Once there was a man called  Liam. He lived in a shop. He likes to go for walks. Once he saw a walking hand it had a mouth,nose and eyes. It was walking on two fingers the middle and the index finger . he ran home. The next day Liam went out for a walk. When he went out side he saw the hand was looking right at me and I shut the door locked the lock and hid under the bed and I was tied strangle I fell asleep…


Once there was a boy called Jeff who was going on holiday with his parents and one of his friend they where going to China. It took a long time for them to get there it took 11hours to get there. But they stayed in a hotel for the night. When morning came they started to go in the car and get brekfast . In the end they got there at about 5 in the afternoon they got diner and they got pizza and they enjoyed it so they where going for a week so they where for a few day and they enjoyed it the end.

Man Hand

Once there was a man called Sam and he was a apple juice and he made the nicest apple juice in the city and his friend was very lucky because he got to try it first.But one day a new person arrived and set up his own apple juice business and every body started buying his apple juice instead of Sam’s.So Sam put a secret  formula in his apple juice even though he didn’t know what it did.Sam only sold one bottle to one person and it turned him into a giant hand man!And he started destroying the whole city!

Handy Creature

Once upon a time, in a city in New Zealand, there was a place called Monster Museum. The people there kept mythical creatures. Including: a Cyclops, a Centaur, a Pegasus, a Minotaur and many more.

One day, when the workers were out looking for more creatures, they saw a fireball in the sky coming towards them. “What is THAT!” one of the workers said. They all jumped into their cars and drove off.

The next day, the workers went back to visit the site. They were amazed by what they saw. “It’s a hand!” said the same worker. “It looks like Donald Trump,” said another.

To be continued in the next story.


There was one and hand called jerald. How loved to go to the park and one dat he went to the park to go on the swings. But some gansters were smashing up the swings. Jerald was angry so he ran over theand got a stick and smashed them and killed them. He was in the paper and was called a hero now every one in the small town nows him.If you ever see him all was call him a star and then he got in fite with bob and got killed we all love jerald yes yes yes yes.