Mrs Red Legs

It all began on a hot summers day when me and my friends(Bob and Eric) were having a little stroll through the woods. We started to hear some strange noises and started to get worried.Now we were being chased by wolves, we thought there was no escape until we came a cross a weird wooden structure. Suddenly the legs of the structure were pushing the wolves back and protecting us. A few moments later the wolves ran back to there home.Now it seemed that the structure was talking to us,It said are you alright and my name is Mrs Red Legs, whats your names? From that day on we were best mates even Bob and Eric were friends with her!

The Haunted Tree!

Oh my gosh! What is that!?! Oh sorry I forgot that I was writing a public book! I guess I will have to write about this then….! It is Friday and I am walking home from the Co-Op. I just saw the creepiest thing…. it was a tree…… with legs!! A normal, boring tree with long, red, robotic legs!! OH WOW!! I know I shouldn’t but I just had to do what I am thinking, I ran up and now am touching it!!! AAAAAAHHHHH those legs just…. moved! Wait I was wrong the tree has no legs. Body-less robotic legs!!!


Hi I’m called Shy, and just so you know i’m a boy, I’ve been looking into trees and let me tell you what happened on Monday. One day there was a tree, Shy was in the wood as he took his map out there were massive, long, legs sticking out. I wasn’t scared because I knew they were metal, but they weren’t, one of the legs moved as I looked closer it was like it a ever lasting giant, until I knew it was my brother playing a game.

“GET DOWN”, now I said he came down slowly,

“AHHHHHHHHHH ” My brother said

“Its moving” He said again.

Now here i am in hospital.


The Walking Tree

Once there was a tree it was a magic tree at night it would walk out and find some one to play with    one night he found a girl called Bella they played with each other every night they would play tag the legs would usauly  it because the girl was pretty fast and one day she went missing they went to play hide and seek she was no were to be seen then it cam to morning time there she was in here room playing fortnight on her ps4 she had won the game so she fond the win to be continued…

The Half Walking Tree

I was scared I was being chased by something. I didn’t realise what it was until i turned round ran up a tree.The thing that was chasing me looked like a half walking tree.  I ran all the way home to het my 25 year old brother and my 17 year old sister i was only 8 then.  We went back and saw footprints in the snow it led to a little cottage it  was amazing , fantastic and gigantic it was a massive gingerbread house it was a sunny but snowy. I was walking  until i heard john shout look at this thing it was it the half walking tree.

The End

The Tree That Had Legs

I was walking in the woods one day and I saw a tall tree with a pair of legs. I turned around and when I looked back it was gone I couldn’t see it anywhere. Walking quicker I looked out for the tall tree with legs and found it once again. When I got closer I saw it had a face it told me not to be scared but i really was. I asked the tree what its name was the tree said he was called Joe. After that me and Joe where best friends I planted him in our garden and put him near our beautiful pink flowers. He looked very happy their but I wonder why he has leg?

The Weird Stickman

In the woods lived a tree called Yahoo. He is very shy, he was the tallest tree in his town. The family was a family of four had a big house because his sister said she needs a bigger room than her brother so they are both are very mad at each other because their rooms are next door to each other and you could hear everything in her room . Also in her room it smells of her brown dirty socks mixed with horrible tuna. His room was better it smells of strawberries. The sister had a  weird name: Surgelina

The tree with two legs

Me and my friends were walking in the park on a nice sunny day and spotted the new statue everyone has been talking about.But it was quite a wierd statue it was two giant feet.We though it would be much cooler than that.There were so many trees around us like we were lost.Until my dog came running to us so we just followed him out.I wonder if the statue made us lost maybe?.

Trees From The Grave

During the 19th century people had myths about walking trees! Nobody was scared at first until they started to pop up everywhere…

My name is Detective Scrawl, chief Animal Cruelty officer. Me and my crew have searching the hills and seas for this rare specimen, now we are here to document our discovery! This rare creature is worth millions, millions! There are many different species of this ‘animal’ already. It has many names such as: Walking Trees, Giant Legs, Tree Giants or Tree Monsters. They are multiplying by the minute. They are getting out of control. “I can’t breathe…. AAHH!”.

The Tree With Legs

One lunchtime me and my family went out to the park for a picnic but before we had lunch mum and dad both said that I can go and have a play in the forest. As soon as I entered I saw something that looked like a tree on legs so I got a bit closer to the tree on legs. At first I thought to myself imagin if the tree can talk. I said to the tree can” you talk” so I said to him can you talk he replied saying yes I can talk said the walking talking tree so I said can we be friends then.




tree with legs!!!!!!!!

There was once a very strong  man he was called man he did not have a family or a home he was wild he had never seen his parents and he lived in a tree with legs. The tree used to be his brother but a wizard turned into a tree with two big legs and a tree growing up between his legs. One day man was doing his morning routine when he saw the wizard. He ran but he could still see the wizard the wizard said booom and man turned into a tree with long legs no how.

Run away

I was scared, so I decided to run away. I  mean ‘THE TREE HAD LEGGS’! What else was I supposed  to do  ,stand there and start a full- on conversation? Suddenly I heard a loud boomy voice . I lay on the floor scared for my life. The ground was damp and muddy . The tree lifted his foot up . I  was about to die in ‘THREE Two o…..’. The tree started to fall back ,which gave me like 2 seconds to escape as the back of the tree caught him . I ran and hid in a willow tree. The branches of the willow tree were  covering me so he couldn’t get me!


Once upon a ti-“, “BORING!”  “Once there was a tree, but not just any old tree, it had legs!! Those legs seemed to be made out of metal! Which was definitely unusual for a tree, anyway, it seemed to be lonely and miserable and I wanted to help him out. So I started climbing on to his legs and tried to scramble up his trunk, but it was no use. He didn’t move, then it dawned on me, I was being really dumb, it wasn’t real, it was just architecture, ARRGGHH!! I screamed, but then I thought ‘Oh well, ok,’ and walked off.

The forest giant

This morning I was woken up by some loud footsteps outside of my house.I quickly got some clothes on to see what it was.But when I got out outside there was nothing I was about to go inside when I heard the noise again I thought something was very suspicious .I turned round and saw a pair of giant tree legs at first I thought I was dreaming but it was real all it wanted to do was look around but when it saw me it ran away the next morning I woke up thinking  it was a dream but when I looked out of my window  and it was just sitting there.

??????????? Tree

Today i was walking in priory park by my own in the woods until i came across a tree with two x’s on each side and a lever was right next to it. I called a friend who’s name is Romarn. We pulled the lever and suddenly great big wooden legs burst out of the x’s and started chasing us, we did scream, we ran. The big tree was really fast and it looked like i was someone running so I chucked a stone at the front of the tree and it opened up very slowly… very slowly…………..Wow its really slow. Finally it opened up and who was inside…………..

The Tree with Big ol’ Smooth Legs

I founded a strange tree in the forest, I didn’t know that it grew LEGS?!! The weird tree spoke “HI THERE, DON’T BE SCARED I WAS ABOUT TO COME UP TO YOU!” I was like….. I just walked off because that tree spoke AND IT TALK STRANGELY. The tree was trying to find me but it couldn’t. I think the tree’s smooth legs looks smoother than my cousin’s legs, at least a tree doesn’t have to wax their “smooth” legs. I came back to the forest and the tree saw me, “Hi strange tree, how could you have smoother legs?”, I said. The tree explained about when he was a human about two years ago.

The Evil Robot That Was Turned Into A Tree

“Would you like me to tell you a story? Well you’re in luck as I have my reading glasses with me. Right here we go. There used to be an evil robot called Roberto. He always wanted to stop her sister from making a fun play park for the kids. Roberto hated fun as he never got any presents. On Halloween, Roberto came out of his cave and went to destroy all of the kids. But before he could his sister saw him and she made him into a tree. Well that is the end of the story. If you see a tree with legs it’s Roberto.  

A walking tree

A tree was walking it was not an ordinary tree it was a magic tree.It lived in a forest a very big one and when it needs to hide it puts it body in tree ground like a normal tree and made the legs disspear it always walks around and if he sees a human it would chase and try and kill it one time these four  boys came to the forest and never came back so they put a massive gate all around the forest and said to everyone to never even look inside the gate or you will get told of by the polise

The Tree That walked

Once there was a Alex called boy. Alex liked walking in the Jungle with his Mum. Liam likes climbing trees and one day he saw a tree with legs Alex was really sceared so Alex climbed up a tree and jumped on the leg of the tree. Sadly Alex broken his leg but he killed the tree monster so Alex went to a hospitale  the next month Alex was out of the hospatale. Alex went back to the forrest to see if the tree monster was there but no only the suroundings of a tree Alex was happy.

The  End 🙂

The Tree Stampead

It all started on one bright sunny day when I woke up And walked to the park. I met my friend Bill there too. Bill, a very daring character, insisted on us going into the woods. We stepped in and could we could hear strange noises like giant footsteps so Bill went in further while I stayed back. I waited for about 20-30 minutes and there was still no return from Bill. I could not bare it any longer so I went in to find him and all of a sudden standing in front of me was a giant tree with legs and Bill right next to it I grabbed him by the hand and the tree began to follow us. I ran home with Bill and locked the door behind us.

         6 YEARS LATER

There is a mysterious tree with legs in my garden!