The Poorly Goldfish!

On Sunday, I saw my Dad climbing a ladder, holding a bucket of water and cleaning my window. Just then a brown bird flew over my head and landed on my shoulder then it flew away. I went inside and told my Mum that a brown bird landed on my shoulder. Then my Mum said excitedly ” WE’RE GOING TO GET A NEW GOLDFISH!”. I got in the car and my Mum slowly got in the car then we went to go and get the goldfish we called it Quagmire. Quagmire looked happy in with the other fish. It was so small compared to the other ones !

So That is Why I’m Always Last

The dreadful World War 2 has begun rationing has started and everyone is in their dull ,boring silent house waiting for the deafening sound of the planes flying by. However I am not one of those people I actually try and save this country by fighting other country’s. My life is crazy an  I am getting older now so keeping up with the group is definitely a struggle. Being part of the war is a very life risking, scary experience for me and my family as you never know what could happen especially  when your an old man.So that is why I’m always last.

A day of swimming

Yes another day of swimming and on a bright Wednesday. I went to the changing room and got dressed. When the calm gentle whistle went me and my sister Rosie went to the small splashing waves of water. I walked slowly and carefully to not slip on the wet slippery floor. Anyway we got into the pool and went swimming round the pool (15 minutes later). So that is why I am always last today ,I am with my group but there are two swimming teachers I am with one of them because I am doing my 100 meter badge. THE END.

Good day turned to bad

I woke up to another day of adventures with my best friends Amy and Annabel and guess what it’s snowing.The snow is like a enchanted magical world.I got dressed as quick as I can and went to get Amy and Annabel.We all went to the magical forest that had tall ,skinny trees the weather was bitter but freashing.We where half way into the woods when the buetiful big flakes of snow disappeared and turned into dull rain.As the weather changed,are happy smiling faces changed into dull soggy faces. The snow was turning to slush.We all said goodbye to each other and went inside.Maybe the crisp magical snow will come back again.

The Frightening Thunderstorm

As the weather changed ,they ran for the house and made it before the blast of rain got them. Tom and Peter, who are very close brothers, were out in the rain playing football before it started to thunder. Tom sat by the window watching the rain scream down the solid glass. “Why does it have to rain on a Saturday, Moaned Peter. “Because it just does, and if it does then it does”,Said Tom sick of complaints.”Ok carm down”, Said Peter. Tom carried on peeping out the window to see if the sudden down pour had stopped, but no it seemed like it would never stop…