One day In was out in the forest with the rest of my family in the woods for a nice day we where going to go to the park whilst we where there we got something for lunch and after we went to get ice cream. Then we went in the woods and we tried to build a little den but it did not work every time we tried to build it it just would not stand up straight. Then we saw something go past us we went to have a look what it was but we could not find the susspect.



The Beautiful Flowers Explosion

On Friday, I was in France  and I am going to be going to pick some flowers from the garden. I found some beautiful orange, autumn roses. I picked them up and they were so pretty that I put them on the top of my window sill and when I went downstairs there was a bang and a smash. And the glass vahlse broke into pieces my mum was very mad at me,  “ahhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed and then I got grounded for a month. ??

The Evil Devil

One evening I was doing laps on my bike around the field oh and if you don’t know what my name is it’s Timmy. Then all of a sudden I saw a creepy black costume peeking through the tree so I went a bit closer and then he jumped out and scared me so bad. He got a hold of me and bellowed I am homeless ‘give me money’ you little child. I screamed for help and mum came looking because I had been here for so long. So she karata kicked him because she is a master black belt.


Once there was a bay called Lennon he lived in a house in a  forest it was haunted.He liked to go in the woods . On day he went to far and he saw a sine it said do not enter some on pushed him and fell doun in a hole  he couldn’t move he scremed “I WILL FIND YOU”. He found a root he pulled it he got out at last. He ran home and he saw a dark shadow he stopped and he saw the person that pushed him Lennon punched the person  and he got a nose bleed and ran away to his house.



One day, me and my friend vs his brother   were having a massive fight. It took  his dad to break us up. So when the fight finished me and my friend were still thinking of a revenge, he said his brother has a trophy that he brings everywhere with him so i said ‘lets take it’. We made a plan and got ready to go into his room.We waited until his bro wasn’t in there and went in and got the trophy ‘but where would we hide it?’ said my friend but it only took two minutes before his brother caught us and…