The detective and the robber

Once a pon a time there was a  Crocodile who dressed in purple a twisted mined and difficult to under stand. One day there was a ugly young 28 year old walking just by the park sobbing about how everyone made fun of her face. Then one day she decided to steal the potion of beauty from her then there was a flash of purple then a person came out and said’stop you are buetuff the way you are’ then the stealer said’ok by by by by.’

The crazy news

One day there was a girl named Nicola she goes to dance afterschool everyday.Her favourite sport is dancing !!!!of course.So one day afterschool no one was home for a few hours so she went to her dancing club. 1 Hour  later… she arrived home but her family were not home so she watched the news but all of sudden the person on the news said this “hello everybody there has been breaking news “the professor said .So carried on watching and the news was there was a crocodile in a purple twisted net stuck on a tree branch and the professor said they found it hard for them to get the poor creature down they would do what they can



The End

The Professor

there was once a professor  called professor  purple  twisted . He taught  a crocodile.   call sb short  for  scaly back this croc was a real fears croc. And was not to smart the professor was a really  bad professor .One day sb tried  to scare the professor  he got his little  gan together an they planed a plan . They got a slime gun and loaded  it with slime .They are ready . They are loaded they went to the professors office hid in his cubood and when he came in woooooooooooosh he got squtid in the fase  and that was the last we evver herd of agrn

Professor fluffy-kins and Princess

Once upon a time there was a professor called professor fluffy-kins.He had a purple pet crocodile called Princess.They were walking through the door of their house to find vines twisted all down the walls of the room.It was difficult to move around the room.As fluffy-kind took one more step he slipped.As he fell he caught a vine he landed in a pond full of bubbles in a jungle.He looked to find Princess but couldn’t find her . Suddenly a girl climbed in the bubble pool.”Hi I’m Princess I changed from a crocodile to a girl as I fell.But now we are stuck and can’t get out what are we going to do



Deep underwater where nobody goes there is a world of creatures . From small fish to tall fish round fish brown fish but worst of all crocodiles not just normal crocodiles but purple crocodiles purple crocodiles are the worst type they have the worst killer instinct . Proffesers are starting to think they may be the animal that has killed the ost thing that has ever walked the planet . It is difficult for scientists because they can not study underwater . Purple crocodiles have twisted tails and a scary appearance they are terrifying     underwater creatures that will roam the earth for years .