The small cottage

One day there is a girl called Nicola wait thats me !I was on my way home to my cottage underground.I live underground because its a different feature to my life anyway at least I have lots of neighbours around me.The person who lives with me is a girl called Amelia D and she is my roommate and its nice living in the wild!Read the next series!

The flying man

Hi my name is crow and my name is crow because I have a secret that know one knows. My secret is I am a crow human and I fly with all the crows and I am the leader. We fly around all over the place we go over countries we go through tunnels and its so fun you should try it one day. We were just flying round one day and we found a country that we have never seen before it was surrounded by steam and some of my feathers started fulling of and ahhh I was teleported.

My Terrible Life

As I sat on the wooden, dusty floor and watched the boring old T.V I ate my disgusting jam sandwich. I also had a juicy apple (that was nice.) I really hate butterflies. Part of my horrible ruff wall is butterflies my other bit of my wall is ugly coloured stripes and black feathery stuff as well I really don’t like that. I was wearing: green socks that were rubbing, denim jeans that were also rubbing, a red top which was wet and had my hair in a pony tail which was pulling I was very uncomfy. At one point I was very scared because I could hear a loud noise coming from outside. Quietly I peeked out of the window which really needed cleaning and i saw that the big noise was… RAIN!!!! 

Home Alone

Today, the most exciting day ever, my parents and I are going to Florida and can not wait to get on the plane and go, but. My step sister is coming and my parents love her a lot more then they love me and they won’t even pay a little bit of attention to me. Any way I have got the best idea ever. I’m going to pretend to be ill and vomit and hopefully they will cancel the flight and none of us would go. But wasn’t i wrong about that, they left me with my next door neighbour. Not that it was worse enough staying with someone I hardly know, she’s elderly to. It told me that day that my parents do not care about me even one percent they care about Sam (my step sister). I found an old, small television in the wrecked, broken cupboard and plugged it in and watch a programme about a zoo. I just sat there and thought about it if it would of been alright going to Florida or not. I HATE my parents!


Ones there was a little boy called josh he had a mum who was a gym teacher and his dad who worked at an office and his annoying brother his mum wanted to move house but his dad didn’t. One night the sower pipe bursted so his dad said we might as well sell this old house because it is falling down. So they had to move house they bought a house in America also their dads friends were lorry drivers so they came round on our moving day we packed are things into the lorys we disidid put the food in the small car they left and they got there. BING! The phone rang is was his dads friends one of their trucks had cought on fire so joshes family had to stay in there new house with food and a TV. It was could . They were frightened. They were scared so how they got throw a night. BING the door bell rang It my dads friends they fitted all the stoth in one of the trucks.

Midnight terror

At midnight ther was a gril called ola. Ola was out with her freands and she sor a killer clown. Wene she sor the killer clown and she ran back to her house and sat in a corner and watched tv and ate a sand which. Some one noct on a the dorr of her house and it was the killer clown and it chast her rand her house but she got alt. Ola went to her freands house and noct on the dor but no one arnsord. So she went some were with was her uther freands house and no one arnsord.

The day are was shy

One day i was in a little conner and i was sad because i was all by meself in a little conner my mummy and daddy were in the garden and they said to me stay in your bedroom because nanny and grandad and i have to go to sleep so instead i wached telly in my bedroom and as my telly was on the floor i sat in the conner in my bedroom so i sat in the conner of my bedroom . The next day i came out of my bedroom and i went down the stais to were my nanny and grandad was on the sofa waching telly then when mummy and daddy came down we went to the park and we also went to same shops and we bought same toys and clothers for me because i wanted same mote clothers then we came home .

The scared Girl

Once there was a little girl that had just moved house. One night she was sitting in her empty room watching TV until there was footsteps on the other side of the room… but there was
know-one there. She got very scared. she run down stairs to find her mum and dad but they were not there. The footsteps followed her all night. She ran outside. She fell. She cept on falling and falling and falling. Then she jumped out of bed and lukilly it was only a nightmare…


My parents told me that I had to stay in the living room whilst they go to the cinema so I did and it was the most lonely that I have ever been. I am still watching television when I hear a strange noise I break the rules and look outside of the room aah it’s a kidnapper I quickly escape out of the window and run to the cinema to find my parents.

Midnight Horror

One night in High Street, in a house was a girl called Eva and she was still awake eating a sandwich and watching on her own TV, she was watching a killer ? movie then when she had finished her sandwich she jumped into bed.

In the night she dreamt that she was a ? and that she  had lots of friends but when she fell into a deep ? a strange man broke in through the window and took her.

Then she woke up in a prison and didn’t know what happened?

The unhappy girl

There once was an unhappy girl.But you won’t believe how her life works.She lives in the seller and has no food or water.Just a pitch black TV the only food she had was just an old jam sandwich and a mouldy old apple. not even a blanket the house was all mouldy and the floor boards. were wreck and the girl had know friends and the girl had know friends at all.

The lonely girl

I was in the attic by myself eating my dinner.It was creepy and really  dark,   so I got the tv and put on the only show that was on which was tennis. The tv made a little light around me as I watch it. It is so boring and I had finished my tea so I go downstairs and put it away because my parents are on holiday. I go back upstairs and carry on watching tv.

Left alone

So the day has come. My parents have left me at India. All they have left me is a sandwich and the TV and that’s it. MY LIFE IS TERRIBLE. They don’t know what can come and get me. Slimey  slugs, twisty tranches or human eating humbugs. As I sat there in the corner all alone I heard  the phone ring. DING DING DING DING DING DING.  I dare not answer it. It may be a cannibal eating human. I walked down stairs and pulled the latch on the door and ran as fast as I could.

Two long weeks past and I was in a nice country house with my uncle and aunt. They took care of me dearly but my cousin was not. He scratched me, bit me and called me names so I was planning on running again….

to be continued…


It was the middle of the night.My parents and my twin sister were in a deep sleep. I checked their rooms first oveusly.Then I creeped down-stairs and into the living room. I desided to go back up to my room and fetch a very faint light so she could see where she was going.When she got down-stairs she went into the living room.The light still leading the way.She got to what she was looking for the socket wall.She turned the TV switch on.She changed the channel over to the Leopard program(her favourite animal are all the types of leopards in the world.)By the time she switched of the TV it was 2:18.So she rushed up the stairs and into her own room.She went underneath her bed covers and went straight to sleep.

The girl called Annie

There was a girl called Annie she always watches TV. On every wall she has different wall paper. Annie was eating crisps and wathing TV. She has a teddy it’s a leopard. She was watching the leopard she loves the Chanel. There is not any furniture because Annie was moving. There was a small patch of light because there was a power cut. She lives with her older sister Ella?‍?. She is happy she dose not want to move.

The weird room

This is my new room .It is very dark and gloomy.I always get scared at bed time but I adventurly fall asleep.I hate it in there because there is know bed to sit and watch tv or coushens so I have to sit and sleep on the hard floor.At bed time I watch tv and when I do a small patch of light appears on the wall.It is always a picture of butterfly’s and flowers because I always watch a gardening program at 8:00 at night.