The Mad And Angry Monkey !

Once upon a time there was a mad but very intelligent monkey , because he was so intelligent he was asked to replace a class teacher who was very sick. The class was surprised but happy because they thought it was funny. When the monkey arrived he did not seem happy at all, especially when he turned on the teachers laptop but it did not work. He punched the keys again and again and again, which made the monkey very angry. In his frustration he chucked the laptop of the table and smashed it. The next day the monkey was sent back to Africa.

Monkey Madman

One bright sunny day, there were children playing and laughing outside in the beautiful weather, while Professor Madman was inside working on his new invention called ‘The Force’. Nobody knew what ‘The Force’ was meant to do, as Professor Madman did not like to socialise. But what some people did know was that the invention was dangerous and that Professor Madman was planning on taking over the world, and replacing it with bananas! One child who knew about this, was one of the children playing outside of Madman’s office and because he knew Madmman’s plans he decided too throw an EGG at his office window. The proffesser jumped out of his skin and his computer slid off the table and onto the floor with a ‘BANG’ and luckily the computer broke and all the plan data was wiped. “MY PLANS, MY GLORIOUS PLANS!” cried Proffessor Madman falling to the floor, and that was the end of that.



Bob the monkey.

There once was a monkey called Bob. He was a genius because he fixed computers for a job. He would usually fix around 500 to 600 computers a day.His weekly wage is about 2000 pounds. But one  day his job was immposible because he was asked to fix a computer with a virus on. He thought that he couldn’t  do it and he would loose his job but he pursivered. days went by and time went past but the next day he had finished fixing the computer. After he was known as the greatest fixer in the town and was given a medal of honour.





There was a girl named Holly. Holly was an unusual girl because of her love of animals. Holly’s favourite pet was her monkey, she took it everywhere. One day,Holly  against her parent’s advice, took her monkey to school and it did not go well,  the monkey got excited and scared as it got into the classroom because of all the commotion and leapt off Holly’s Shoulders.  The monkey was  very  clever and could lock doors. The monkey got into the Head Teacher’s office, locked the door,  sat starring at the laptop angrily and to Holly’s amazement started typing….