The Faboulas race!

I was sitting on the sofa with my friend Jack playing Poke’mon on our ?,suddenly a ✉️ came through the letter box,so I opened it and inside was a? as we opened it we saw a commpation it was a running  commpation, the more we read it the more exited we got, it said that ✌?people could goin one person has to help the other person do the race and the other person has to give the running person water. Then I said ” I’ll do the race and you help me and cheer me on ok.” “Ok” said Jack so I packed a : water bottle and a flannel.Then I got dressed in my ?top and off we went, we had to do 20 laps around the court. So I unpacked everything and got ready to ??‍♀️, then off we went, in the last round me and Jack won I stood on first place and got my ?,me and Jack where so happy to win.

It’s The Final Countdown

In joe’s room he is singing…
it’s the final countdown dananan it the final uh ohh ” i was not singing. ”
” right we better get over to the howler throw .Mum before these people do because i want to sing in the car .” cried Joe
” ok then my lovely “Joe’s mum shouted up the stairs

In the car…
let it go let it go cant hold it back any more wait what “STOP FILMING MY DAY” said Joe

At the park…
Joe is taking his first shot he got the best shot with 1 meter and 6 inches
the next throw is tomorrow


Baby sitting my little sister Gracie!

One summers morning my little sister Grace and I went to Wet and Wild it was CRAZY. It was very slippery (wowwow). Gracie and I went down the highest slide (AHAHAH) I screamed.The slide was as fun as Christmas and birthdays put together.We went to our seats and I got Gracie’s sun Glasses and inflatible Tiger.We had a race that is why I am always last I don’t pay atention. After that we played with our American girl dolls they were in there swimming suits. They also had a bottle of sun cream.We went of to have a water fight.

Sports Day

Today is sports day,and I am running in the school race and competing in the school challenges.Last year I was really bad at all of the challenges. I felt really sad when I didn’t win anything.So this year I am really going to try to win at least one race.As I go to the cari found a bottle full of glitter so I took it and brought it into the car with me.When we got there I put some on my hand.I did try hard in the race but I still didn’t win any.I think it was the glitter . …So that is   why I am always last…

The Girl Who Was Allways Last

I dont now why l am allways last in sports. I sometimes think it is a bit anoying. I know I am better at art then sports. I am not good at any ball games or running games and I dont like sports day. But I have won a art competion before. I dont know why some people make fun on me in sports but if they do I do it back to them in art.