The Farmers Mystery

One morning on a farm, farmer McBiggle was harvesting this years crops of carrots. It was the biggest harvest he has ever had. When he was finished he had made an enormous pile of carrots. The next morning he woke to find half of his enormous pile had been eaten by evil bunnies. Mrs Mcbiggle the farmers wife gasped in horror and said ‘Oh no my carrots’. They both tried to think about how to stop those evil rabbits. Mrs Mcbiggle asked her husband ‘Where will we hide it all’ to keep our carrots safe and he said’In the barn locked up’

THE.     END.

The Grey Men

The Gray men were having a meeting. The men were called Gray because they had Gray suits, Gray cars and met in Grey rooms. It is these kinds of men that only care about money because of this love of money that they were meeting. But they were not talking about how much money they had but instead about how they could lose it. It was not a natural meeting.

For weeks there had been a huge difference in the number of crimes that happened. Money had been stolen. Jewels and riches too. Banks had been broken into and all their alarms and security systems had been overridden.

So they had decided to hide their money. But the Gray men deciding on things asked one thing ‘but where would we hide it all?’

It will just take 10 seconds

Some people just want things to be a short amount of time,but usually time is fast and some times slow. Some boy wants people to be faster at things but nobody could be faster as he could imagined. So he did something bad… he’d push people as fast as he could and would not stop when they’re done doing there thing. Children herd he had been doing it so bullies push him around into lockers and stairs. “But where would we hide them?” Said a bully.

”I know!” Said another.

”In the lockers!” And then he got a hole bunch of little children out of nowhere… I felt scared. And then he threw us into the lockers and locked them in. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry he thought and begged. 10 seconds later he suddenly fell asleep and woke up in he’s desk but he thought he’s still dreaming if he was because every thing is purple with bullies flying around in the air twirling and my teacher non-stop saying “it’s all a dreammmmmmm……..” And suddenly he really woke up in he’s bed and his mum was shouting at me and screaming at me. I didn’t do anything, was it me?, did I do it?, was I the true bully?, is there a part 2?



The bank robbers.

One day the bank robbers robbed another bank they ran into their big bright blue Bentley  ” ‘ey Stan where are we going to hide it all” said Jeff ” In the cellar you dimwit ” he replied  “but won’t that be the first place the cops will look in” later that day the cops came to search the house they found the hidden loot but also found the criminal duo. They went to prison the next evening “damn they found us” said Jeff “told you” Stanley replied but that night another criminal gang broke them out after that the keep spliting up and helping the others break out of prison if they ever get  in.


Trick or treat

One night me and my friends were out trick or treating and we had loads of sweets and we had not been out for very long. We were walking down a road to get to the next house. After a few more houses we were going to start heading home but luckily  my friend Jeff was coming to stay round mine for a sleep over that night. We both stayed up really late. We were eating our  sweets that we got from trick or treating. Mum said we both had to stop eating our sweets now as it was getting late. And she took them away from us so we could not eat them during the night. We waited until mum had gone up to bed. I knew where the sweets were because I saw where she put them. Then I said too Jeff “look what I have, but we will need to hide the wrappers”. Then I heard mum coming down stairs quickly. We hid them and pretended to be asleep.