Today is sports day!

Today is sports day, and we were all in our P.E kits and ready to begin the activities. First, it was running we all got into place and ready. I was sprinting and on the second lap I needed to get my breath and I came last place. I went inside and got of my P.E kit my mum picked me up and I thought to myself. I come last because I am sprinting when I am surpossed to jog first so that is why I am always last. It has been a busy day so I went to bed.

The Day I Finally came First

Hi, I’m writing about a beautiful, slim fourteen year old girl who surprisingly became extremely famous for long distance running but she always came last in sprinting because she can easily loose her breathe and start panting furiously. When she was about to run a sprint race she suddenly felt extremely nervous. At the end of the race she had came first she told her prefessional coach that it was her nerves that ws stopping her all along. A week after that she competed  in the Olympics in both sprint and long distance. “So that’s why I am always last!

My adventure

Hi I’m sapphire my besties are Roxy and Tianne  we have amazing adventures together. Most of the time I play with the boys and we play cross my river. Now I will tell you about my adventure back in time! I was up the brooke with my friends and the boys. Roxy and Tianne were watching us play when we all heard an ear piercing squeal we all went to where the squeal was coming from. It was a small blue and purple time machine, I opened the squeaky door. I was scared so that is why I’m always last.