The day the ball got left

Dear ruby

Your dog left me at your nans old house. Please come and get me by the way know one lives hear one thing when I say please I mean now. Ruby if you have forgot what house number she was number 25. I need to get to your house I don’t live this house the floor smells like old shoes it stinks I don’t like it. I have to talk to a mouse called maddie one thing I’ve bean hear for one year I tryed to send you more postcards but I couldn’t find any.

From the dogs ball

The football that got lost

Once I was a football and other footballs did not liked getting kicked but I kinda liked it. I enjoyed bouncing around hitting the bar and the post of the goal and also bouncing around the trees. But one day I was kicked so hard I went so high. I flew around the village and ended up on the other side of the road of the house, I came up with a plan. I would wait until the road was clear and roll back to the house. So that’s what I did and I made it home safe. THE END.

The time Wendy the water bottle got left behind

Dear  Olivia 

Remember the time when we went to the pool, when you chucked me and I nearly drowned. It was horrible and all you did was say you wanted a new one and left me. Also I have just got out the pool, and I am thinking of coming home. But now you have your new one of me, I’m sure you’ll be just fine with out me. So actually I am going to go to a water bottle retierment. 

Your sinierly Wendy the Water bottle.

P.S I am going to have such a better time than I had with you.

The Day I Was Forgotten


Whatever your name

I don’t think you remember me, do you, no that’s because you left me at the top of the basket ball hoop where I can’t move and I’m stuck. I can’t believe you didn’t even try and get me down you just looked at me and said to your mate’don’t worry I’ll get a new one!’ A NEW ONE! I thought that I was your favourite and you can’t get a better one and you go and say that. I was crying in my uncomfortable sleep, not that I even had any sleep. Other kids have been throwing their balls up here trying to get a smart basket, as myself, down. At least they care about me unlike you! This is an order that you come and get me this instant or have terrible, terrible consequences. Thank you for keeping your other promise NOT!I like going through a hoop more, but not to get me stuck up here.

From your outraged (used to be) friend extremely angry basket ball?!


Jacob the pencil case

Dear Jacob

It’s your old friend black and red pencil case. I’ve been stuck in your old school bag for 10 months it’s been for ages since the last time u used me was when u where in year 2 and everyone kept chucking me around, and u haven’t even thought about me yet your old friend black and red pencil case. Next week you take me out your old school bag and then use you school bag. It’s outrages these days. But then he finally made a decision. He used me, for one day witch was a bummer. Thank you Jacob.

Dear Freya,

This is Floppy. You left me at a shop at Disney land Paris I am near the other teddys. By the way I want you to by some friends. I found an other teddy you left hear a £1000. Why do we not live hear it is so so fun. Any way remember l found £1000! Please please please. If not can we go there every day? I have red all the rolcosters there and there not fun any more. A kid kept standing on me and l have been hear for nearly 2 years.”uhhh.” Hurry up and you will catch the 2:00 train.

By the pritty pink bunny, Floppy. ?

The day that the postcard came back

One  day, a letter came in the post saying. “Hi their Alice do you remember me I was your friend the one that you left when we went on holiday you left me on the plane I am almost home now I have been through blistering wind and scorching deserts and now I am in a cold forest do you still love me?your desist friend Amy. Then another letter came it said.hi there my name is Alissa  do you remember me I was a doll I am stuck in a sock please can you come and get me out this blue as the ocean stinky sock I have a good tecneek of swimming ,but I have to hold my breath for ages please come and get me your friend Alissa. So I went to get Alissa after, I got her there was a nock on the door it was Alice we were all happy to see each other we played together and we got tired out so we went to bed and we stuck together just like glue.

The day the water bottle came back

Dear Kate,

If you don’t rember me I am Walter water bottle your favourite bottle.I loved coming to school with you and every body saying how pretty I was.I thought I was pretty till Wendy came a long and dressed herself in glitter.So please get me out I thought I was your favourite.

Your sincerely,

Your least favourite bottle Walter Continue reading “The day the water bottle came back”

Long gone Jon

Dear lego shop in town,

Its me the giant lego man called jon. You left me in your old shop I’m still here in b&m. I’m questing you’ve got a new bid lego figure,people use to have photos with me and sit on me or hug ?me don’t you love me. Everyone keeps looking at me through the window please can you move me to your knew shop.

From your lonely friend Jon.

Blown pen

Dear Myles

do you think it fun be flush down the toilet no is not fun because poo down he flushed me down he two weeks  and every second poo come out of his place the remember time draw the mud rain on holiday leave me there in the room alone in .So maybe come back start leaving I think I’m   last veg sixth billion miles to go but no food stave SO went go house sandwich and put in lot chicken because USA plane see you in two hour and first class we are land but in two blown pen

from blown pen

The day the water bottle came back

Dear Cora

Remember you droped me in the pool and my water leaked out now im just a bottle. Come and get me now from your enimilly lilly.
Cora doint you love me? I was chucked in a bin because I climed out of the bin and I layed on the floor and was chucked in the bin because of you I guess you doint love me you never came and got me. You have to get me now. You got a new bottel called wendy you doint like me any more

yours scencly milly the emty water bottle.

LEGO figer

It is so annoying being a LEGO figer I git Chucked evry wear and sum of my legs or arms. I want to be a peas of paper in a room that no one goes in and it wood be so easy. Do you member that walk and you you dropt me?. I hated that walk because a I hat to walk back mi self and I got lost but I finally got back aventhly but I need you to opong the door. I am lost now can you com and find me pleas your very favirout LEGO figer batman.


Weeeeee!!! Splash! Not again. Down the smelly toilet. This time you where so angry that you through my hole body down the toilet well at least you didn’t rip me apart. Do you think this is a holiday for me well it’s not it’s descusting. Would you liked it if I flushed you down the toilet and blew horrible slimy sot on you ha no see. Please come and get me. Imagine me as gold so no one would touch me, a peaceful place where no one was, me with a best friend well I don’t want to imagine that because that will never happen. By the way these suers are horrible.

Your sincerely tissue

The day the object went on holiday

Dear Charlotte

 I’m on holiday under your dirty, smelly and dusty bed. PLEASE GET ME OUTTA HERE. Anyway I’ve made some friends here their names are mildew the giraffe, pongo the toy poodle and quack the duck. BUT GET ME OUTTA HERE I MEAN IT. I’ve decided to clean under here so your toyboxes are sorted and I put labels on them there are boxes of your extra lego, your ag doll clothes/shoes and bags and a box of your doll accessories. I hope you will let me out soon. I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY MEAN IT

The day Brisel got stuck

Dear Annabel

Hi it’s me again .Do you remember me.Its Brisel your fave pait brush.Last year you and your brother went to a hotel for a week you brought me with you.One day you had to leave to go to the shop.When you got back you forgot were you put me mum said it was ok but I wasant so shore.The next day you went back home  but you forgot to bring me with you.Ive been stuck here for a year . Do you still love me?Please come and get me.

your pleasure Brisel



The toilet paper

Dear Diary

My name is Flora I am toilet paper which is pink yes pink.The worst thing happened I was dumped in the toilet.My human must hate pink.At least I have coffee with a hint of yellow and some yummy chocolate cake.My human is called Ben.Ben can you come help I am drowning.Don’t you like the colour pink?Then my human came and I saw things I shouldn’t of seen.It was as grose as poop.I got flushed down the toilet R.I.P.

Flora dead!