Sweet bulb

Once upon a time there was a little person called Bob.He lived in a light bulb with his sister  2 brothers mum and dad.One day something horrible happened. The people that lived in the house not the people that lived in the light bulb.One day they had to change the light bulb when they were changing the light bulb it smashed.Bob was so scared he didn’t know what to do.He screamed that he didn’t want to die so he got his suitcase just in case and packed everything.He was the only one who survived the fall.So he had to live with his rich, posh cousins.

The smashed light bulb

Smash the light bulb fell to the floor.Andrew went to look at the broken light bulb that he fixed 100 times.But this time he noticed something different about the smashed light bulb. Scattered all around the light bulb where some little stones all different colours there were some blue ones pink ones and some green ones.Andrew wondered how they got in there so he went to his work shop and started looking into it then he found some think on line about little stones forming in light bulbs and when they get to heavy for the light bulb it will fall.

The light bulb

in my garage I saw a light bulb that my grandad gave me when I was 21 years old.One day later I put the light bulb in a bucket.In the night I herd a SMASH it woke me up but I didn’t go down steps I went back to bed.When I went down stears I saw broken glass every wear then I saw my light bulb one the floor along with green, pink, blue and yellow.A tiny man wearing  a wight shot he was tiny he was holding a sewtcase I was crying my head of I drove to my grandad and said my light bulb Is broken


The lost Labrador Puppy

Once upon a time there was a cute little lost Labrador in a school field it was scared and lonely.Ella,Maria and Jamie who are best friends they walked up to the field and saw this cute Labrador puppy Ella said “Oh my dear lord theres a cute Labrador puppy”. Maria said “Oh well we need to look after that puppy its too cute”. Ella and Jamie agreed so they went to lunch and came back to the field and played with the puppy the puppy was so much happy and ever after but, they have to go in to class because it was the hole school assembly and there was an visitor called Miss Anderson she was talking about learning at school when you need help.Until it was the end of the day Ella took the puppy home and named it buddy. When it was bedtime Ella took buddy to bed and buddy licked Ella’s face and Ella laughed “Yes goodnight love you too”. The End.

The light bulb that broke!

Once there was a gigantic  light bulb that fell from the sky and struck earth in the middle of the night. It woke every one up some people even screamed. It made a big SMASH! Only one person the smallest person in town was so brave he went to see what it was. He found out that it was a Gigantic Light Bulb. He didn’t know what to do because there was glass every where and for some reason there were lots of sweets as well. So he helped himself to the sweets and being careful of the glass.

The End

the mistery light bulb

Once upon a time there was a smashed light bulb that was smashed all over the floor peices went every where but they wernt just normall coulers they where yellow,red,geen and a little person came out of it and i piked him up and he was as light as a ballon.He diddnt know where he was so he asked me where he was so I answerd him and I said you where at someones home.He asked how do I get back? he said i dont know but cums to think of it where do you live? I yuesed to live in that light bulb well any whey you can live whith me THE END!


the light bulb

Once there was a light bulb and it was cracked and broken stuff came out of it. The couler of the things were yellow blue and red a little girl was standing by the lamps crack the lamp had a branck sticking out of the .

Lamp was shiny and cracky

it felt lick a cracked screen on a phone the lamp bulb was smashed and dented and scrached

  1. no one noticed it on the the bulb stayed there for hours and hours and hours and hours but still knowone noticed the . bulb for days it was broken and scatched the The End .

Light bulb catastrophic

Once upon a time a time there was a young man named Freddie he lived by the sea and often he would walk along the sand .One day Freddie was walking along the shore when he saw something huge in the distance.He got so close that he could just make out a light bulb.It was a broken light bulb with objects scattered around it.”Oh no” he said this is going to take ages to clear up.Freddie told the council and after a week everyone in the town was helping to clean up.Finally it was clean and the town was left never to be harmed again.