Crocodiles are awsome!

There once was a boy called Ben who looked very normal. But at night he turns into a fierce crocodile who  has purple skin and wears shades on his head.His worst enemy is professor fish some how his neck was twisted when he was born he was also very difficult to handle.  He lives in the  stinky old sewers and eats lots of sticky food. One night fish was going to blow up big ben but in no time ben was there……….POW……………PUNCH………BOOM. fish went flying in to the clouds and i don’t think that we will ever see him again.


The amazing Scientist

One day there was a man called professor crocodile who knew a lot about science he would explore anything.So one day he thought he would explore the lake of doom and in the lake of doom was a purple twisted jellyfish.The jellyfish was really difficult to catch but the jellyfish couldn”t stop professor crocodile so professor gets his jellyfish rod out and reels it in.Before he knew it he had the jellyfish on so he puled and puled until PLOP! professor didn”t know what to do he looked around and just before he turned. He saw a bit of purple he went over and there it was he was he was so shocked.




Weird World

In an other universe there was a weird planet. On the planet there was a profeser, this profeser was a human mixed with a crocodile so he was very strong. He wanted to turn the weird world into a normal world. So he desided to make a potion of unweirdnes, but to make one you needed a difficult to get twisted birch tree branch an ender pearl and a purple powder made from glowstone dust, purple pigments and sand. So after a while he found all the ingredients for the potion then he mixed and mixed and mixed. When he had finished his potion he went into the woods and poured the potion on the ground and at that moment every one changed to a human and nothing was weird any more. And every one on that planet lived happily ever after.

Professor Strong-arms

There was once a Professor, Professor Strong-arms,  who loved to go on adventures so one day he exclaimed ” I will go on  an adventure.” So of he went. He travelled for at least  5 miles to get to the nearest jungle. As soon as he  got there he got of his pet crocodile Sally and strode into the jungle. As soon as he got a few feet into the jungle he noticed something big and….well….purple he was so shocked that a purple thing was in the jungle. He started to run towards it because his curiosity was just to big to hold back ,oh and by the way strong-arms wore brown shorts and a black t-shirt, he kept on running until he got there. When he got there he relised that it was a purple and twisted tree. The professor went home felling relived.


Professor Fluffy-Junior

Once upon a time there lived a professor. The professor’s name was professor fluffy-junior. He loved going crazy with the potions that he made. One day the professor caught a crocodile that had a twisted tail and he made it purple. Although it was difficult the professor was happy with himself. The day after that he decided to go to a betting shop and bet that a crocodile had a twisted tail and was purple. He betted £1000. The guy behind the counter said” okay but there is no such thing. “The professor “oh really well what’s this,” an after that he showed him that is was real. The guy behind the counter was shocked and gave the professor £10,000.

The Purple Hand

One day professor went to and he went to the toilet and his hand was purple and he said “I must of slept on it funny”.He just leaved it and had lunch . But the next day the hand gas still purple and now twisted.So he goes to have breakfast and he heard a scream coming from the swamp he goes to the swamp and he sees a twisted difficult crocodial up on shore.but it is still alive and I looked around to find were the scream was coming frome but wen he turned around the crocodile was gone.So he goes to eat his breakfast then the crocodile had eaten it all.

The End

Professor Crocodile

Once upon a time there was a crocodile called professor crocodile.He wasn’t any ordinary crocodile he was purple. It was difficult to figure out what he actually was.His job was a footballer.On the back of his t-shirt it said twisted because all his shots twisted round the people.Because he was a crocodile he hit it with his tail.He won all the best player of the season every time.All of his team mates where exhausted.They wish they never where a footballer.He scored one million and seventy goals he was so good. when he came home he had another trophy that was his millionth trophy.

Professor Twisted

Professor Twisted was a crazy science teacher at a University in America. He always aimed for the impossible until one day he tried to do the most difficult potion in history called Purple Croc! So he asked a ZooKeeper if he could borrow a crocodile for his experiment…. They accepted! He made the potion but it didn’t exactly look purple…. But he still went with it, he took the crocodile to the University the students were terrified! He poured the potion all over the creature making it grow and grow until it crashed through the ceiling, crashed through the floors making the building crumble to the ground! The students survived but Professor Twisted…..

The End…