Heoric Herobrine

One peaceful minecraft morning,  the evil Heorobrine  was looking at his prisoners laughing a grim laugh on CCTV of one of the worlds he saw his old best friend in trouble, oh no he is about to lose all his precious stuff  I must help him because he was my friend. So he got into his teleporter and got to him, he summoned his wither army to attack the players that was attacking his friend. Thanks Herobrine exclaimed his friend any tine mate replied Heorobrine would you want to come to mine said his friend yeah Heorobrine replied. Soon after, Heorobrine went back to his evil castle  well that is enough goodie doing for today and Heorobrine went to sleep .

The End.

The tree that droped sweets

One day there was a boy called jack and jack was an adventerous  boy who liked exploring stuff.So one day he went hunting in the forest it was a forest that nowone knew about.He came to this waterfall and when he got to the waterfall he saw a tree and it wasen’t any old tree it was a tree full of sweets.He ran to the tree a picked loads of sweets and when you pick a sweet it grows back.He ran back to his house and told his mum so his mum came with him they were running as fast as they could they got to the tree and couldn’t stop eating sweets.



The mysterious light bulb

One day I was having a stroll as my usual self and I came across this weird light bulb,I’ve already seen it though because it’s been sitting there for months,there was suitcases next to it as well,I still remember when they weren’t there but why is it on this dirty,giant path… Well i better just walk past it. “Hmm hmm him hm hmm” I hummed. SUDDENLY OUT OF NO WERE THE LIGHT BULB ALMOST CRASHED ON ME!!! “Why on earth would that happen NOW!” I shouted. But this mysterious jewellery burst out of it weird huh? It also tumbled the suitcases on to each other… also weird huh? I just stood there… I just stared at the broken top… But who what’d shove a bunch of jewellery in a light bulb what would fall over now? what could I do about this? WHAT WILL HE DO NOW? WHAT WILL HE DO TO FIX THIS? FIND OUT IN PART 2!!!!!!!!

Ant man and the tasty light bulb colours.

One day there was a boy how lived in a light bulb,he had 12 sisters and 6 brothers his mum and dad kept on saying ‘NO’ to going out to the fist class light dance up in the key room, his oldest sister said ‘haha your not older to go hahahahahahah’.That night he saw something in side the key room, he saw  a man  with orange hair, black suit and a pair of roller skates. Anti was huffing and buffing to get down there to stop him then something smashed Anti looked behind him there was a round of colours. He got a bag and licked one and then said’  these are tasty lets bring them home to eat’. THE END

!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sword of Doom 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

These words are the rest of Zoomy’s Misogynistic Quest to find the sword of doom. Zoomy looked at the map and noticed that the map had a smashed light bulb and slime  coming out of it but then the light bulb fell on top of him but the slime made him stick to the ground and suddenly the sword of doom fell into his hands he made the slime set on fire but then it rained all day   Zoomy said I I I I I can’t believe it I holding the sword of doom yeah woooooo! Awesome amazing but I don’t know what to do with it.