Once there was a boy called Max he was very fat he all ways eats sweets and chokalat when he is not aloud when his mum or dad cums in he says but were should I  hide it all and he pretends todo his home work  but he acaly  watches  TV. He stays up all night the next day he gouse out to the shop with his frends  all he bye is sweets and choklat and he dousn’t tell his mum or his dad. and one time he was to late to hide his sweets and he got grounded from sweets!

The creepy neighbour

Hi I’m Allie and I’m 17 yrs old . Today I have to go to school but the good thing is that it is a Friday  and soon to be the weekend .On  Friday morning 7 hrs later , morning guys today is Friday yay I’m happy okay so its  time to go to school.3 hrs later after school my friend  Annalissa came around my house.  when we were about 11 minutes away from my  house my neighbour was just walking slowly behind us and it scared us so we walked faster and faster and then he followed me home and I said to Annalissa “But where would we hide it all” .But  Annalissa didn’t know what so I said “My phone and expensive items”. Until he grabbed my phone and I was shocked so I tried to get it back but he had a knife .We spied on him to see what he has doing with my phone it was locked up in the cupboard but I need to find a way to get that phone back. My phone has to be moved by the police or something .So  that was my shocking Friday story but the good news is that I got my phone back.

The End !!!

The Hidden Gem.

There was once a pirate called Jack Swindles he swam the seven seas and found many jewels but one day he found a pile of  gems. He knew that his crew would stole the gems so that’s why he was going to hide it somewhere nobody goes, somewhere is the best place in the deck. So he asked his crew where they go and they tell them they go to his office and always stay on the outside of the deck. So he went to the deep bottom of the deck and said to himself,”Where should I hide it all.” Then he came up with a idea and he hid the gems into a mysterious statue with a hoodie where there was a hole.

Treasure Island Discovery

“Oh no what shall we do, where should we hide it?” said Hanna.

On Monday  my friend Hanna and I were playing “tag” when I realised something very strange happened. We were at the beach, near the cliff face and that is when the bush started to shiver and make a noise, it sounded like “ooooh”.

We looked behind the bush and saw a Pirate digging in the wrong place. As we looked on the floor, there was a shiny piece of gold the Pirate was looking for. As a joke, we hid the gold by throwing it to another Island. The Pirate never saw it again.


Hello I am telling you about a boy called James smith and that is me I am about to move house and my family are not very wealthy so we are trying to make money by selling toys and things but I do not want to . Unfortunately I have the grumpiest meanest dad so I have to sell my precious toys I am going to hide my toys                  . But the question is where would we hide it all . I know where I could hide it in my secret box that was given to me by my great aunt Edna I went to hide it but my dad was watching me . Get here know oh no I thought .


The Farmers Mystery

One morning on a farm, farmer McBiggle was harvesting this years crops of carrots. It was the biggest harvest he has ever had. When he was finished he had made an enormous pile of carrots. The next morning he woke to find half of his enormous pile had been eaten by evil bunnies. Mrs Mcbiggle the farmers wife gasped in horror and said ‘Oh no my carrots’. They both tried to think about how to stop those evil rabbits. Mrs Mcbiggle asked her husband ‘Where will we hide it all’ to keep our carrots safe and he said’In the barn locked up’

THE.     END.

The Grey Men

The Gray men were having a meeting. The men were called Gray because they had Gray suits, Gray cars and met in Grey rooms. It is these kinds of men that only care about money because of this love of money that they were meeting. But they were not talking about how much money they had but instead about how they could lose it. It was not a natural meeting.

For weeks there had been a huge difference in the number of crimes that happened. Money had been stolen. Jewels and riches too. Banks had been broken into and all their alarms and security systems had been overridden.

So they had decided to hide their money. But the Gray men deciding on things asked one thing ‘but where would we hide it all?’

It will just take 10 seconds

Some people just want things to be a short amount of time,but usually time is fast and some times slow. Some boy wants people to be faster at things but nobody could be faster as he could imagined. So he did something bad… he’d push people as fast as he could and would not stop when they’re done doing there thing. Children herd he had been doing it so bullies push him around into lockers and stairs. “But where would we hide them?” Said a bully.

”I know!” Said another.

”In the lockers!” And then he got a hole bunch of little children out of nowhere… I felt scared. And then he threw us into the lockers and locked them in. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry he thought and begged. 10 seconds later he suddenly fell asleep and woke up in he’s desk but he thought he’s still dreaming if he was because every thing is purple with bullies flying around in the air twirling and my teacher non-stop saying “it’s all a dreammmmmmm……..” And suddenly he really woke up in he’s bed and his mum was shouting at me and screaming at me. I didn’t do anything, was it me?, did I do it?, was I the true bully?, is there a part 2?



The bank robbers.

One day the bank robbers robbed another bank they ran into their big bright blue Bentley  ” ‘ey Stan where are we going to hide it all” said Jeff ” In the cellar you dimwit ” he replied  “but won’t that be the first place the cops will look in” later that day the cops came to search the house they found the hidden loot but also found the criminal duo. They went to prison the next evening “damn they found us” said Jeff “told you” Stanley replied but that night another criminal gang broke them out after that the keep spliting up and helping the others break out of prison if they ever get  in.


Trick or treat

One night me and my friends were out trick or treating and we had loads of sweets and we had not been out for very long. We were walking down a road to get to the next house. After a few more houses we were going to start heading home but luckily  my friend Jeff was coming to stay round mine for a sleep over that night. We both stayed up really late. We were eating our  sweets that we got from trick or treating. Mum said we both had to stop eating our sweets now as it was getting late. And she took them away from us so we could not eat them during the night. We waited until mum had gone up to bed. I knew where the sweets were because I saw where she put them. Then I said too Jeff “look what I have, but we will need to hide the wrappers”. Then I heard mum coming down stairs quickly. We hid them and pretended to be asleep.

But where would we hide it all???

Poppy was having a sleepover at Chloe’s house. In the middle of the night they were awoken by a  crash, bang and  a thud. They both jumped out of bed and rushed to the window to see what the noise was. To their horror they saw a person all in black running up the street. They laid awake all night in shock. The next day the girls were chasing each other in the park, Chloe tripped over and fell into a pile of leaves and she felt something hard on her knee, it was a black bag  full of money…………………….


The day i caught santa on christmas

Once upon a time there was just a normal boy called bob. On christmas eve Bob set up a camera in his living room on the sofa hidden so santa couldn’t see it.  His video went on for an hour because he went to bed at 3:00 in the morning and santa came at 4:00.  On christmas he watched the video santa was fake, it was his mum and dad by the way, his mum or dad didn’t know he was doing it.  He was watching it while his mum and dad were making breakfast.  He said to his mum and dad santa was fake they said ”how do you know” .  Then he showed them the video and they gasped.  Bob told all of his friends that santa was fake and they didn’t believe him so he showed them the video and they gasped to.

My Class

Today, I we had, an assembly ,then we sorted out our draws. Next, we did some times tables and spellings, then we went out for lunch. After that, we did some English. Finally I went home with my bestest best friend Hannah it was so fun. The next day, there were some people who were really annoying! Then after that school day when I got home I stole some of my sisters sweets, I said in my head “but where would I hide it all”. When Sienna went to get some of her sweets, she had noticed that someone took lots of her sweets and she shouted “Who has had lots of my sweets!”

”How did they become singers?”

One day a group of girls and boys  called Nicola, Anya , Rory and Max . They were all sitting on a rotten peace of wood while Max and Rory were trading  football cards Nicola and Anya were thinking if they come start a sinning group because Max was good with raping ,Rory was good with sound track and me is good with backing sinning and you are good with normal sinning so they went and told the boys but they said ” YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS’ Nicola and Anya were surprised that they said yes so they told the teacher if they could and she said ”yes” but the thing is they weren’t very good so they drank a cup of purple milkshake and they tried there  things and it worked Nicola, Anya , Rory and Max were the coolest people in town. the end

The Big Theft!

One day there was a boy called Thomas and his mum called Louise. On Sunday Thomas’s mum said that they would go to take their dog for a walk down in Priory Park. Their dog was called Mollie. Thomas helped his mum pack a picnic and then got into the car with his coat. Louise asked Thomas whether she locked the door or not and Thomas said yes. After the car had pulled off the drive a big white van appeared on the side of the road by Thomas’s house. Two men got out of the van and found out that the front door was unlocked. They went inside and found out that there was no alarm in the house. They went upstairs into Louise’s room and found her jewellery box. The two men went downstairs to hear a car pull up on the drive. “Oh no!” said the oldest of the two. “We’ve got to get out of here and dump the jewellery.”                                                                                                                                        “But where would we hide it all?” said the youngest one. The door opened and Thomas and his mum came in and found the two thieves standing in the hallway like statues. Louise called the police and the two thieves were taken away to prison and Louise got her jewellery box back.

I hate my baby sister

So yeah my mum told me to tidy the playroom. As I walked into the room I saw my little sister, she had my colouring pens  with her . She was scribbling all over the paper and also all over herself. Mum was gonna kill her she wasn’t supposed to use my pens. I probably didn’t put them on a high enough shelf. I quickly cleaned her up and decided to hide the pictures but where would I hide it all? I know I’ll hide it under my bed. So that’s another problem solved. Well done to me.


Too Many Presents?

It was a few days before Christmas Eve the snow was falling gently and making a carpet of white. My brother and I remembered that we had to do some Christmas shopping.  We got dressed and found my purse. The town was jam-packed. We had to carefully squeeze through the crowd to find the shop that was the emptiest. We finally found the right shop and walked inside. We bought the best Christmas presents for our family and friends. There were a lot of bags. We slowly strolled home and began to think but where would we hide it all……

Chocolate Boy

Once there was a boy named Jack. Jack loved chocolate, he ate it a lot. This story is about Jack eating lots of chocolate.

Jack was once scoffing chocolate, when his mum and dad took away all the chocolate he was eating and put on the kitchen table. “Give it BACK,” screamed Jack, “I want my CHOCOLATE!” By the way, I forgot to tell you about how fat Jack was. This is how I will explain it- he was very fat all because of his life on chocolate. Jack’s mum told him to go up to his room. “CHOCOLATE!” cried Jack as he dragged himself upstairs. When it was time for bed Jack snuck down onto the stairs. Downstairs his mum and dad were talking about were to put all the chocolate. “We need to hide the chocolate,” Jack’s mum said, determined. “But where would we hide it all?” his dad replied…

To be continued in the next story.


The magic shooting star

One day there lived a boy called Ben. Ben really wanted a little brother because he was an only child. One night, Ben was looking out of his bedroom window dreaming for a brother and he saw a shooting star. Ben was amazed just when he saw the shooting star and wished for a little brother. The next day whilst having breakfast bens mum and dad announced the good news of ben becoming a big brother his wish came true. Ben was so excited to see his new brother after waiting for 9 whole months to welcome him to the family. Ben was the best older bother for any little thing.THE END

The Great Robbery

The day of the great robbery started quite like a normal day. It was the normal rush hour in London when suddenly a loud blaring noise went off. Loads of people went scattering from the city bank while armed cops sped in to the lane. Then suddenly from behind the pillars ran three nasty looking men. One had a red bandanna and a scarlet face, another one had a scar that ran down his face and the last one had a ripped T-shirt and a black eye. They all thought the same thing: but where will we hide it all, all the loot? No-one knew where the robbers are now but they should soon find out…