The Old Railroad

I was in the forest and I was trying to find something called The Old Railroad. No-one has found this in years and there was an amazing prize if you found it. The prize was seven days in Disneyland Florida. I really wanted to find The Old Railroad. I had been walking for hours and hours but I still had not managed to find it. I turned lots of corners and when I was about to give up I saw a track of rails and there was a sign next to it. I went to check out the sign. It said The Old Railroad.

The Cursed Railroad

Sometimes when something is old or falling apart, it either gets demolished or abandoned, but the one I am going to talk about is abandoned places. Generally abandoned places are small houses or bomb shelters, villages even! But this particular abandoned place is nothing like those other things. This is much more interesting… A railroad! Yes I know what you’re thinking, but actually it is more interesting than you think! These railroads are not found often, so that makes them sort of rare. This particular railroad is one hundred years old! It has survived all that time, scientists and explorers believe this railroad is cursed or magic! What do you think?

The Field of Flames

It is my favourite day of the year. Tonight is the night that loads of candles on sticks get lit and one of the fields is lit up. It is a brilliant view. Tonight it is down in London and I’m getting the train there with my friends. We are all so excited that we had to go to the mall to get our outfits. We only had time to do that yesterday. We got snacks for the train journey as well. At a certain time we get to go down to the field and get to walk around the candles. Sorry got to catch the train!

The Old Railroad.

“I am here to tell you all a story about a little boy. He is a great explorer and he was walking in the woods when he found an interesting looking road, he called it The Old Railroad. He described it as mossy, broken, old and gross. His grandfarther remembered finding that same railroad that he found. But, it wasn’t mossy or broken or old or gross. In fact it was pretty, made of gold, used and only about 17 years of age! It had totally changed. Can any one guess who that little boy was?”

“He was you story teller.”