Miss Smith

The yellow hot sun shone down on the classroom as Sam gingerly sat down the lime green chairs the school day was about to start.As Miss Smith entered the room it was silent.Miss Smith is the strictest teacher you can ever imagine.With her old wrinkly face and long nose she can give anyone nightmares.However,she can be nice sometimes well never.Me and my friends call her loads of names like:Wrinkly Woman,Big Bully

The ginger cat

Amy was sleeping until she heard a loud clatter. what was that she thought.But however she realised that it was her cat ginger.she was on the window sill out side.Amys cat ginger was so cute.when Amy went to school she was always very shie.she put her hand up gingerly.But nothing came out of her mouth.So she ran home in the hot yellow sun.As she was running home she discovered a remarkable ginger thing in the hedge It was ginger.Oh ginger what a funny cat.