One day a man named Jack was going to the next house to find more things to… STEAL! He hopped through one of the open windows and plopped onto the carpet with a *THUMP*! Luckily for him there was no one in the house. He looked through all the drawers and he found diamonds! He thought in his mind “but where would we hide it all?” He said ‘we’ because in his back pocket was a tiny rat! He heard footsteps running up the staircase so he backed away onto the windowsill, he tumbled and slipped, then eventually he fell…

Black witch !!!!

Have you heard about the Black witch . No ? Well it is your day to find out . Everyone was scared of her to the point that they would not even come out of there house . Until one day when Amelia decided to stand up to the dangerous witch . This is how she got ready, she put her dads coat on, she got a bowl and put it on her head, and she put her mums makeup on just to fight in style.”Oh Yeah”she said . Amelia was ready to fight she just needed to get passed her parents they were going to say no .


One day  Amy and her two friends Millie and Nia were going on a trip to a forest  called Woodland Forest . As they happily walked through the woods, Amy turned the sharp corner and screamed.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.
“what”, shouted Nia. Then Millie saw what Amy saw. A tall man well statue I should say .Nia’s mouth dropped . “I wanna go home”, shivered Nia. The girls went back to the reseption scared and frightened. They called Amys mum to pick them up at 3 instea of 5.


One day In was out in the forest with the rest of my family in the woods for a nice day we where going to go to the park whilst we where there we got something for lunch and after we went to get ice cream. Then we went in the woods and we tried to build a little den but it did not work every time we tried to build it it just would not stand up straight. Then we saw something go past us we went to have a look what it was but we could not find the susspect.



The Unknown Woods

One dark gloomy night me and my friends were out at the park playing football, until my friend, Harry, had a  shot and ‘BOOM’ the ball went into a bush. But when we went to find it, it was almost as if the bush pulled us in. Suddenly, we landed in this woods it was quite creepy at first. Until we heard a weird voice saying a riddle ‘take two steps left then  10  steps forward, out into the night’. So we solved the riddle and found ourselves standing in front of a creature standing in a black cloak and hoodie he said ‘you have solved the riddle my freinds’ we took a few steps closer and…