time there was a little sitting in a room on her own. She looked really sad but i think she was quite spoilt, she had a TV right in front of her and her favourite snack and drink. On the wall there is a coupe paper is very strange, it has stripes and black and white paintings. he was wearing a parculier costume in the corner.