The time we almost die… PART 2 “MAKE THE GREAT ESCAPE!”

Sadly zookeepers dying one after one… Getting eaten… Blood spilling… Corpse exploding… The great escape continues… “QUICK WE NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE” We started running but we hit the back of the zoo so we started running the other way but the tiger was blocking our escape. We cant get out. the tiger started sprinting for us. “HES COMING,RUN!!!!!!” We hid in the toilets. The tiger got confused so he started bulging for a random one with none of us in it. “Can i get some privicy… OH MY GOSH AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!”

I herd blood spilling and much more horrible things so i didnt bother looking. i ran out and the tiger was sitting in the cubicle and made it home safe and sound and that was my great escape…

The Great Escape!

I was walking in the wood with my besties Amelia B and Hannah P. The wood was huge and everything was a lovely green colour. I was walking in front of them when I suddenly backed behind.
“What are you doing?’Amelia asked.
“I am backing behind because there is a monster.”I answered.
We carried on walking when the tiger that I called a monster ran and cornered us! I thought the tiger was blocking our escape. But then all of a sudden a lady about 20 came up and started to distract the tiger.Her name was Natalie and she saved us!