Animal Agent

Amalie got in her rocket and started the engine “good luck” said the King and Queen as amalie’s rocket blasted into space. “Nearly there” she said to herself  Brushing her teeth and getting ready for the next day “tomorrow I will be the best ant agent in the world. She was on mars and ready to find the alien. She walked a few steps and heard a snapping noise and then a voice “are you looking for me” said someone with a deep voice. Amalie didn’t know what to say and hid in the crater and looked around to see if anyone was there but she couldn’t see them. Will she catch her enemy find out next time…


”Lizzy, in the car we’re going to be late”, said mum                                                    ” I’m coming, where are we going it’s Saturday”, Lizzy said with a huff because she was just a bout to go and hang with her friends.

”This traffic is horrific, how are we going to get there” sadly with a tear coming down Lizzy’s mum. They both got out of the car, and had a little wee we. When Lizzy was done she got back I the car, and saw the car started to move,

”Mum get in quick we can get there” Lizzy said scared, her mum got in and, used the wheel to steer where it will go. Her mum stopped the car and ran to the entry.

I went in and placed my pencil case in front, of my paper.” Ready set go” said the people, as a wrote I thought of how we got here. They stopped everyone, and I handed mine in with happens.

A day later there, was a letter about the story writing and it that letter there was a surprise, my mum came in and looked at the letter ”WOW, 1000ponds lets start buying”. Mabey you could enter and win something.


Ceramic Kitty *PART 3*

Nibs wandered aimlessly around Maddy’s bedroom searching for her. Soon after, Maddy walked in with a frown plastered across her face. “Poor Maddy!” Nibs thought quietly. Nibs padded over to Maddy who sat on her bed silent and motionless, still with a frown. “What’s wrong Mads?” Asked Nibs enthusiastically. “I failed my Maths Test, and now i’m a laughing stock!” Cried Maddy sadly. Nibs cuddled up to Maddy and they eventually fell asleep.

Maddy woke up to a shock of lightning coming from right outside her bedroom window.

A Strange Portal For Ghosts

She had found it lying alone, deserted, abandoned in the attic. After making the discovery, Anna had gazed and marvelled at it for some time. Where had it come from? Why had no dust settled upon it, as it had done over everything else that resided in her attic? A layer of the thick dust blanketed the attic floor, and as the sunlight glared through the attic windows, the dust particles yet to settle were illuminated as they hovered in the stuffy air. Yet, the mirror looked flawless, untouched by age, not a finger print in sight.

Anna propped the mirror up against one of the thick, timber beams that jutted from the attic floor. Settling down into a comfortable position, she tentatively placed a finger against the glass. Her long, shaking finger went right through the glass like a portal. She flinched backwards in shock! Anna stared back, confused and bewildered! All she could think is, why do I feel a bad vibe. Anna felt a cold chill on her neck, as if some spirit was slowly breathing on her neck as if just being in a freezer! She turned herself around, but no one was there! Anna thought there might be a draft, so she ignored it at first. Until she started seeing orbs and hearing faint whispering! She was an expert in everything paranormal, so this was quite normal, to her at least…

A few months later, Anna had forgotten about everything that happened in the attic, so she was quite confident to go get the Halloween decorations. All she hated was cobwebs and spiders. Anna lived in Australia, so it was quite normal to see large spiders and snakes. But Anna hated huge bugs, all bugs in fact. As Anna climbed the ladder, she heard an eerie sort of singing coming from a dark corner of the attic. She saw a little girl in chains and ropes, she sat there singing a sad, spine chilling tune. “Oh mother of me, how dare you…” She sang. Anna crept backwards and never went up there again…


I am a rich kid I don’t go to school because I am rich.I all ways want new things I am called money 💰 🤴That was a pitcher of me.All I want is toys so when it did arrive I said yes I could not wait to see it.But when I saw it I was amazing 😉 I could not wait to use it and as I did I felt sick I was rushed to a private hospital.Thy had no idea what was rong with me.The last day I had seen was scary it came back the thing was back for me.😱😱

The newborn puppies

Hi my name is Phoebe .I have 15 puppies,23 dogs,10 cats and 5 hamsters .My house is crazy.Im a pet lover.No one wants to live with me because I have too many pets.The puppies were born 4hrs ago.They are so small and fluffy.When it comes for a walk I have to get my friends to come with me .Altogether I have 38 leads.

The Old Railroad

I was in the forest and I was trying to find something called The Old Railroad. No-one has found this in years and there was an amazing prize if you found it. The prize was seven days in Disneyland Florida. I really wanted to find The Old Railroad. I had been walking for hours and hours but I still had not managed to find it. I turned lots of corners and when I was about to give up I saw a track of rails and there was a sign next to it. I went to check out the sign. It said The Old Railroad.

The Cursed Railroad

Sometimes when something is old or falling apart, it either gets demolished or abandoned, but the one I am going to talk about is abandoned places. Generally abandoned places are small houses or bomb shelters, villages even! But this particular abandoned place is nothing like those other things. This is much more interesting… A railroad! Yes I know what you’re thinking, but actually it is more interesting than you think! These railroads are not found often, so that makes them sort of rare. This particular railroad is one hundred years old! It has survived all that time, scientists and explorers believe this railroad is cursed or magic! What do you think?

The Field of Flames

It is my favourite day of the year. Tonight is the night that loads of candles on sticks get lit and one of the fields is lit up. It is a brilliant view. Tonight it is down in London and I’m getting the train there with my friends. We are all so excited that we had to go to the mall to get our outfits. We only had time to do that yesterday. We got snacks for the train journey as well. At a certain time we get to go down to the field and get to walk around the candles. Sorry got to catch the train!

The Old Railroad.

“I am here to tell you all a story about a little boy. He is a great explorer and he was walking in the woods when he found an interesting looking road, he called it The Old Railroad. He described it as mossy, broken, old and gross. His grandfarther remembered finding that same railroad that he found. But, it wasn’t mossy or broken or old or gross. In fact it was pretty, made of gold, used and only about 17 years of age! It had totally changed. Can any one guess who that little boy was?”

“He was you story teller.”


Pugs are the cutest animals alive in my opinion, with there smooshed faces and their crazy personalities! They are brachycephalic which means they have a short snout and they have trouble breathing, many pugs often get really bad breathing problems and have to go to the vet, they sometimes don’t even make it… I have a pug, his name is Charlie. Most of the time he is crazy, but we use dog calming music to calm him down, it helps a lot! Pugs are quite popular! My thought is, pugs are an ideal pet for advanced pet keepers. They also need a strict diet.

anamal agent

There once was an ant called Amalie who was the secret agent of Britain [in the ant world of corse].She went on mission to fined a secret formula that could turn even the smallest of animals into giant monsters. But today she had the secretest mission of all time, to find the giant alien on planet Jupiter. Amalie needed to catch him because he committed the biggest crime ever eating all of the cake at the queens birthday party[the queen invited everybody to her birthday party’s]. Will she complete her mission? Find out next time…

The Tale of Porky 2

Last week as Porky as super naughty he got grounded. Well him and me by Mr Murphy. When we got home Porky was good(for once). So I let him go to bed late. But that was a MASSIVE MISTAKE .I went to bed at 9:30 and so did Porkey (or I thought he was). I woke up in the morning and looked in Porkeys bed and there was him and this purple dragon! I woke Porkey up and found out who this misterouse Dragon. It was Porkeys old friend. So I had to bring both of them to school. I brang them both to school and now i regret it.

That’s Strange!

One morning, me and my Dad were walking in a forest near a park.  While we were walking I heard a noise. It
sounded like a cat or fox but I don’t know which one. So we went and explored the woods and when we finally found it after 30 minutes it was a tiny kitten. When we got home we told my Mum and she said to take it to the vets strait away. It take’s an hour to get to the vets so we played eye spy. Nobody guessed my word. We finally got there and the vet said…

The under water cave.

The only sound the diver could hear was his own breathing. It was a strangely relaxing sound; one of the reasons Mike enjoyed being underwater so much. Mike knew, however, that he mustn’t let his senses switch off; it could be incredibly dangerous diving at this depth if you stopped concentrating even for one minute.

Despite enjoying himself, Mike concentrated on the mission he’d be tasked with. He shone his spotlight down towards the murky depths below, and with a powerful push of his flippers he began the descent…

My Red Dragon

I have a red dragon. His name is Porcupine (Porky for short).Porky sits on my desk at school. He has a super hero power that he is invisible and only I can see him! As much as I love him he is so cheeky at school. Today was a whole new level. He was so naughty I had to stay in at break for something HE had done. He flew over Mr Murphy’s head with my water bottle under his wing. I ran over to him and got hold of my water bottle but it was too late, Porky had  unscrewed the lid and before I knew it Mr Murphy was soaked. Sorry Mr Murphy. 😬😬

The haunted school part 3 FINALE! Heck in hell

Last time on the haunted school the two boys visited there old school as a matter of a fact it was haunted and our two boys fell into the depths of hell!

Make sure to read part 2 of the haunted school!


6:66 AM

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” Shouted Jack.

“WHAT DO WE DO??????!!!!!!” Shouted Harry.


“Huh?” Said Jack

“Where are we”

“€Ë¢™µ…߶§±^” Said the devil?

“wh… wha?”

“Your in the depths of hell” said one of the devils henchmen.

“You have entered our base which is the haunted school and we will keep you in this realm forever”

This was the end of the road for Harry and Jack and there was nothing they could do about it. Jack found a skeleton head and pick it up, suddenly they teleported back to the haunted school.


But the doors were locked and they had to find another way out. The place was looking scarier than ever, screams down the hall ways, black mist, ectoplasam, and other creepy stuff. Suddenly a loud scream came down a hall way and a creepy looking devil was coming after them\

“RRRUUUUUUNNNNNNN” They both shouted

“♦¥™‰ßÆ↔∪∇” Shouted ???

“Theres only one way to get rid of a demon!” Said Jack

“What?!” shouted Harry


Jack quickly grabed an abandoned bottle of perfume and frew it onto the demon.


“oh my gosh… IM [email protected]⊗” Said ø®∇¾Àℜϖ⇓◊∴

“Who are you?” Said Harry

“Im ∞ [email protected]√y¢” said ∞ [email protected]√y¢

“Ok” Said Jack.

Jack quickly shone a torch on him and he evaporated.

” We have to do a ∞ banish” Said Jack

Jack drawed ∞ on the floor and they both sat on each gap.

“When 3:oo AM strikes we throw our hands in the air and slap them in front of us and all the demons will banish” Said jack

2:56 AM

2:58 AM

2:59 AM

3:00 AM



Loud wind was heard and sucked all of the demons in and the school turned bright. Suddenly they got sucked in.

“Weeelcoomeme” Said s?ta?

“WHO ARE YOU?!?!” Both of them shouted

“Noonoe of yououo bussuinise” Said s?ta?

“well it should be” said Harry

“Comedy” said Jack

“SILECELCE” Shouted s?ta?

The boys are in big trouble now and there’s nothing they can do about it.

“Wait…” said Jack

s?ta? ⇒ ?a??n

“Nah still don’t know”

“Ittstits titmemtime”


“What happened?” said ?ar??

“OHOHOHOH NONNONO!” said satan.


“But we don’t know our names anymore” said ?ar??



6:35 AM


I hate to hear the word school because it wont stop giving me thoughts about the devil and satan so I try to ignore it. We got to school and the first thing I hear is “Hey! you wanna piece of me?” and “Give me your lunch money!” Its getting on my nerves.

This morning we had public speaking.



Mr Nearn is the most strict teacher in our grade and constantly shouts.

“The head…” Moaned Jenny.

“YES AND ALSO PRESIDENTS AND GEORGE WASHINGTON” Roared Mr Nearn. Man was it hard. We had to write down every one who gives out speeches and I mean EVERYONE! The morning was pretty boring but it was finally break time and i was already on a roll with money on school lottery because I already brought 20 tickets and the winning tickets will come up on the loud speaker at lunch. Suddenly every thing stopped and nothing was moving, every thing was frozen except me. I tried to look for harry but i never found him. Suddenly (Again) a strange black figure appeared in front of my very own eyes and it said:

“You will never escape because your in my control and my puppet”

I tried to punch him but he dissapeare… 666 restarting…


Every thing went back to normal as it should be and it was the end of break.

At lunch, it was time for the lottery numbers on the loudspeaker

“And the winning numbers are *Drumroll*…………………………..666!

What were the winning numbers? 666?


“HARRY WERE ARE YOU?” Shouted Jack petrified.

“IM DOWN THE HALL” Shouted Harry.

It was a mad dash down the hall with terrfying faces

“OH NO! ITS JUSTIN BIEBER!!!” Shouted Harry

“Um dude Justin Bieber isn’t scary” said Jack


Our boys has escaped the building and jumped over the gate and has escaped.


“Ugh H… Harry where are you? I cant see you any where”

*Giggle giggle giggle*

“W…Who’s there? Stop laughing at me”


I woke up to the sound of the whole class laughing at me and Mr Nearn shouting at me.




Detention for 3 weeks? Dang thats the worst timing in the world because i have to study for my maths test.

I spent the rest of the day drawing a red star in a red circle while Mr Detention slept in his fancy chair. Mr Detention runs detention and he’s the only teacher, great name for him isn’t it?

After school while i was walking home i ran into some idiots with cigaretts.

“Want to smoke?”


“Its free :)”

“I SAID NO!!!”

Suddenly one of the idiots poked a ciggeret in my mouth and my vision went all blury until i couldn’t see anything, was i dead?

I still couldn’t see anything until I woke up in a red place randomly covered in blood. Up ahead i saw saws, chainsaws, grinders and other sharp stuff, I was going to have to run though it so i did.

I got hit.

But there was no blood on me or anything so i ran to the end without getting hurt. I managed to escape the dark realm And i was in my bed safe and sound. Was this all a dream? Was the devil fake? Was i hurt or did i actully die?

Well this is the end so theres no point and THIS IS THE HAUNTED SCHOOL!



My first 1000 word draft!

Thank you all if you read all of this.

This was not real.

Written by Max

Thank you 100wc team for making this happen.





I will get my revenge.

The Easter Rabbit (sounds like peter rabbit:)

I”m fury I’m magic did you guess who I am, if you guessed the easter rabbit then you’re correct, I’m the one dropping chocolate eggs in your garden. I do it every year but heres how Easter really started. It all began when a rabbit named No turned 3 he was called No because when everybody saw him they said No don’t do that No don’t do this…. But No got really upset so he went on the rabbit island when… HE SLIPPED! No fell down a hole and there was tons of machinery he told the others about it after that they made chocolate eggs:)

Ceramic Kitty *PART 3*

As Greykin woke up, he decided to leave, he wanted his sisters to meet his lovely friend (sort of). Greykin stood up and stretched, his paws meeting the cold dollhouse floor. He tapped his sister, Nibs. Nibs blinked and hissed, she  bounced up from her motionless clay body. Greykin lay still like, well, a ceramic cat! Nibs padded over to the four-poster bed where Maddy normally sleeps. But to her surprise, it was empty, where could she be? Nibs slowly crept to the bedroom door that was wide open! She peacefully walked down the huge, long staircase, that was twisty-turny, all the way down! As she got to the bottom step (finally), she wondered across the open layout of the home. I think was large, farely big for a tiny family.

Nibs reached the kitchen where she found Maddy, her Mother, her brother and her Dad. They were happily eating toast and eggs (a strange choice). Nibs made a tiny ‘mew’, Maddy turned to see Nibs on the floor begging for food. Her furry tummy rumbled with sadness. “Mom, may I be excused?” Mandy asked kindly. “Of course, my dear!” Mom replied thoughtfully. So Maddy bent over and scooped the tiny kitten in her hands, she ran up the curly stairs and slammed her bedroom door just as she got in! She placed the unfamiliar cat on her dresser. “Who are you?” Maddy asked politely. Nibs introduced herself as the sister of Greykin. Maddy stared sadly at the lifeless model of Greykin on her bed. She trudged over to the door, she peered back to Nibs who looked pleased and proud. Then she slowly walked out of the room…


“Dad, can I have this, please!”Asked Sally. “No!”Shouted Dad. “But please, it’s Limited Edition!”Whined Sally. He bought it for her… “Dad, can I get a kitten?” Moaned Sally! “Sweetie, you already have two kittens, three dogs, one hamster and seventy-two fish, you can’t have another cat!” Huffed Dad. “But why… (sniff sniff)?” Whimpered Sally! He got her one! After another fifty-one requests he said he had enough! “Sally, I’m running out of money, I’m not buying anything else!” Shouted Dad!

He had ‘SYMPATHY’ for her, he realised it was wrong. So he always refused after this! If you beg, you won’t get what you want!