My pet Cat

Aiden was 4 years old when he got his pet cat Charlie.He was black  and white.When my dad was out fishing he caught 245 Fishes then when he finished something tucked on his leg there was nothing it was a ghost he didn’t know it was a dog ghost a vicious one.But when he went to turn around he saw Charlie fighting something.He was thinking what was there he was getting a bit scared now so he ran.The cat followed him the whole way back home it was an hour away the cat was so fast at least 999 miles per hour.Faster than a jet a car and Usain Bolt the fastest runner in the world. he wondered what lies ahead of him everyone was acting strange …


The end



the door

There was a once a house that was for sail . A happy family did desid to by it but what did not now is that a grumpy old man lived next door and he was a man ho got in your bisnas  . one day the children  went out side and played out side  they sore their nabers door it was open. his car was not there they whent insid wive  fasnashan. they cood her screeming thay went to loockd  arond the hous all thay sarw was craced lits and and brocan windos exept one door up stas they sead  what liys ahed of the door.

The Magic Building Bricks

One day I was building a nice lego tower, as you do then for some reason it formed together to make a tower, literally they formed together! So I thought that was a bit weird so I carried on building again and the same thing happened AGAIN!!!! So I went down the stairs and told my Mummy and she didn’t believe me “so, what lies ahead of these bricks” I thought as I walked up the stairs to collect the bricks. When I walked down the stairs again, some of the bricks formed together downstairs I said “told you!” and went upstairs.

The weird twists of the forest

I was running round on a forest when I tripped and fell down a hole.It was deep and dirty and was not the place I wanted to be. It was tight and I struggled to breath so I tried to climb up.When I was half way up I saw a tunnel so what lies ahead of this I thought.I got so curios that I decided to enter it.It turned out to just be a cave so i turned to carry on climbing and saw another tunnel it went uphill and it took me back to the forest i ran home and said that will be it for today.