the mistery light bulb

Once upon a time there was a smashed light bulb that was smashed all over the floor peices went every where but they wernt just normall coulers they where yellow,red,geen and a little person came out of it and i piked him up and he was as light as a ballon.He diddnt know where he was so he asked me where he was so I answerd him and I said you where at someones home.He asked how do I get back? he said i dont know but cums to think of it where do you live? I yuesed to live in that light bulb well any whey you can live whith me THE END!


the light bulb

Once there was a light bulb and it was cracked and broken stuff came out of it. The couler of the things were yellow blue and red a little girl was standing by the lamps crack the lamp had a branck sticking out of the .

Lamp was shiny and cracky

it felt lick a cracked screen on a phone the lamp bulb was smashed and dented and scrached

  1. no one noticed it on the the bulb stayed there for hours and hours and hours and hours but still knowone noticed the . bulb for days it was broken and scatched the The End .

Light bulb catastrophic

Once upon a time a time there was a young man named Freddie he lived by the sea and often he would walk along the sand .One day Freddie was walking along the shore when he saw something huge in the distance.He got so close that he could just make out a light bulb.It was a broken light bulb with objects scattered around it.”Oh no” he said this is going to take ages to clear up.Freddie told the council and after a week everyone in the town was helping to clean up.Finally it was clean and the town was left never to be harmed again.