The Plate

In the beginning, I was having my  breakfast and I had bacon and eggs with my family and after that we went to town and sore some china plates. So we bought them for £34  it was a good deal. At lunch we used the new plates that we bought. For dinner we had  a Sunday roast and after that we went to bed. The next day we had breakfast and went to the garden centre and my sister came to have a cake. Then we went to have dinner with the new plates but for some risen all of them were gone!


Take it to the top

One morning, boy called Jack woke up in  and said to himself “I want to play football,” So he got out of his bed and dashed into his older brother’s room. He told his brother that he wanted to play football but he just laughed. Jacks older brother had a big, strong, muscular body whereas he had boney, weak and skinny legs. So Jack sadly strolled back into his room and went back to sleep. He then dreamed about playing for Man City and he scored the winning goal in the champions league final. Then he woke up and went outside in the garden and did 100 keepie uppies. That dream had given him a confidence boost, surely. Later on in his life he was playing for Man City FC whereas in the beginning he was just an ordinary boy.



The beginning of my life,,it was about when I was five and I found out I had sisters it was a big shock. Deep down I loved having,when someone asked me if I liked having sisters I would always say no. A couple of years later I had seen my cousin so much I loved having so many cousin and I still do now. The next thing I know I am in year four I found it a bit scary but then I realised that it is not that bad. I loved school then not saying that I   don’t like it now.

The Magical Forest

“Once in a galaxy FAR, FAR away-.”  “CUT!” Screamed the director “we are filming a magical forest! NOT A STAR WARS MOVIE!” “OK, OK,” I said “I will start. OK.” Once in a land in the beginning of time there was a magical land full time full beautiful plants and creatures, like snow topped mushrooms and delicate flowers. Or little woozles and graceful birds darting around the trees or wooshing through the skies like a silent bi plane. But among all these glorious things there were vile things, like a thing called MUK or GARBODOR or-.” “CUT.” The audience will lap it up EXCELLENT work.” Exclaimed the director.

R2-D2 weird adventure 2

In the beginning the race went really bad but at the end R2-D2s friend won. After the race they went to rest at their friends home so they could cool down (it was 40c). They congratulated their friend and started to repair their traveling starship.  When R2-D2 and C3po returned they gave their friend a broken robot so he could fix it the day after the robot was fully repaired.At the end of the day they went to the starship and took of .After the starship had been directed to another planet.They all went to sleep in their room.

             ….to be continued