The day the ball got left

Dear ruby

Your dog left me at your nans old house. Please come and get me by the way know one lives hear one thing when I say please I mean now. Ruby if you have forgot what house number she was number 25. I need to get to your house I don’t live this house the floor smells like old shoes it stinks I don’t like it. I have to talk to a mouse called maddie one thing I’ve bean hear for one year I tryed to send you more postcards but I couldn’t find any.

From the dogs ball

The football that got lost

Once I was a football and other footballs did not liked getting kicked but I kinda liked it. I enjoyed bouncing around hitting the bar and the post of the goal and also bouncing around the trees. But one day I was kicked so hard I went so high. I flew around the village and ended up on the other side of the road of the house, I came up with a plan. I would wait until the road was clear and roll back to the house. So that’s what I did and I made it home safe. THE END.

The time Wendy the water bottle got left behind

Dear  Olivia 

Remember the time when we went to the pool, when you chucked me and I nearly drowned. It was horrible and all you did was say you wanted a new one and left me. Also I have just got out the pool, and I am thinking of coming home. But now you have your new one of me, I’m sure you’ll be just fine with out me. So actually I am going to go to a water bottle retierment. 

Your sinierly Wendy the Water bottle.

P.S I am going to have such a better time than I had with you.

The Day I Was Forgotten


Whatever your name

I don’t think you remember me, do you, no that’s because you left me at the top of the basket ball hoop where I can’t move and I’m stuck. I can’t believe you didn’t even try and get me down you just looked at me and said to your mate’don’t worry I’ll get a new one!’ A NEW ONE! I thought that I was your favourite and you can’t get a better one and you go and say that. I was crying in my uncomfortable sleep, not that I even had any sleep. Other kids have been throwing their balls up here trying to get a smart basket, as myself, down. At least they care about me unlike you! This is an order that you come and get me this instant or have terrible, terrible consequences. Thank you for keeping your other promise NOT!I like going through a hoop more, but not to get me stuck up here.

From your outraged (used to be) friend extremely angry basket ball?!


Jacob the pencil case

Dear Jacob

It’s your old friend black and red pencil case. I’ve been stuck in your old school bag for 10 months it’s been for ages since the last time u used me was when u where in year 2 and everyone kept chucking me around, and u haven’t even thought about me yet your old friend black and red pencil case. Next week you take me out your old school bag and then use you school bag. It’s outrages these days. But then he finally made a decision. He used me, for one day witch was a bummer. Thank you Jacob.