A tale of Pokemon.

There was once a world of Pokemon. One Pokemon was called  Volcanion their trainer was called Fintan. Fintan was the best trainer in Pokiville. In Pokiville there were all sorts f Pokemon from Comog to Solgaleo. it was a peaceful village until Lunala struck. King Solgaleo decided it was time for war. He told  Fintan to train the Pokemon for the war so Fintan did Tierno was Blastroise’s trainer and also a few other trainers helped train them.

Crab chant

Bad crabs, mad crabs, green mean and sad crabs.

Pink crabs, sink crabs, swimming in your drink crabs.

Fierce crabs, tame crabs, some without a name crabs.

Red crabs, bed crabs, find them in your head crabs.

Yellow crabs, mellow crabs, lazy little fellow crabs.

Thin crabs, fat crabs, hiding in your hat crabs.

Smooth crabs, hairy crabs, flying like a fairy crab.

Small crabs,big crabs, dancing doing a jig crabs.

Blue crabs, mood crabs, tasting really good crabs.

White crabs, might crabs, pinchy, mean and quiet crab

Fun crabs, purple crabs, playing with the turtle crabs.


Ceramic Kitty

“Mum please can i get a kitten?”Asked Maddy. “No sweetheart, you know your brother has asthma!”Explained Mum. Maddy stormed off in a mood! She plopped down onto her bed and cried! After a few minutes her Mum crept in waking Maddy up. “Honey would you like to go to the Market, it’s only a one time thing?”Asked Mum. “Maddy shot up making the room shake, she threw on some clothes and raced down the stairs! Her brother stared in a confused look while eating his lunch. As they finished, Mum said that she would give them £10 each for the Market incase they wanted to buy anything!

When they got to the Market they saw a load of people selling and buying! Maddy saw lots of things she wanted, but she didn’t want to waste her money incase she saw something she really wanted! While she was looking at a stall, her brother sprinted towards her! Out of breath he said… “Maddy i saw a stall… that has a cat that won’t give me asthma!” Her brother grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the stall! There were three ceramic cats spread across the cloth, one was a chick yellow, the other was bright blue, and the last one was a deep purple! She asked the Lady standing behind the counter, the Lady was strange she had tiny plaits sprawled across her hair and she was wearing a Indian dress! The Lady said i will only take a pure heart for these or something worth a lot of heart. Maddy thought the Lady was strange until she pointed at Maddy’s coin necklace that was her Grandpa’s during the war! Maddy looked at the cats then at her necklace, then she nodded and tore the coin off her necklace and handed it to the Woman! She clutched the coin and threw it in her pocket as Maddy held back tears! She couldn’t believe she just did that! Then with the Women’s old, dry hands she grabbed the cats and placed them gently into Maddy’s hands, closing her fists then drifting away into the depths of the stall! Maddy’s Mum strolled over seeing Maddy holding the cats! “So I see you actually bought something, well it’s getting late lets go home!”

Maddy clutched the cats all the way back home! When she got home she placed the sweaty cats on her desk and sighed then slouched into bed….

My way on writing a book called:Pocket Cats Paw Power

About Crosshall Junior School

The amazing Crosshall Junior is located in Cambridgeshire UK and it is one of the best schools in the country. It is not just the school the teachers help the school be a better place. Also in are extremely big hall we do assemblys and we have lunch in there. The amazing cooks that cook are lunch are here very early to cook for about 480 children so they work extremely hard. The lessons here are not to hard but not to easy and the teachers give you a choice of challenge 1 2 or 3. Do you want to bring your child here?

The §wag new jet

One stormy day a brave RAF pilot named James took to the skies in his blackbird. As soon as he landed he went into base, as it was getting late he got into bed with a thump “my god did you see that Rob” “what” replied Rob “there were loads of squads out on patrol do’ya recon theres going to be a war”. said James in distraught “maybe James but lets get to sleep and just in case theres a war we will be prepared”. later that night there was a gunshot that woke them up “GET INTO YOUR UNIFORM PILOTS AND SOLDIERS” shouted the speakers. “BY THE WAY THE PILOTS THAT I SAY GO INTO THE HURRIBLACK (THE NEW JET) JAMES, ROB ADAM FINTAN AND AIDEN.” so as quick as a flash they got into their new jet the Hurriblack . to be continued to find out more read part 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pencil

I’m a Pencil, I get picked up everyday, I also get hurt! My owner takes this thing with a sharp blade and she cuts my hair, it makes it sharp! She picks me up and places me down, I’m used everyday I’m feeling down… Why don’t you just turn around, make me feel proud! I’m a Pencil, that’s what they call me please make a difference but I might be loud!

Poem by Chloe.

The enchanted emerald sword of doom.

from part one the Dark lord rose looking for the enchanted emerald sword of doom . The little brothers are soon going to save the WORLD!

Inside the little cottage James, Adam and Mattis and their dog Flash were up in their bedroom frightened but tired they went to bed but soon were woken up by a shout of grim laugh they looked out of their window and soon found out they were looking at the dark lord. Scared they crept downstairs and opened the door quietly and creeped into their big hurricane shelter they swiched the light on went to sleep hearing once more the dark lords laugh and looked down to check on him but instead they saw inn Flash’s place was the DARK LORD “mwhahahahahahahahahaaaaaaa” screamed the dark lord. to be continued…

The little lost Labrador puppy

Once upon a time there was a lost,adorable Labrador puppy and it was lost in a school field.This girl named Ella she walked up the field with her friends Jamie and Maria but,Ella said “Oh dear me there is a lost cute Labrador puppy stuck in the field”.Ella and her friends walked up the field and picked up the puppy Maria said”That Labrador looks so cute I bet we need to look after the puppy”.Ella and Jamie agreed with Maria so when it was their lunch sitting they asked a person to look after the puppy.So when they finished lunch Ella,Jamie and Maria came to the field to see the Labrador puppy and the puppy ran to Ella and jumped on her and Ella laughed “Yeah I missed you to

Rainy Talk

I was so bored at Afternoon Break so i went to read under a tree! As I did that my friend came over (Poppy). She read with me too! We were talking about Rain. I said “I like to put on my coat and boots and dance in the Rain!” Then the most weird thing happened… IT STARTED RAINING! As we ran to our Classroom I thought about what I said… and what happened after I said that! It was so weird but I ignored it for the rest of the day… I didn’t I actually bragged about it for the rest of the day!

The End!

The pink,blue and red rose

One day I was walking my dog around the park all of sudden I bumped into a really pretty rose.It was pink,blue and red.It had lovely silky,smooth petals.It was plotted next to loads of wild plants.Danger so,what lies ahead of the wild plants could do something dangerous.Every night i dream of that shimmering rose maybe ill return to the park tomorrow.The next day …. I go to take my dog to the park again but i found that …. the red,blue and pink rose has vanished .Now its bed time Im dreaming about that lovely silky rose. Maybe ill find another rose one day.


The End

The day the circus came to town

One day at 7:00am Esme was awake. She ran down stairs eager to start her breakfast and get changed for the day as, Esme was going to watch the circus show with her aunt Susan. “Morning”, says Esme’s mum.                        “Morning”, says Esme. Esme gobbled down her breakfast of cornflakes and managed to spill some down herself. Esme’s mum laughed and said “Oh Esme what am I going to do with you”. Go and get changed or you will be late. Later that day aunt Susan and Esme were at the circus tent. “So what lies ahead of the curtains do you think”, says aunt Susan.                   “I don’t know”, says Esme.


The Ghost Castle Ella’s Trip

One day Ella went on a trip to a old castle nobody lived in it but what they don’t know, that in the castle there’s a ghost. She went on the trip with her best friend Katie,Katie and Ella both had brown hair and violet eyes so they were very special because they were the only one’s with violet eyes in the whole school.When they were in the front of the door there was a letter inside of the letter it said “enter if you dare,”but they didn’t care about it .They just entered in the castle when they came in, they heard noises.”wwwwwhhhhhhooooooooohhhhhh.”On the table it had blood and a voice came up and said”so,what lies in front of you,”the voice said they said “bbblllloooodddd,” the voice said back “That’s the blood of the other people that last came here… TO BE CONTINUED…

Little bear

One day little bear was strolling through the woods with his mum who was known as mummy bear. They didn’t have a daddy bear as he died a couple of years ago. But that didn’t stop them they still had fun together, collected honey together, played on trees together and much much more together. Today they were going to collect honey together in the morning and then they were going to play in the meadow together. On the way home from the bees nest they collected little bear’s best friend. Little bear’s friend was called Joey. “Hello Joey”, said little bear.                           “Boys what do you want to do first”, said mummy bear?                               “Can we play in the meadow for a bit”, asked little bear anxiously?             “You can play in the meadow for a bit if you want to

Amber’s dance night

”Amber time for dance”, her mum called .Every Thursday she has contemporary dance at 3:40 which gives her just enough time to get home and get ready for dance. So what lies ahead of her well when she arrives sitting in the corner there on her own was her best friend Holly .It was Holly’s first night so when she saw Amber there was a sigh of relief.Finally the end of dance. The girls had an hour until they had to go back for tap dance.Amber had dinner quickly put on her tap shoes and of she went to meet Holly.

Who, what, when, where, why?

How, what, when, where, why? That is the question here. Who is me. What is a house. When is 1985. Where am I. And why? There are many questions not answered in life like why is there such a thing of death? The question is not answered but there are some.




thats all you need to do in life. So forget about all of the questions just live life as it comes.

3 sentence story – dragon land

There was once a place where dragons roamed free, where people and dragons were friends and instead of normal school, that is dragon land. One day in dragon land there was an important exam and all of the children had to do the exam. After the exam the results were told to the children “hologram Sedona has an A+, Harry logad has a A and Sibiurious ligos has an B+”said the examiner what would happen next?

Find out in part two of dragon land.

Double Trouble Part 1

One day Summer woke up to see her twin sister River up and awake drawing a self portrait of herself ready for her first day secondary school. ” Why are you doing up so early,”requested Summer. ” I’m am finishing mine and your self portrait meanwhile you didn’t even start,” replied River angrily. “Thanks,” said Summer sleepily. Quickly, they got dressed and headed to the bus stop. Their first exiting day had just begun! They walked into their class nervously ( glad they were in the same class) and sat down in the two spare seats ready for their register. They had moved into that school when they was in year eight so the other students had a year of experience. ” Everyone say hello to our new students,”shouted Miss Maple. Everyone laughed. Was it ever going to end!



Morgan and Amelie.

bad dream

Its bed time for me in my cold bungalow. And while I was asleep I had the worst nightmare, it was of creepy abandoned creepy woods with rusty unkept old boats berried into the dry sand for being the for 100s of years. and I was very scared, I was alone no one was near me and I hated it. and the then suddenly there was the worst boat of all it was tall as a skyscraper and it was just so creepy but then I just realised it was all a dream, silly me but will it happen again…

Best day ever

Yesterday I told my mum that I wanted to go horse riding,later that day I asked my mum and she said you can go horse riding. The next week I went horse riding and I had a lot fun. I moved house and I had to say bye to my friends. The next day I went to my new school.I made a new friend called Holly we were friends for the day we played we togever at home and we went home I went to make a new friend her name was molly I played with her.