Series 2 “The time the Tiger charged”!!

To be continued ….”Okay I may have been writing a series two “Amy wrote. This is series two of the time the tiger charged.Remember us from series one me and Matthew.  After me and Matthew tried to run it was too late because the tiger grabbed my hood and slowly pulled me backwards towards him. I thought it was really scary but I wriggled out and tried to run again. Oh and if I never said we are in the local zoo in Spain.Until the tiger was blocking our escape we didn’t know were to go unless we climb over the gate. If we climbed over the gate there were spiky tips so we slid under the fence. Until……….this happened…. Read the next series for more !!!


The Christmas (Nightmare)

One early day, a girl with blond hair blond bow and some purple shoes was  called Katie. It was near Christmas and Katie really wanted a tiger that was from the zoo, her mum and dad said ” NOOO”.

 Katie told them it was only for a few days, but they still said ” no”.

Katie went to the zoo everyday looking at the Tigers with her friend Jazzy . When it was the end of the day Katie and her friend Jazzy went in the tigers cave and tried to animal nap a baby tiger, but then there was a growl they turned. Katie said ” IT IS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE”,

so they  gave the tiger some  meat and ran to Katie’s house “there my own tiger”.  

The time we almost die… PART 1 “TIGER TROUBLE”

It was a wonderful day in africa when we where having a great tour.

“And here is a tiger, a ferice canivour” said the tour guide. We got back to the park and we went to go see the tigers in a pen. We stood on the wooden spectatior bridge and admired the majestic tigers, but then one of the tigers started to climb up the wooden bars holding the bridge. Every body started running and screaming once the tiger climbed up on the bridge and started running for its running prays. Every family ran though the metal gates and got in their cars and drove of as fast as they can. TO BE CONTINUED…

The Tied Tiger

My mum and dad had sent me to this BORING high school, they said “It will be good for your education,” . Not only was it BORING it was SCARY to because people said that there was no way to get out of detention and it was so easy to get in to it .If i did not say I hate my old school, if i did not break up with my BFF, if I did not grow up so fast then i would not be here today. Any way cut long story short , you know me i got in to detention , but when i asked to go they said no. I tried to escape but there was a tiger in the way !

The Dangerous Tiger.

One day me and my freinds where in a jungle with my dad Bear Grills me and my friend we where staying in the jungle for the night. The next day we woke up we had to go and get some breakfast we saw a monkey to eat we killed it. We went back to camp to cook it it was really nice we had to go and get some wood for the fire we found some wood and then we went back to camp.  But the next day we had to leave them jungle but on the way we spotted a tiger that was bloking are way and we had to go so we had to go round the bush THE END

Why Did I Do This…

Me and my bro Lennon were spy’s and we want to rob a bank so we get money and be rich but we shoot blanks hahahaha. The day we made the plan  so it was an abandened bank and it was in the jungle so we are not scared. the day we go we are setting of to bank suddenly we hear something so i have my hand on my gun! we got there it looks more like a police staion than a bank we still go in and there is a tiger and he cornnerd then i herd sirens.

Escape Temple!!!

I was just going to the temple fair and I went inside one temple and said,” Oh no I’m stuck!” It said on the map that I had to complete a monkey puzzle which was sticky, slippy and gooey. After I did that I found out something that there was a tiger and the tiger was blocking our escape and then my two friends came and saved me they were called Nicola and Amelia. Then it was time to go home and it was disgusting but great and funny. It was bed time now but adventures are great fun Cya.

The catastrophic cage

One fine day, Ross and Finn, who were two adventurous twins got up to an early start. An early start because they were going to the zoo. It wasn’t any old zoo though, it was the brand new zoo in Royston.  They got ready, shot out out of the door and went straight into the car. The two boys were very over exited for their day out at the zoo. Their mum soon came in after them. After around three hours, they got to  the zoo. Ross and Finn looked around the boring dull carpark, they could see mysterious things around them. But when they looked to the left they just ran and screamed ” THE TIGER IS BLOCKING THE ENTRANCE!” They ran for their life. And don’t get me started on what happened to the car.


Once there was two boys called Sam and Lennon. They were best friends  they lived next to each other  they wanted to go to the zoo but there mum said “NO ITS NEARLY YOUR BIRTHDAY SAM”. And then they just played outside in the forrest . They saw a police man walking in the forrest with a dog and a boy with handcuffs. and a police with a taser walking in front they took the baddy  to the police station there was a tiger there .it escaped and never came back it killed lots of people and then Lennon and Sam had a sleep dart  they shoot it at the tiger………………!!

The Scariest Day Of My Life! (2)

So we listened to my mum and packed a picnic with all of the stuff that we like. After we finished I added another chocolate bar. Before we left we heard my Auntie snoring loudly. When we got to the jungle we left the picnic in the car and decided to explore first.  We went far down and saw tigers. After we had seen enough tigers we got hungry and walked up to the car. Half way up the steps to the car there was a tiger blocking are way! After a few shoves the tiger finally moved out of our way and we got to the car.

The Day We Went To The Zoo

One afternoon I went to the zoo it was about 10 minutes away my name is Billy and I like zoos so thats why we are going. We got there and it was very busy and the tigers cage looked open and it didn’t look like there was a tiger in it. So I told my mum and said “Mum I am scared ” and she said ” Its ok”we moved on and got out the car to get some fresh air. We were right next to the tigers now I moved a bit closer and bellowed “Hello”there was no respond I turned around and the tiger was there the tiger was blocking our escape.




One day, my family were going to the rainforest in Africa. My sister was not going to the rainforest, she was going to Auntie Janet and I was staying at home. My mum, dad and brother Ben, were the people who were going to the rainforest. The amazing rainforest in Africa was called the Congo Rainforest. “It is going to have Gorilla’s, Chimpanzees and it is also going to have  Elephant’s”, wailed my mum. After that my mum went to pack her thing so did my dad. Then I told Ben to go and pack his bags so he went to pack his bags. The next day they left to go to Congo. When they got there, a tiger was blocking there way.

Our Last Adventure

This weekend, me and my family travelled to this abandoned zoo! It was known for it’s still existing animals that wonder there. We were excited because this was a new place for us! I’m part of a group called The Derelict Debunkers! This group is for people who want to explore derelict attractions and check if it’s safe for explorers! But this weekend we were in for a shock!

We were called in for another exploration at an abandoned zoo in Florida. So as always we packed our equipment and set off to Florida. It was a long drive because we lived on the outskirts of Florida and this place was on the other side! But as soon as we got there it was already lunchtime, so we had to be quick! As we searched around we saw empty cages of past animals. We saw a lot of graffiti on the cage walls, so we assumed people have already been here. But the scary thing was that all of the drawings were of tigers!

Half an hour later we stumbled upon an exit, so we thought it was the end of the zoo but we were wrong! As we took one step out of the exit… a tiger jumped out of nowhere! We sprinted back to the entrance, not looking back at all! My best friend Poppy was behind all of us, and she was slowing down! She slipped into a dark cage and watched us all as we screamed in terror with the tiger still racing behind! Hannah (my other friend) tried to distract the tiger but ended up sprinting in front of me and Amelia! For a second I felt my heart stop beating and making my legs get faster and faster until i’m the fasted out of everyone! But then as I looked, and to my surprise the tiger was beaming down and staring at all of us. We trembled in fear to see that the tiger was blocking our escape! We fell to our knees and…

The story of how we robbed a bank.

We took about a week to plan this robbery but we still weren’t sure about the escape through the Zoo. So we tried it on Friday we dressed up in the car with are bandit masks on and are guns in are pocket. We ran into the bank with the guns in are hands and opened the security safe we took nine hundred thousand pounds and 8,six carrot gold rings. They had been stuffed in to our black bags and then we ran through the zoo but the Tiger was blocking are escape so we had to think of another way. A few seconds after we had to go through the monkey enclosure but it was risk as the monkeys could take our money and rings.We had to do it and then the police  would not notice. After we went through there we got are friend Alfie who is an uber driver to take us home.


One day, there was a boy called Jacob. Jacob was round about twenty he was always out in London. It was a Saturday night and Jacobs parents were waiting for Jacob to come home consider it  was very late. Tow hours later, Jacob was still not home so his parents went out to find him scared ,worried and didn’t know what to do. Then Jacobs  scared worried parents got to London and the last time Jacob spoke to his parents he was at a zoo then they realised there was a tiger blocking there way. Just in time, they found there son and went home and there parents made a strict rule that he does not go to London by himself ……..



Hello I am a tiger and my name is Tim I live with my mum and dad. I live in a zoo  but my parents  do want  to escape. So we have a plan to escape .My best friend is Daniel he was the son of the head tiger. He was called bob he was so strong no one got in a fight with him. It was the day of the escape. We waited an till the ceeper finished his sift. Then they ran but the tiger block they way they got in a big fight. My dad and bob then bob bit my dad and he fell to the grownd .He torched me and my mum. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees cum and help me.

Tiger Temple

“Lets have a look in the temple today”, said Mollie, excitedly dancing in the summer sun.”What temple Mollie? There is like eight of them”, replied her biggest sister Emily. “That one, the one with the tiger face.”another sister said, this time being Madison.

Later that day.

“Ok we have been hear for an hour and we are ready to go home.”
“It’s hardly worth going home we may as well spend the night here”,exclaimed Mollie.
“No mollie we have to go home.”But as they walked to the exit of the temple they found something . A tiger was bocking there escape .

“Oh no” said little Mollie trembling with fear.

The tiger that could climb!

Me and my friend Amelia where very good at climbing and we wanted something more challenging. So we decided that we would go into the forest and climb the tall, green trees. All of a sudden me and my friend heard a rustle in the bush closest to the tree we were climbing we jumped down to have a look at what was making the bush rustle so much I whispered to Amelia”i’m sure I saw some black and white stripes run into the bush”. The tiger obviously heard me and so he jumped out of the bush and was blocking are escape ,he was actually quite cleaver. Me and Amelia had know idea what we where going to do!


The escape of the ferocious tiger!

One peaceful evening a boy named Jack came home from the zoo, London Zoo but when he came through the exit he saw something unusual. The night his parents went to bed early he snuck out the house to the zoo but when he got there he saw the thing again he was scared but also exited he realised  that the animal on the loose was no goodie goodie it was bad he ra and ran but when he got to the exit he became as frightened as can be the tiger had blocked his escape there was no way out… A week later he woke he remembered nothing the docter said ‘ you were very brave Jack but  let the pros handle it next time but all the tiger did  was.. eat your arm  sorry for you Jack’ soon Jack was as good as new he could do anything he used to.


no way to get out!!!!!!!!

One day their lived  a boy called Jay. Jay lied with his mum and dad in the forest they never got to go out of their house because there was a tiger’s out the door they did not know where they came from they just wanted to get Jay his mum and his dad. We never tried to run because the first time we did it the tiger jumped at  Jay’s dad and almost bit his hand of after that happened they just got back to the house and shut the door and locked it and that was five years ago all those years his mum and dad have been trying to make armour so they can get past the tigers his mum and dad finally made the armour  so they all got their armour on and ran away.