Once there was a man called  Liam. He lived in a shop. He likes to go for walks. Once he saw a walking hand it had a mouth,nose and eyes. It was walking on two fingers the middle and the index finger . he ran home. The next day Liam went out for a walk. When he went out side he saw the hand was looking right at me and I shut the door locked the lock and hid under the bed and I was tied strangle I fell asleep…


Once there was a boy called Jeff who was going on holiday with his parents and one of his friend they where going to China. It took a long time for them to get there it took 11hours to get there. But they stayed in a hotel for the night. When morning came they started to go in the car and get brekfast . In the end they got there at about 5 in the afternoon they got diner and they got pizza and they enjoyed it so they where going for a week so they where for a few day and they enjoyed it the end.

Man Hand

Once there was a man called Sam and he was a apple juice and he made the nicest apple juice in the city and his friend was very lucky because he got to try it first.But one day a new person arrived and set up his own apple juice business and every body started buying his apple juice instead of Sam’s.So Sam put a secret  formula in his apple juice even though he didn’t know what it did.Sam only sold one bottle to one person and it turned him into a giant hand man!And he started destroying the whole city!

Handy Creature

Once upon a time, in a city in New Zealand, there was a place called Monster Museum. The people there kept mythical creatures. Including: a Cyclops, a Centaur, a Pegasus, a Minotaur and many more.

One day, when the workers were out looking for more creatures, they saw a fireball in the sky coming towards them. “What is THAT!” one of the workers said. They all jumped into their cars and drove off.

The next day, the workers went back to visit the site. They were amazed by what they saw. “It’s a hand!” said the same worker. “It looks like Donald Trump,” said another.

To be continued in the next story.


There was one and hand called jerald. How loved to go to the park and one dat he went to the park to go on the swings. But some gansters were smashing up the swings. Jerald was angry so he ran over theand got a stick and smashed them and killed them. He was in the paper and was called a hero now every one in the small town nows him.If you ever see him all was call him a star and then he got in fite with bob and got killed we all love jerald yes yes yes yes.

Umm… am I seeing things…

One day on my daily stroll to the the park I couldn’t help think that something was different, even though I was sure it was the same sort of stroll I had every day. But then I heard it, the chaos that followed, there was a massive hand on top of a building and, then I fainted…………./……………/…………. Sorry about the long pause but I am now in hospital being served for a smashed head! Oh well not every stroll goes well does it? Now I must stop writing because my din-……. I have just finished my dinner now. Bye Bye see you another day.


“Hi I am a hand,who needs a friend,like a hand on your body”.  “Nice to meet you”. ” I am not any hand I am a hand with a mouth and eyes and nose”. “Most humans do NOT know I am real but I am”. “So I guess you could say I am a hand on a mission”. “My mission is to climb up a tower”. He tried to get up the tower many times but just could not get up. Well what do you expect he is a hand. Finally he got up.”victory”. THE END or was it. HA HA

In a different world.

I was once in a town that I don’t know. I was in a alien pod but in a flash of lightning I felt myself falling! I walked about but when I asked people they just ran away screaming!! I kept on walking until I found someone who didn’t run away screaming. “Blubb blop blip?” In your language that means, What country is this? He obviously understood me because he told that it was Eaton Socon.

20 years later. I am still in Eaton Socon but am now standing on top of a big building! I’m staying here.

End of story!

Mr.Hand man who had a plan (poem).

Mr.Hand man who had a plan to take over, but he had a sneeze without a disese but he was still going to do it, he had a grin he was naughty and slim and he was going to go, a bird with a flock and she had a frock and started to attack, he started sobbing without no blobbling with a few scratches on the head, he started to give up and triped up and fell of the building, and now his nail what looks like a snail he started to sob and bleed, he had a blaster without no disaster and was no longer bad again.


One day I was on a piece of paper and I  wanted to get out of it and on the piece of paper I was a hand just a normal hand. And that day my dream came true that night my artist chucked me in the bin and bang I came alive so I climbed out. And ran to a hotel and while I was in the bin I found £50 which was suprising  and I spent it a got a hotel room I was number 325. I woke up on top of a building and there was a crowd under me .

Superhand Saves The Day.

Hi, my name is Kate this is the story how I got saved by a superhero hand. One day, I was walking calmly  down my street and while I was walking down I got attacked by an alien he took me up on the highest building and he said that if I don’t give him my whole purse he would drop me down and would not help me. Loudly, I said  back to  him,” never.”  Then he dropped me down off the highest building but just when I was half way a Superhand flew and caught me and put me down on the ground safely! I said,” thank you very much!”  And then he buzzed off and then I found myself in my bed.

The hand with a face!!!!

one day there was a boy called max. Max  was scared because he slept alone in his bedroom every night he put the light on then slept when he was sleeping he herd bang!!!!!!!! bang!!!!!!!!!! bang!!!!!!!! and a massive hand with a face came out and max screamed!!!!!!!!!!! the hand caught him and took him away and he cooked him then ate him max was never ever seen again.Max’s mum and dad were looking for him for 5 hole years but they never found him so they gave up and moved house to a safe house and said good bye to the old house THE END


Once, I went on a dog walk. The one thing I hated  was going on a walk by myself especially on this dog walk. I SAW THE WORLDS  MASIVE HAND I jumped out of my skin. I didn’t finish the dog walk I ran home and told my told my mum all about it. But my mum did not believe   me so I got in so much trouble. My step dad was the strictest  dad on earth  when he found that I did not walk the dogs had made a mess over the the floor he went ballistic……



On Monday to Sunday, We went camping in a forest and it was really fun. When we arrived  it was about 9:30 in the morning. we were there with Katrina, Natalia and their Dad Steve. My Mum, Dad, Sister (Sienna) and finally my brother (Ben).After Dinner me and Katrina had smores and it was the first time I had one. When we went to bed it was about 9 or 10 in the evening. Then about 30 minutes later we all heard two foxes and calling for each other. In the morning, me and Ben woke up first so I went in his tent. Ben whispered “in the middle of the night a deer or something hit my head”. While I was just sitting there laughing my head of.

The handy man

Once upon a time there was a man that looked like a hand and every one called him the handy man. He was very popular. He couldn’t go to work so he stayed at home and went on walks. Anyone who saw him would roll on the laughing out loud but he didn’t mind because he was used to it. one day he was bored so he just stayed at home but in the end it go sunny and he went out for a walk in the park. The day after he went to a national park and so on.

The Handy Dandy Man

One day there was a boy  called Fred he always dreamed of being a superhero.Fred is aged 7 so he goes to school.At his school it was dress up day , but no ordinary day you had to dress up what you wanted to be when your older.So of course Fred came to school in a hand costume and said he was some kinda superhero.His mum said he could be called the “handy dandy man “. 13 years later …So now Fred is 20 years old  he still wants to be a hero so he put up posters everywhere saying if in need of a hero call the handy dandy man so everyone called him and now he is on tv, you tube and more and he is very popular now .The End

Face on the hand

On top of a building there was a very creepy hand. Litteraly it just sat there all day. It was so creepy my kids wouldn’t even go out of the house. One day I was listening to the news when I heard them say they were gonna get rid of this hand. The thing was only people who went outside at midnight would know this , that every night the hand would disapear into fin air nobody knew what to do. The next day when I went outside the hand wasn’t there. There was a message on my phone from my friend she said the hand was gone ,FOR GOOD!

The Hero Hand

A girl named Melissa Cromer worked for The MMC ( Mysterious, Mythical Creatures). She was the Executive Worker which means she was a high rank in the business. Unfortunately she passed away a few months after the discovery, other workers researched about this creature and found out that it brings bad luck to people who ever see this deadly creature! His name is Hero Hand, but he’s not much of a hero. Well legend has it that this creature is born when someone of a bad life dies. Their spirit is turned into a angry hand ghost that can only be seen by people who it is willing to snack on…

The Creature In your nightmare’s !!!!!!!

One night there was a boy called Thomas, he loved scary stories even if they make him have goosebumps. Thomas was just getting ready for bed, but before he went to bed he got a story it was called ” THE CREATURE IN YOUR NIGHT MARES”, Thomas was not scared at all not even a bit. He opened the book and there was no words, then there was a shadow by the door and then there was a hand standing looking over the bed and then shouted ” I must get home take me home now” Thomas didn’t move at all he said I’m sorry can’t “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH” TO BE CONTINUED                                      

Best Artwork Ever

One day I was out in town and I was looking for a necklace for my friends birthday. First I went into a jewellery shop to see if there was a cute necklace there. There wasn’t. I went to another jewellery shop and another and another until there was only one jewellery shop left. I was about to walk into the shop but I stopped because I saw a statue of a hand but there was a face on the hand. It was really weird. I didn’t wan’t to go over there as it was creeping me out and I was about 68 feet away. I finally got a cute necklace for my friend.