The Massive Wave

One day a girl called Frankie was at the beach. It was a bright sunny day. Frankie had taken a picnic with her and she was planning to go and get an ice-cream. Just before Frankie went to go and get an ice-cream, There was a loud shriek from the beach. Frankie looked at the sea and saw a massive wave about to crash on the people standing there. The one thing Frankie didn’t realise is that her younger sister was standing there. Now she really wished that she had texted her younger sister to see were she was. The last piece of artwork that Frankie did was RIP Veronica.

A Valentines Story

Chris looked at Chloe in embarrassment, she just saw him in a dress! “It’s not what it looks like,”He muttered with an awkward smile. “Oh, it is what it looks like… you’re a girl!”She screamed, running down the stairs! “MUM! Chris is a girl!”Chloe shouted, sprinting to find Mum. Mum was in the kitchen preparing dinner, then she just sees Chloe screaming random words about dresses and brothers.”Oh honey, of course I can buy a new dress for you, but I can’t get you another brother, you have a sister on the way”,Her Mum explained, stroking her stomach. Chloe stomped upstairs into her brother’s room and hugged him so tight, he couldn’t breathe!”I love you!”She explained.

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! ­čÖé

The Zoo!

One day, I went to the zoo with my Mum, my Dad and my sister Sienna. First we saw the elephants and there was a baby elephant and she was so cute. Then we saw the lions and one of the younger lionesses roared really loud. Next we had a picnic and I had a ham sandwich and it was really nice, then I had a slice of cake. When we had all finished our food we went to see the tigers there are four tigers, but we could only see two of them. After we went to the reptiles.

I Am Lizzie Pebbles

A girl called Lizzie Pebbles was┬á gritty with a big backbone. Lizzie always made the championships for lifting the heaviest aeroplane in the universe. She had won first place prize every year. Then one year she had a terrible disaster. Lizzie broke her back and she couldn’t lift anything. Even a little toy car. She felt so sad that she couldn’t compete this year.

Holiday in Spain Disaster !

One day there was a girl called Ellouise and her and her sister┬á went to Spain on holiday.While┬áthey┬á were at the beach they┬á swam with dolphins.Ellouise has a younger sister called Amelia.Amelia was a naughty cheeky girl!.They both swam with dolphins on a monday afternoon they were very excited . Until …. Ellouise slipped on a bunch of pebbles underwater and her foot was bleeding.Its a holiday disaster.( True story appart from the slipping on pebbles part ) !!