The magic drainpipe

In a town there was a magic drainpipe which would give people things they wanted. For example if you wanted a laptop when you got home you had one. One day a poor boy wanted to have a coin and it came up the drainpipe and every day the boy got a coin for his parents and a coin for himself. after years and years they were rich.  Which was a good thing because they were never really rich, so that was good! They were very happy in the end which was DOUBLE good. But they were always aware of ROBBERS! There’s one!

The drain pipe

The drain pipe is very quiet. Also when it leaks sometimes one of us people can’t hear the leak well I guess one of us can hear the pipe leaking. Drain pipe’s can have a cut on the pipe when it leaks. The drain pipe leaks so quietly at a middle of an night… great is that!

If you are walking in a town hearing a drain pipe leaking, people just ignore it.


My Cat

My cat goes out at in the day but then mummy locks the door at night so how can my cat get back in the house I wonder . Maybe he has super powers and flies to the window and unlocks it or maybe he can walk through walls. He could go down the drain pipe but how could he be so clean when I wake up. I have told my cat a million times “How do you get back in the house ” but he will never tell me he will just “meow”. When I think about it he could just come through the cat flap!

THE DRAINPIPE!!!!!!!!!!!

One day I was sat at home playing on my xbox and I heard some strange noises coming from my drainpipe I thought I could  ignore it for a bit but if it keeps on doing it I will  have to have a look at it.  I was sat there for a while and I could not hear the drainpipe making the noises. So I carried on with my friends. But then it started  to make the same noise. He went over to the drainpipe and sorted it out he looked up the drainpipe and saw a blocked apple THE END


Woke up  don’t know wear I am in a drain don’t know. I get swooshed up what is going on. The next thing I know a hamster is falling down the drain I am not the drain. Then suddenly Im sliding down the drain ”HELP” I called my mum walked in and my dad said ”did you hear that noise” then my mum said ”no probably just my belly stuck in a cold damp drain no food or water no coat no nothing hungry no bed to lie in hard and I really need the toilet nothing to do sleep time.

The drain pipe

One day there lived  boy called max. Max had  a toy that always came out the drain pipe.Max puts it down the drain pipe then it comes out the drain pipe again it’s very very weird I don’t really like the toy thats why I put it down the drain but it always comes back its very annoying and weird I told my mum about it but she did not believe I told her to watch but there was nothing then when she went back the toy came out of the drain just very very weird then max went to sleep and it was a dream that felt like 2 weeks.





The lost dog happy ending.

One day, Emma and her dog Fluffy were walking in the park, and they were heading  into a play area, there were two other kids in the playground so Emma let her dog off of his leash, and he ran off like a bullet and he chased arfter the two  children, “no Fluffy bad dog,” then fluffy came back whimpering, “sorry fluffy I know it’s hard ,” and the puppie went and jumped over the gait and then the dog got swept from above it was the dog patroll and then Emma started to wave at the helicopter stop thats my dog and she went to the dog patrol station and couldnt find him the shop keeper . to bee continude



as I ternd arownd and it changed shape

The shape wird. I was in the park with my frens when I sor a shape on the grownd. But then it changed shape now I was confused I said to my firens “look at this” they were shoced like me .I ran but were ever I went it followd me I was freeked out now. I hit it with a stone but that did nothing what so ever.I ran home anfd loked myself in my bedroom. But all it did was follow me something came out and It got me be caful it is still out there ready NO.

My learning

At school when we’re learning something I look at the board what is the teacher is talking about and meanwhile I fall asleep….. some people are like me sometimes well I say not really because they concertrate a lot. Some people say that to other kids saying you need education but I got education as well. I do stories nationally Times Tables because Times Tables is a quick way to add up things for an example 7+7 is 14 and 7×2 is 14 that’s very super easy!!!!!!

Never ever be like me…… because you won’t know what your doing!

THE SCARY MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One day there was a movie called red raker which was released and it became the number one scariest movie in the world.One day two brave boys decided to watch it but it didn’t work they fell asleep and had a horrible nightmare about it.The movie was about a person who wandered round the street and broke your door and stole everything in your house.Their nightmare was about the man came into their house but it wasn’t a dream it came down the drainpipe it went in my room and hid under the bed because the police came to catch him.They finally got him and put him in prison for seven-teen years…



One day, I went swimming with my sister Sienna, my brother Ben and my mum.When we got in the pool my brother said,” do you want to go on the water slide”. We both said “yes”.
So me Ben and Sienna went on the water slide in a chain and it was really fun and Sienna was at the back of the chain and Ben was at the front of the chain so I was in the
middle. Then we all jumped in as far as posible.

A Octopus In My Bath!!!

I was walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth and when I walked in I saw a big purple with pink spots octopus!!! I couldn’t  even believe my eyes. It was moving, jiggling,swimming and worst of all it was splashing all over the floor, I asked if he wanted to be friends with me he said”blhs that means yes.”   I swam with the octopus it was very weird and then it was the end of the day.


Dear Diary Friday 13th…

This week all I have been thinking about was that strange noise that comes from the drainpipe outside my bedroom walls, it has been bothering me all night. I have told my little sister who sleeps in the same room as me, she said she hasn’t heard it, but she sleeps right next to the window! I’m so restless because of it. My Mum says it’s just the wind… it’s Summer in Spain! We hardly get wind here anymore! Keep it together Vivian, it will be ok… IT WILL NOT BE OK! We are all going to die, i’m not going to get my PS4 and I won’t get my IPhone X! Ok, ok I know what your thinking, it’s not a big deal, but still it is kind of creepy, nothing can fit through it? It’s like two centimetres wide! Huh, what was that it sounded like a window opening. I’ll check my window, it shouldn’t be open, I locked it like five minutes ago? Let’s see… oh no, the window is open! Oh gosh another noise, it sounded like it came down the drainpipe. I’m going to go outside to check. Right, i’m opening the door…

Drain Monster

One day lived a monster and it was a drain monster anything that was litter and fell down the drain  he would eat it. One day he saw someone drop a can and wanted it but it didn’t come to him it went down the drain pipe  it never came to him it aways went down the drain pipe. One day he thought he would come out into the human world when it was raining a all the rain came into the drain he thought that was a shower but it did wash him of and he was now a human.

The lost airolane

One sunny day there was a family who decided to have a race. They each made a paper airoplane and called it there own name. The youngest called his Harry Hippo, the second youngest called her’s Magestic Mermaids, the dad called his Chicken Nuggets and the mum called her’s chips and fish. They all threw them out of the upstairs window and ran downstairs to find out which one went the furthest. Harry Hippo won but they couldn’t find Magestic Mermaids. “It went down the drain.” The youngest said.

They found the airoplane and it had gone down the drain.

The Lost Toy

Once upon a house, there was a little girl testing out her new toy. She went to school with her toy. Her toy was a little elephant. The girl loved it very much. At break time the little girl was playing fly teddy. She was playing by the year 2 canopy. The little girl threw her teddy but it went to high and landed on top. But before she got a teacher the toy came down the drainpipe. The girl moved away from the canopy and played a different game with her toy. It was a game called spin.

The Weird Drain Pipe

It was a normal day, there was a lady called Ant, Ant called her husband because the drain pipe was being unsure, because there were sounds coming the pipe

It was a few hours later, and the drain pipe had stopped….. For a second it was no use because now there were chickens coming out of the drain pipe, it was weird because now a cow came out of the drain pipe.

Ant just said to her husband was ” there all coming out of the drain pipe”, “What” said her husband animals there coming out of the drain pip HELP.


The lost watch

One day there was a girl called Alexa and she had a very smart watch. Alexa was walking in the park and she accidently tripped over the drain and her watch fell down the drainpipe so Alexa remembered that she had a shrinking poison so she drank it and she shrunk. So she went down into the drain and the watch slowly came down the drain pipe.So Alexa finally caught it and she then climbed up the pipe with the watch and drank another poison  witch was normal size and then she became normal again that is the story of the watch .