The Midnight Children

One day in Blossom Street two kids were crossing the road [and there was one boy and one girl and the girl was 14 years old and the boy was 12 years old]and a stupid man was going to fast and hit the two kids then they died and the rose from the dead into ghosts and their mum and dad were so sad that they had a heart attack and sadly died too. From then on the Palmer family would haunt Blossom Street forever. Now a days children don’t believe in it they just think it’s a spooky fairy tale but it’s actually true. One night in Blossom Street the Palmer family haunted the street and children woke up to find things in the wrong place, so from that moment on children believed in it but they new one thing if you go up to your bathroom and turn the light off and put candles everywhere and say nee ka crash and then put your head under water they’ll try to strangle you so that is why children are now afraid of them now so that why they never do it.



The man in the wall

Ok so today we are going to go to a museum class boo every one shouted i want to go somewhere she said no  else this will be so boring . were at the museum and the first thing we did was eat . After that we went to this very strange room that had a sine that said don’t touch the wall so what was the first thing i did [guess] … Touch the wall for some strange reasonI got pulled into it and came out a different section and my skin escalate then it stopped . and then we had to leave


Hi my name is Jeff and I’m going to a Mousem and see stuff. I see two people in the wall and it said there name is Jake  and Bob and they were in a fight and ran in to a patch of concket and never move again and suddely I saw a whol wall of them and it look like there was a amy of them and I could not blive my self but it was trow. On a sign there was the amy there were fighting they were called the romens amy

The mysterious wall

I went to the park to stretch my legs and they had built a new wall. I thought I  would check it out so I went over to it and touched it carefully, it was very smooth but then I  leaned on it and fell right through it! Then I walked backwards and I was in the park again. “Wow i can walk through the wall!” Then everyone started doing it and it was so much fun. When you walk through the wall you can see a bright rainbow, bunnies and every animal imaginable, also there is grassy hills everywhere. 

The Stone Museum

My mum tells me to get dressed for ‘family adventure time’,really I didn’t  want to go(but sadly I had no choice).Finally I am ready and we go off to the National Stone Museum.As we walk in a kind, young man comes and offers us a rock cake(get it rock in the stone museum).As we go on to the world war part of the museum we find two stone soldiers stuck inside a wall!I t was as if they had walked straight into the wall and it had sucked them in (gran fancied one of the soldiers).