Once there was a boy called Max he was very fat he all ways eats sweets and chokalat when he is not aloud when his mum or dad cums in he says but were should I  hide it all and he pretends todo his home work  but he acaly  watches  TV. He stays up all night the next day he gouse out to the shop with his frends  all he bye is sweets and choklat and he dousn’t tell his mum or his dad. and one time he was to late to hide his sweets and he got grounded from sweets!

The creepy neighbour

Hi I’m Allie and I’m 17 yrs old . Today I have to go to school but the good thing is that it is a Friday  and soon to be the weekend .On  Friday morning 7 hrs later , morning guys today is Friday yay I’m happy okay so its  time to go to school.3 hrs later after school my friend  Annalissa came around my house.  when we were about 11 minutes away from my  house my neighbour was just walking slowly behind us and it scared us so we walked faster and faster and then he followed me home and I said to Annalissa “But where would we hide it all” .But  Annalissa didn’t know what so I said “My phone and expensive items”. Until he grabbed my phone and I was shocked so I tried to get it back but he had a knife .We spied on him to see what he has doing with my phone it was locked up in the cupboard but I need to find a way to get that phone back. My phone has to be moved by the police or something .So  that was my shocking Friday story but the good news is that I got my phone back.

The End !!!

The Hidden Gem.

There was once a pirate called Jack Swindles he swam the seven seas and found many jewels but one day he found a pile of  gems. He knew that his crew would stole the gems so that’s why he was going to hide it somewhere nobody goes, somewhere is the best place in the deck. So he asked his crew where they go and they tell them they go to his office and always stay on the outside of the deck. So he went to the deep bottom of the deck and said to himself,”Where should I hide it all.” Then he came up with a idea and he hid the gems into a mysterious statue with a hoodie where there was a hole.

Treasure Island Discovery

“Oh no what shall we do, where should we hide it?” said Hanna.

On Monday  my friend Hanna and I were playing “tag” when I realised something very strange happened. We were at the beach, near the cliff face and that is when the bush started to shiver and make a noise, it sounded like “ooooh”.

We looked behind the bush and saw a Pirate digging in the wrong place. As we looked on the floor, there was a shiny piece of gold the Pirate was looking for. As a joke, we hid the gold by throwing it to another Island. The Pirate never saw it again.


Hello I am telling you about a boy called James smith and that is me I am about to move house and my family are not very wealthy so we are trying to make money by selling toys and things but I do not want to . Unfortunately I have the grumpiest meanest dad so I have to sell my precious toys I am going to hide my toys                  . But the question is where would we hide it all . I know where I could hide it in my secret box that was given to me by my great aunt Edna I went to hide it but my dad was watching me . Get here know oh no I thought .