Into The Old Fashion Future

It’s the year 3999 about to be the year 4000 . But you’d think we have all hoverboards flying cars and voice control computer and all that stuff but no ! You see 16 years ago Earth was hit by the planet you like to call Neptune but here we call it the destroyer of worlds. This planet hit us which destroyed everything including the sun . ┬áSo there is no light bearly any food and no technology all there is on Earth is Houses and people have just invented really old TVs . At the moment I’m stuck here watching the same old film and eating cake in a dull and gloomy room alone.

Rowing the Moon

Mat, who is has a wild imagination, is a five year old boy who was telling mum about the exciting dream he had the night before. He had his favourite bear with him and suddenly he started to grow and grow until he was floating into space. Mat had hung on to him tight and in seconds they were on the moon. It is hard to believe, but the moon was so small they could barely fit on it. Mat grabbed the bat that his bear was holding and pretended he was on a lake. They fled past lots of planets. Could it actually be true!