Heoric Herobrine

One peaceful minecraft morning,  the evil Heorobrine  was looking at his prisoners laughing a grim laugh on CCTV of one of the worlds he saw his old best friend in trouble, oh no he is about to lose all his precious stuff  I must help him because he was my friend. So he got into his teleporter and got to him, he summoned his wither army to attack the players that was attacking his friend. Thanks Herobrine exclaimed his friend any tine mate replied Heorobrine would you want to come to mine said his friend yeah Heorobrine replied. Soon after, Heorobrine went back to his evil castle  well that is enough goodie doing for today and Heorobrine went to sleep .

The End.

The tree that droped sweets

One day there was a boy called jack and jack was an adventerous  boy who liked exploring stuff.So one day he went hunting in the forest it was a forest that nowone knew about.He came to this waterfall and when he got to the waterfall he saw a tree and it wasen’t any old tree it was a tree full of sweets.He ran to the tree a picked loads of sweets and when you pick a sweet it grows back.He ran back to his house and told his mum so his mum came with him they were running as fast as they could they got to the tree and couldn’t stop eating sweets.



The mysterious light bulb

One day I was having a stroll as my usual self and I came across this weird light bulb,I’ve already seen it though because it’s been sitting there for months,there was suitcases next to it as well,I still remember when they weren’t there but why is it on this dirty,giant path… Well i better just walk past it. “Hmm hmm him hm hmm” I hummed. SUDDENLY OUT OF NO WERE THE LIGHT BULB ALMOST CRASHED ON ME!!! “Why on earth would that happen NOW!” I shouted. But this mysterious jewellery burst out of it weird huh? It also tumbled the suitcases on to each other… also weird huh? I just stood there… I just stared at the broken top… But who what’d shove a bunch of jewellery in a light bulb what would fall over now? what could I do about this? WHAT WILL HE DO NOW? WHAT WILL HE DO TO FIX THIS? FIND OUT IN PART 2!!!!!!!!

Ant man and the tasty light bulb colours.

One day there was a boy how lived in a light bulb,he had 12 sisters and 6 brothers his mum and dad kept on saying ‘NO’ to going out to the fist class light dance up in the key room, his oldest sister said ‘haha your not older to go hahahahahahah’.That night he saw something in side the key room, he saw  a man  with orange hair, black suit and a pair of roller skates. Anti was huffing and buffing to get down there to stop him then something smashed Anti looked behind him there was a round of colours. He got a bag and licked one and then said’  these are tasty lets bring them home to eat’. THE END

!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sword of Doom 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

These words are the rest of Zoomy’s Misogynistic Quest to find the sword of doom. Zoomy looked at the map and noticed that the map had a smashed light bulb and slime  coming out of it but then the light bulb fell on top of him but the slime made him stick to the ground and suddenly the sword of doom fell into his hands he made the slime set on fire but then it rained all day   Zoomy said I I I I I can’t believe it I holding the sword of doom yeah woooooo! Awesome amazing but I don’t know what to do with it.

The Broken Lightbulb

One upon a time there was a broken lightbulb. There was a total mess everywhere, and there was one teeny weeny man trying to clean up the mess. Everyone laughed at him and said “you are not good enough to clean up that mess! ha ha ha!” but he was determined to  do the animals some good, even though they were being so nasty. So he carried on night and day and soon enough he had finished!!! Then the animals cheered and whooped until 24:00 midnight! The animals finally settled down and went to sleep, but the man never went to sleep.

The Light Bulb Mystery

I went to a park one day, when I saw a broken light bulb on the floor. I decided to investigate. So I looked on the floor, I saw a leakage of colourful beads. Inside the river of beads was a small man with white clothing. He was calling,”Help oh help!” So I bent down closer. I answered back,”Are you ok?” He said,”I’m ok it’s just that my house smashed and !” I had a look at some of the colours. There were the colours: yellow, dark green, light green,  dark pink, light pink, blue and white. “I’ll fix it, don’t worry.”

Sweet bulb

On day their lived a boy called Jeff.He was in town one day and saw a trail of sweets and glass.I asked a lot of people but eavry on said that there won no sweets and glass on the floor and then they said I was crazy.so I followed the sweets and glass an then more sweets and more glass maybe the giant from jack and the been stork dropped something that is huge.I see something that I have never seen before the worlds biggest SWEET BULB I could eat it all but I might not be able to walk back. I will tell the police.

The End


The Magic Lightbulb

One day I was strolling along the pavement when i saw a tiny lightbulb I went over to it and It had something in it,something red.I moved closer but not to close!Something was moving in inside of it. I took the last step closer  I would take and all of a sudden I was shrinking after a while I still carried on shrinking and finally reached the size of the lightbulb and then loads of little multicoloured peices started bulging out of it  I climbed into the smashed glass lightbulb and surprisingly started zooming through the sky.I found myself on a convayer belt in a lightbulb factory.I finally found my way home.I took my lightbulbs down and used candles instead.’Boy,im never going near a light bulb again!’

The broken lightbulbI

Once upon a time there was a old,rubbery lightbulb . That day it was a dark muggy night so I had to turn on the the light when I turned it on it made a creepy nose but I didn’t mind. But just that moment, I heard a bang so I rusted upstairs and I saw the light bulb had smashed.So then I rang my mum and she said clean it up and I thought she can’t simple expect me to clean it up.I forgot to tell her that that the mess were like sweets like pink, green and purple but she didn’t believe me.so then I sent her a picture and she said it was fake so then luckily my mum was home. And so then she cleaned it up as if there was no big deal but inside there was a big deal.



Sweets explosion

In a small village were small people lived.There was a big light bulb filled with sweets. That was the food saver for little people.The next day two men wanted to build another one next to the first one. But when they were building it they accidentally knocked it over and all the candy/sweets came out  TO BE CONTINEUED…

The Land of Sweets

Crash the light fell on the floor and smashed. Suddenly rainbow coloured sweets came flying out of the light bulb.At that moment I felt myself shrinking down. I looked round to find i was the hight of a hamster. At first I thought the light had grown but than I realised it was me. I started to pick up some sweets. I felt like I was in the land of sweets.Well I was. There was bubblegum , lollipops ,ice cream, candy floss, and strawberry laces.I had some gum drops and brain lickers  and all kind of over sweets. Now this is my home because of that light bulb.

The satisfying light bulb

one day a massive light bulb crashed on the floor and glass went everywhere, tiny little colourful beads rolled allover the floor.Suddenly a tiny little person stood up on the floor. he was covered in dust I picked him up and he felt as light as a feather.I brushed my hand against him  to get all the dust of him. He turned and pointed to a small suit case.I picked                                               the suit case up and put it on my hand it felt quite heavy for just a very small case I wondered if there would be something scary or not.

The Light Bulb Accident

Hi there everyone I am a tiny doll and I live in a light bulb.My job in the light bulb is to turn it on and off every time my owner wants me to.So one day my owner was carrying me to her school for a science project and she put me down on her desk her hard,brown desk but she put me down on the side near the mean girl.So after,what seamed like a lot of boring stuff to me, my owner took me outside into the playground for the science project and put me down on the black and yellow brick wall that she always puts me on but I slipped of and the light that I was in smashed into tiny pieces and all of the things fell out!


The Candy Filled Lightbulb!

I was just being me until I saw a giant lightbulb! It was strange because I had never seen the light in my house before. It was full of rainbow coloured… Candy! I went to touch it (for some reason)! I touched it and it moved a bit then I saw it drop a tiny bit. It was strange at first until it fell to the ground. It smashed throwing the candy everywhere I dropped my suitcase in shock. I stood there then I walked forward making all the sweets crumble into crumbs of candy! Then I stood there staring at the lightbulb.
The End!

The rolling fire ball

Once upon a time there was a boy named Tom. One day he heard about an enchanted sword made of blue diamond. He thought that when he would be older he would help protect, guard and study it for more information. So when he was older that is what he did the sword looked very small. One night on the news he heard that the sword had been stolen. The day after he heard on the radio that the person who had stole the sword had been caught and that the sword had been destroyed because it was to valuable and powerful. So he got a new job.

Magical beads (2)

The Police were still trying to work out what happened with the glass turning into the colourful beads after 20minutes at Sam’s house. They thought that there were beads already inside the light and someone made them invisible with a magic potion that’s they had made themselves. After 2hours the police finally worked out what had happened. The police said that it was a naughty boy called Calvin who broke out of jail a week ago. Calvin loved to make potions so he could of put a spell on the beads to make them invisible. A couple of minutes later the police saw a boy running down the road and it was Calvin. The police ran outside and caught him. They made him say sorry to Sam and his mum before taking him back to jail.

Magical beads

Once upon a time there lived a little boy named Sam, and he loved to play ninja fights. One morning Sam was playing ninja fights in the kitchen. He did a leg kick pretending to kick a bad guy but he accidentally hit the light on the ceiling instead. There was a loud crack and the light fell down onto the floor and smashed into pieces. Sam’s mum came running into the kitchen and saw the smashed light lying on the floor and instead of seeing glass she saw yellow, blue, green and pink beads. She called the police and they were at the house in seconds. They came into the kitchen and they were also shocked.

The day my house was broke into

On a normal evening a round the time 7:49 i decided to take my dog fluffy on a walk . So off we went round the block it was getting pretty late so i thought i’m  off home for bed……The next day at 7:01am i woke up in shock!i could not find my dog round the house my doors were open and so was my windows i was so scared so i called the police they said they will be here soon and i called my family to tell them the shocking news too.Around an 1hr later finally the police arrived .They searched around the house for any such evidence and they could not find any. One month later ….. the police arrived at my front door i forgot about it then at the time and they gave me my dog fluffy and the robber is now in jail.

The end

The Magic Lightbulb

There was a lightbulb once what hang in a huge giants house . What the giants did not know was there was a little man in there house same as all other giants houses . The little man controlled all the electricity . The man was once on top of the light bulb and it smashed ! Inside the light bulb was flowers lots of them . Some were blue, green and yellow and lots of other colours . There was suitcases in it to. In the suit cases there was jewels millions . There was a mess what would the giants say .He had to clean it up before the giants got back !!!!!