The magic drainpipe

In a town there was a magic drainpipe which would give people things they wanted. For example if you wanted a laptop when you got home you had one. One day a poor boy wanted to have a coin and it came up the drainpipe and every day the boy got a coin for his parents and a coin for himself. after years and years they were rich.  Which was a good thing because they were never really rich, so that was good! They were very happy in the end which was DOUBLE good. But they were always aware of ROBBERS! There’s one!

The drain pipe

The drain pipe is very quiet. Also when it leaks sometimes one of us people can’t hear the leak well I guess one of us can hear the pipe leaking. Drain pipe’s can have a cut on the pipe when it leaks. The drain pipe leaks so quietly at a middle of an night… great is that!

If you are walking in a town hearing a drain pipe leaking, people just ignore it.


My Cat

My cat goes out at in the day but then mummy locks the door at night so how can my cat get back in the house I wonder . Maybe he has super powers and flies to the window and unlocks it or maybe he can walk through walls. He could go down the drain pipe but how could he be so clean when I wake up. I have told my cat a million times “How do you get back in the house ” but he will never tell me he will just “meow”. When I think about it he could just come through the cat flap!

THE DRAINPIPE!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I was sat at home playing on my xbox and I heard some strange noises coming from my drainpipe I thought I could  ignore it for a bit but if it keeps on doing it I will  have to have a look at it.  I was sat there for a while and I could not hear the drainpipe making the noises. So I carried on with my friends. But then it started  to make the same noise. He went over to the drainpipe and sorted it out he looked up the drainpipe and saw a blocked apple THE END


Woke up  don’t know wear I am in a drain don’t know. I get swooshed up what is going on. The next thing I know a hamster is falling down the drain I am not the drain. Then suddenly Im sliding down the drain ”HELP” I called my mum walked in and my dad said ”did you hear that noise” then my mum said ”no probably just my belly stuck in a cold damp drain no food or water no coat no nothing hungry no bed to lie in hard and I really need the toilet nothing to do sleep time.