The secret dimention

One strange, gloomy night I went to get my pyjamas out of my wardrobe. Suddenly Boom ,Crash ,Thump I fell in my wardrobe and it was deep.The deeper I fel,the more I screamed. “Where am I?”I said.I hated it down there (Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh).I had my camera    with me and I took loads of photos.I carried on walking to find a door .

My kittens and puppies

We were celebrating my birthday once  again.But this time I was only getting 2 presents this time.OMG she is so cute.Is she really mine.I couldn’t believe that I got my first baby Kitten from my Mum.She was a light ginger colour and she had darker ginger strips on her body.Also from my Dad I got a puppy.My puppy is light brow.Also the puppy had darker strips on its body as well.”Oh there butifull I said as I cry with happy tears.”I will name the kitten Twinkle and I will name the puppy  Isla.Best birthday in the world.

.Best birthday have had.

The day when I was worried .

One day when I came out of school I could not see my mummy I was really worried about her a lot I thought she would not be picking me up so then I went back to my classroom and said to my teacher that my mummy was not they and i also said and I waited then when I came out side she was they waiting for me I missed her. The next day we went to school and she was they she was talking yo her friend how lives near us her daughter plays with me and she has a dog and so do I will I do because I have 3 cats then I have 2 dogs I love them because the girls really like playing with me because when I get home they also wants me to throw the ball. The next day on sautday we still went out and when we got home my hole family was they even my friends dog and even my 2 dogs

Monster called darkness

 One day a evil dark nes came from the ground evil and every body was worried and some one got a camera and took a photo but that made the monster mad and the monster ate him then the monster stole his beautiful brown coat the after that he ran to a moatobike and turned the hand all hard and the moatobike turned into a gost moatobike and turned it on fire and turned a chain on fire. Then drove of breaking every house with his chain. Ps you might know what’s this is from its from gost rider and it’s a new version the end 👿

The Greatest Day Ever!

One day I was with Jack walking down the street on our phones again,playing Pokemon and I just got Picatoo and DDena then my phone and Jack’s phone ran out of battery then we looked around and saw Wood Green so we went in and 👀around and saw some 🐶 then we continued and saw some 🐒some we thought, and got a PUPPY 💖😃.

Then we went to Pets at Home and got the puppy a collar and called the puppy Princess then we got her some doggy food and a leash then took her home and had the best time ever. Then Princess had a baby and called it Guppy.