The flying man

Hi my name is crow and my name is crow because I have a secret that know one knows. My secret is I am a crow human and I fly with all the crows and I am the leader. We fly around all over the place we go over countries we go through tunnels and its so fun you should try it one day. We were just flying round one day and we found a country that we have never seen before it was surrounded by steam and some of my feathers started fulling of and ahhh I was teleported.

The old man with blue wings

I was walking down in Texas and I just saw this man with blue wings and wearing a blue suit and I thought is he a real angel ? Ocasionally,I don’t even like coming up to starngers and some strangers always come up to me for the no reason.I was still walking in Texas and I haven’t seen a guy walking in a city before.

My Terrible Life

As I sat on the wooden, dusty floor and watched the boring old T.V I ate my disgusting jam sandwich. I also had a juicy apple (that was nice.) I really hate butterflies. Part of my horrible ruff wall is butterflies my other bit of my wall is ugly coloured stripes and black feathery stuff as well I really don’t like that. I was wearing: green socks that were rubbing, denim jeans that were also rubbing, a red top which was wet and had my hair in a pony tail which was pulling I was very uncomfy. At one point I was very scared because I could hear a loud noise coming from outside. Quietly I peeked out of the window which really needed cleaning and i saw that the big noise was… RAIN!!!! 

Home Alone

Today, the most exciting day ever, my parents and I are going to Florida and can not wait to get on the plane and go, but. My step sister is coming and my parents love her a lot more then they love me and they won’t even pay a little bit of attention to me. Any way I have got the best idea ever. I’m going to pretend to be ill and vomit and hopefully they will cancel the flight and none of us would go. But wasn’t i wrong about that, they left me with my next door neighbour. Not that it was worse enough staying with someone I hardly know, she’s elderly to. It told me that day that my parents do not care about me even one percent they care about Sam (my step sister). I found an old, small television in the wrecked, broken cupboard and plugged it in and watch a programme about a zoo. I just sat there and thought about it if it would of been alright going to Florida or not. I HATE my parents!