Series 2 “The time the Tiger charged”!!

To be continued ….”Okay I may have been writing a series two “Amy wrote. This is series two of the time the tiger charged.Remember us from series one me and Matthew.  After me and Matthew tried to run it was too late because the tiger grabbed my hood and slowly pulled me backwards towards him. I thought it was really scary but I wriggled out and tried to run again. Oh and if I never said we are in the local zoo in Spain.Until the tiger was blocking our escape we didn’t know were to go unless we climb over the gate. If we climbed over the gate there were spiky tips so we slid under the fence. Until……….this happened…. Read the next series for more !!!


The Christmas (Nightmare)

One early day, a girl with blond hair blond bow and some purple shoes was  called Katie. It was near Christmas and Katie really wanted a tiger that was from the zoo, her mum and dad said ” NOOO”.

 Katie told them it was only for a few days, but they still said ” no”.

Katie went to the zoo everyday looking at the Tigers with her friend Jazzy . When it was the end of the day Katie and her friend Jazzy went in the tigers cave and tried to animal nap a baby tiger, but then there was a growl they turned. Katie said ” IT IS BLOCKING OUR ESCAPE”,

so they  gave the tiger some  meat and ran to Katie’s house “there my own tiger”.  

The time we almost die… PART 1 “TIGER TROUBLE”

It was a wonderful day in africa when we where having a great tour.

“And here is a tiger, a ferice canivour” said the tour guide. We got back to the park and we went to go see the tigers in a pen. We stood on the wooden spectatior bridge and admired the majestic tigers, but then one of the tigers started to climb up the wooden bars holding the bridge. Every body started running and screaming once the tiger climbed up on the bridge and started running for its running prays. Every family ran though the metal gates and got in their cars and drove of as fast as they can. TO BE CONTINUED…

The Tied Tiger

My mum and dad had sent me to this BORING high school, they said “It will be good for your education,” . Not only was it BORING it was SCARY to because people said that there was no way to get out of detention and it was so easy to get in to it .If i did not say I hate my old school, if i did not break up with my BFF, if I did not grow up so fast then i would not be here today. Any way cut long story short , you know me i got in to detention , but when i asked to go they said no. I tried to escape but there was a tiger in the way !

The Dangerous Tiger.

One day me and my freinds where in a jungle with my dad Bear Grills me and my friend we where staying in the jungle for the night. The next day we woke up we had to go and get some breakfast we saw a monkey to eat we killed it. We went back to camp to cook it it was really nice we had to go and get some wood for the fire we found some wood and then we went back to camp.  But the next day we had to leave them jungle but on the way we spotted a tiger that was bloking are way and we had to go so we had to go round the bush THE END