The hack

today should of known it would happen. So this is how it began I was playing fortnight on my computer and an ad pops up it looked incredibly cool so I pressed the button and before I could blink I had been hacked.I called my friend to come to my house immediately and to bring his computer.When he got to my house he ran up to my room and I showed him the hack but then he said to me that he had made that app and by me pressing it, it had spread all around the world. So were would we hide it all the was still to come.

pirates treasure

“But where would we hide it all ?”exclaimed lily.

“Maybe we could hide it from the pirates in the dusty rocks by the lake “ replied Freddie.

The children started moving the super shiny golden treasure which they had found buried under the sand.Bit by bit they moved it towards the rocks.

”There it’s all hidden”said Ben.” Let’s go in for dinner”

”Great idea”said Amelia

They all ran quickly back to there house. The sun started setting and turned from yellow to orange.Then suddenly the sky went grey and lightning cracked across the sky.A big boom of thunder could be herd. Out in the stormy sea a visible black shape loomed towards the shore. The pirates had arrived!


Once upon a time there was a boy called Harry who had a secret stash of diamonds and gold which he had found by accident in a field and his friend called Stan knew about it. They were both worried because they thought that some one else might know about it so Stan said “should we hide it ? ” then Harry replied “but where would we hide it all”. After a lot of thinking and talking they decided  to hide it in a big cave near Stan’s house with a secret area inside it, but how were they going to move the treasure without any body noticing them ?

Mermaid Libraries

One day, there was a mermaid that was called Sirena she said this,”I want to be a librarian mermaid.” “Can you imagine,huge underwater libraries/museums of stuff they have found.” Caves with air pockets with human books stored so they  stay dry. Librarians who can take you to exactly the books or forgotten relics that have fallen from ships and  boats centuries past. Historian mermaids who have read and researched human life. Imagine swimming through caves and tunnels filled with these things. Caves that lead up and open to let in light,where you can sit and read by the sun or even the light of the moon. Deep sea creatures that glow being used to lead down the tunnels or to read by. Oh my gosh i am so excited by this. If i could be anything it would be this.

                              THE END