The worst life

The worst life every because it’s sports day and it’s like we have the same boring thing every day. I never win because someone has tripped me up when I’m winning every time on the other side of the cross country where there is no one that can see them did it to me so that is why I am always last to finish it’s not so bad because my friends always helps me up and get’s me to the finish line and I get my favourite diner because my dad and mum knows what happened.



Hi I’m  going to tell you about my day . So I am going to start dy telling you about me being sponsored I only resently discovered there was a sposership competition to get so I’m going to enter just for the banter and if I do get sposered it will be by Apex? .  They are the best scooter make . So 10days later I am at the competition last time I hurt my leg so that’s why I was always last now it’s better so I am good agian so I go first and I do a double flear and then I win

Do not let the cat in the house

I am going on holiday so do not let the cat in. The cat sead”can I come in he sead I’ll de certhel and I won’t scratch the fearnicher. The dog sead no. The cat sead I neaver get to come in the house. The dog sead nooo the cat sead LET ME IN THE HOUSE. Dog   sead I will chace you if you do not go a way” the cat went crazy.” The cat sead I sea let me in the house I’ll only sleep I am all always last in races” he came back from holiday he sead did you let him in?

I am last

Have you ever been last?.Maby you have been last on races day.But your friend always wins.Your  in a condo and you are trying your best insted you look at your friend and you become so jealous that you fall in. the Race For Life you chos to walk and your friend choos to run and when you get to the finish you see your friend had beet you.When you take your reading test you get 70 and your friend gets 100.Some point when you are a grown up you will look back and think “My friend did better than me”.


Sports day race!!

Today  was the day of the big sports day race, I was petrified because I am always last. Before the race I was really thirsty so I went in the school to get a drink. The more I drank, the more time passed. When I came out again the race had started and I was behind. I started running and running until I thought so that is why I am always last. I was panting wheezing and gasping for breath at the end but of course I still came last. It was so embarrassing everyone was laughing louldly at me.