Avengers 2!

One day in the lab there was a drone hovering above me.Then we found out it was a spy.But the problem was we don’t know who it’s from.we found out it was from Ultron. Ruby said”I thought Ultron was dead ”.”No ”said Stark. We got in are armour and went to look for Ultron.As the weather changed Ultron was there Hulk got mad.Thor made a storm and I got people to safety.Then I helped the others.I used my ring to stop him but it didn’t work.So Alane used her moving powers. Then there was a earth  wrumble  but every one was safe.

My party

It my party to day and I am having a horse riding party. When we got there the weather changed we went back home. We had a party in my room. I opened my presents and I got a unicorn light. I put my unicorn on my desk.I got the desk from my mum. The desk is brown and big. My party was so cool the unicorn was from Melena. But Melenas mum said that she can have a sleep over. We had popcorn and we watched a scary movie. We went to sleep but we Hurd a noise sleep.

Part 1 The friendship

It was the first day of school and Amy,Annabelle ,Amlie were going to school on the first day of year 5.DDDDDDDDDDDD Amy fell out of bed .Her arlam clock woke her up.Annabel was having just as a hardtime as Amy was But Amlie wasent Amlie was very exited to go to school DINGALING that was the school belle every one was there expeshly Amy,Annabel,Amlie were there and they all made friends they all liked aurt  and that is the end of the friendship story. The end


The Worst Storm

I was in my house and it was raining suddenly and then there was a zap and a bag. There was lightning everywhere trees were Berninig. I went down stairs and saw my mum and dad watching the news.”everything is burning to peaes. As the wether changed, we got couldn’t and colder I woke up and saw a bright light in my eyes and saw the sun I ran down stairs and saw the sun I realised it was 2 in the morning I went back to sleep and got woken up by my brother he said that it was sunny…


Ten till eleven

tick tock tick tock

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” said my teacher I was doing writing on the hundred word challenge I had to include the words ( as the weather changed, they ) it was possible but not to me!

five till eleven

is break and the teacher will not let me out me and my friend Lola had a ballet show to make up ” hc hc miss it is break” I said ” are you trying to sass me miss grace” said mr Murphy ” no” I said “well you are detention ” mr Murphy said “noooooo” I screamed for about two howl days.