Creepy woods

Whilst I was walking though the scary, worrying creepy woods.Just then, it starred to rain I was I in trobble  so I ran back home .Sudenly I  lost my way home and it really started to rain  I got my phone out of my pocket and I had no servise I was thinking in my head what am I going to do and then things just got a lot worse.My phone ran out of charge and my mum was wondering where I was . Then it stopped raining so I cared on walking then I came to a place that has four ways to go and I chanced it and went right .Next the was a big mantion my heart was pownging so fast and I closed my eyes and I was home it was like a mystery .

the football player

One day my football team played a match against Priory .loads of people  thought one player inparticular  was a rubish player and loads of people hated him and bulled him. Every time he played a match he tryed his best bet they just wolud not leave him alone. When he turned up for football training he tried and he tried and he tried but he just coud not get it right. One day he turend up to a football match he tried and he tried and he got it right he scored!!! then the other team scored then it was a draw then it was the last minute and he scored  now every one was happy with him.

The enchanted emerald sword of doom

One calm morning three brothers called James, Adam and Mattis went down for breakfast their father Fintan said “bad news guys schools canceled” “nooooooooooooooooooo” the three brothers said together” why” “because the dark lord is back”  he said in a low whisper “what for “James said   ” the enchanted emerald sword of doom” their father  said. A while after  the three brothers were in the back garden playing suddenly  a flash of lightning crashed down “we should go inside ” shouted Adam. as soon as they got inside their dog flash started barking “yes we know your frightened we are to” Mattis told flash. To be continued…

Candy Land

There was a girl called Glimmer and she loved candy.One day she was making a cake and suddenly she got sucked into the mixture ,it tasted lovely and when she came out she was not at home she was in a very different land.Glimmer then saw some ginger bread houses and ginger bread people walking on the pepper mint path.Glimmer could also see ice cream cove and  cream mountain.She pushed herself up and had a look around and all of a sudden she realised were she was she was in a  land of yummy candy which was called candy land.

The sparkly river

One dull,dark day Fin was playing hide and seek with his friends, when suddenly he falls through a lush green bush and appears in the most wonderful sparkly river he had ever seen. In his head Fin thought to his self so what lies ahead of this river ………so he desides that he was going to build a raft to get to the get to the other side. He runs to the woods and grabs the thickest toughest wood he could find next he runs straight to hi house to find some string.As soon as he had what he needed he ran back to the bush.Fin tied the wood with the string and set of as soon as he was in the river he got so nervous but new he was in for luck.