One day In was out in the forest with the rest of my family in the woods for a nice day we where going to go to the park whilst we where there we got something for lunch and after we went to get ice cream. Then we went in the woods and we tried to build a little den but it did not work every time we tried to build it it just would not stand up straight. Then we saw something go past us we went to have a look what it was but we could not find the susspect.



The Beautiful Flowers Explosion

On Friday, I was in France  and I am going to be going to pick some flowers from the garden. I found some beautiful orange, autumn roses. I picked them up and they were so pretty that I put them on the top of my window sill and when I went downstairs there was a bang and a smash. And the glass vahlse broke into pieces my mum was very mad at me,  “ahhhhhhhhhh,” she screamed and then I got grounded for a month. ??

The Evil Devil

One evening I was doing laps on my bike around the field oh and if you don’t know what my name is it’s Timmy. Then all of a sudden I saw a creepy black costume peeking through the tree so I went a bit closer and then he jumped out and scared me so bad. He got a hold of me and bellowed I am homeless ‘give me money’ you little child. I screamed for help and mum came looking because I had been here for so long. So she karata kicked him because she is a master black belt.


Once there was a bay called Lennon he lived in a house in a  forest it was haunted.He liked to go in the woods . On day he went to far and he saw a sine it said do not enter some on pushed him and fell doun in a hole  he couldn’t move he scremed “I WILL FIND YOU”. He found a root he pulled it he got out at last. He ran home and he saw a dark shadow he stopped and he saw the person that pushed him Lennon punched the person  and he got a nose bleed and ran away to his house.



One day, me and my friend vs his brother   were having a massive fight. It took  his dad to break us up. So when the fight finished me and my friend were still thinking of a revenge, he said his brother has a trophy that he brings everywhere with him so i said ‘lets take it’. We made a plan and got ready to go into his room.We waited until his bro wasn’t in there and went in and got the trophy ‘but where would we hide it?’ said my friend but it only took two minutes before his brother caught us and…


One day a man named Jack was going to the next house to find more things to… STEAL! He hopped through one of the open windows and plopped onto the carpet with a *THUMP*! Luckily for him there was no one in the house. He looked through all the drawers and he found diamonds! He thought in his mind “but where would we hide it all?” He said ‘we’ because in his back pocket was a tiny rat! He heard footsteps running up the staircase so he backed away onto the windowsill, he tumbled and slipped, then eventually he fell…

Black witch !!!!

Have you heard about the Black witch . No ? Well it is your day to find out . Everyone was scared of her to the point that they would not even come out of there house . Until one day when Amelia decided to stand up to the dangerous witch . This is how she got ready, she put her dads coat on, she got a bowl and put it on her head, and she put her mums makeup on just to fight in style.”Oh Yeah”she said . Amelia was ready to fight she just needed to get passed her parents they were going to say no .


One day  Amy and her two friends Millie and Nia were going on a trip to a forest  called Woodland Forest . As they happily walked through the woods, Amy turned the sharp corner and screamed.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
“what”, shouted Nia. Then Millie saw what Amy saw. A tall man well statue I should say .Nia’s mouth dropped . “I wanna go home”, shivered Nia. The girls went back to the reseption scared and frightened. They called Amys mum to pick them up at 3 instea of 5.


One day In was out in the forest with the rest of my family in the woods for a nice day we where going to go to the park whilst we where there we got something for lunch and after we went to get ice cream. Then we went in the woods and we tried to build a little den but it did not work every time we tried to build it it just would not stand up straight. Then we saw something go past us we went to have a look what it was but we could not find the susspect.



The Unknown Woods

One dark gloomy night me and my friends were out at the park playing football, until my friend, Harry, had a  shot and ‘BOOM’ the ball went into a bush. But when we went to find it, it was almost as if the bush pulled us in. Suddenly, we landed in this woods it was quite creepy at first. Until we heard a weird voice saying a riddle ‘take two steps left then  10  steps forward, out into the night’. So we solved the riddle and found ourselves standing in front of a creature standing in a black cloak and hoodie he said ‘you have solved the riddle my freinds’ we took a few steps closer and…

The Dangers Of The Statue!

About a decade ago my friends,Amy and Millie, were on a holiday and they were in the woods called Wood Of Peace And Love. The weird thing about this wood is that what ever you touch you instantly fall in love and you never have arguments. So Amy and Millie were not to touch any thing.
They were walking in the woods when they saw this statue,at least they thought it was. The statue had a dark,dark cloak and you could not see the eyes or mouth. They asked each other to take a picture of them on the statue. As soon as Amy climbed on the figure it boomed’GET OF ME NOW!’……
To be continued!


One day there lived a boy called Jake. All Jake’s friends were going to a camp in a forest Jake’s mum let him go there the next day  While jake was watching tv Jake’s mum said that he was going to the camp now. Jake got into the car and his mum drove to the camp when they got there  all his friends were there he was so so so! exited then he said good bye to his mum when it was night they all got into the camp then they started telling scary story’s just then they all heard a noise a creepy noise they did rock paper scissors one of his friends joe had to go outside when he went he never came back so another one of his friends went outside and he never came back so they were so scared one of his friends were so scared he tried to run away when he ran they heard him scream  its a ghost!!!!!!!!!! the other’s were scared to so they all ran and jake ran to they safely  made it THE END.

The Ghoul in the Forest

Flash! went the lightning Flash! Flash! Flash! Then out of the darkness came a voice saying “You will die MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”                 I opened my mouth to scream but no sound came out.”MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”I saw my house in the distance, then I saw nothing more… It was a regular day although I never knew my life would change forever. So I had my regular walk in the forest and then out from behind from a tree came a menicing figure a statue like figure I ran for my life but it was to late he grabbed me by the ankle and pulled me to the ground then I saw nothing more.

The shadow [ Part 1]

Flash the lightning went and it hit a tree as me and Alfie walked through the forest as the rain poured down. As we looked at the figure it got worse and worse as we walked closer as another tree caught fire Alfie was bit by a snake and screamed. But then a voice from a hidden statue said curse your family for cenurise and more then Alfie ran home and l was stuck within the lightning and all alone in the dark so i ran to a near by tree and set the night all alone with the spiders!

A day in the park is not always what you expect

One day I was walking in the woods when I saw a sign it said ghoul this way “thats a load of rubbish there is no such thing as ghouls,” I chuckled . I carried on following the signs then I saw it exactly it is just some metal to look like a ghoul . When I spun round it was in my face  I screamed , I ran as fast as my legs could go I wish iI would of stayed at home I did not want to look behind me so I just kept running all the way home not again .

Th wierd person in London !!

Hi im Nia and my friend is Amelia today we are going to London to explore we haven’t really seen much of London so this is the time to go.When me and Amelia arrived in London it was really busy so we found a short cut to enter the shopping mall but its was quite a walk.10 mins later we finally got somewhere but either me or Amelia done know where it is .So we followed these people and it lead us to the mall but as we were passing we saw this really creepy statue in the woods it was glaring at us we we took a picture of it and then ran away okay we have to go see you when we are back home in Camebridge.6 Hrs later we are home Amelia came back to my house in the end and i showed the picture to my mum and she was shocked.So after that day we were tiered and from that day on me and Amelia should always stay near well closer to home.

The End!!

Weird statue!

One afternoon I was strolling in the park. I was very thirsty so I decided to go into the cafe and bought a hot chocolate with cream on the top. After I had finished my drink I went to go and walk home. This time I decided to go through the forest past the trees. When I walked passed one of the trees I saw a creepy statue standing in between two big trees. I decided to get a bus hame after that creepy statue.

The figure…

One day i was walking down in a wood and i saw this weird looking mage statue, it looked weird so i ignored it and kept on walking and the wood got darker and darker still and i did not know which way i came from, I wasn’t scared because i like woods and i love the nature. But i saw something. Something moving behind me and i saw the mage statue again so i kicked it and ran off. Now i can barely see nothing now because i’ve gone so deep into the woods. I looked back and the mage wasn’t there so I turned back and the mage appeared in front of me so i i jumped on it and it stood there like a statue so i looked in side its cloak, nothing. Then i pushed it over and keep on stepping on it and then i found a shovel and keep on hitting it with the shovel, nothing. I had an idea. I started to dig and i threw the mage into the ground and buried it and tried to make my way out the forest and made it. The next day I came back and looked at the spot where i found the mage… it was back in its correct position in the way it was looking so i took it and threw it in the dump and finally it wasn’t there ever again. But something weird happened. I saw a weird shaped person in my TV and it looked like the mage…..thats because it is the mage…..


The Demon In The Park

Hello there my name is Laura  I live in Wales and  I am just going for a run around the park. While, I was running through the park there were two trees and in the middle there was a creature with a hoodie. Then it moved and said in a dark voice,” Hello I’m a demon in a hoodie when I jump my wings which are dark and black, if you want I can suck your body and make it a ghost. I was so scared that I started to shake and I ran away. I told my husband about it so he could report to the news and evacuate the city/country. So we took a helicopter and flew to Poland and live there…

                         THE END