My sister Harriet

In the beautiful woods there was a girl called Harriet. Well she was my sister. She has seen a cute brown lion. She won’t live with out her hard box. My sister has never been worried. She is the best sister. When we don’t have food she would hunt for food. She’s got the best camera in the world. Have you ever seen a bear? My sister has and I was with her. We have a dog who to stays with us. The dogs name is chocolate she is 8 months old she’s so cute.

The very hard exam

Hi I am Cora and today I am having my piano exam I have to learn three pieces and lots of scales ( they are as hard as running a marrothen you know.) I am really worried and I really hope I pass, some people get filmed on a camera when they play.  There is also some beautiful flowers in the room. Have you ever seen a brown flower? It is time to go to my exam now  I am going to try my best and if I do pass I am aloud a big treat. Let’s go see what happens …