crocodile tale

once apon a time there was a purple crocodile one day it saw a twisted fallen tree the tree had a nest whith a baby bird in it. Then the crocodile saw the paw little bird and went over to it and put it on it’s back then the crocodile took it home and looked arfter the woonded baby bird the next                    day the bird awakend and  one day the birds leg got stuck in crocodile bay it was difficult to get the baby bird free from imbertween the two rocks finaly the crocodile manadged to free the baby bird crocodils chased arfter the purple crocodile and the baby bird arfter a while they went to professor owl and the owl said whold you like some water

Professor Crocodile

The animals were going to school and today they had
different teacher.His name was professor crocodile.He was an unusual professor as he was a purple crocodile.The animals stared in horror as the teacher got out a pen to mark there work.The next lesson was art and the animals where asked to get a paint brush and splash different colours onto the page.After the lesson professor crocodile gave a sticker to a little cheater who had done a brilliant pice of art work with some blue,green and red.Befor professor crocodile knew it all the animals had gone home.

Professor madman

One ordinary,boring day Professor madman was working on his latest invention.Madman was small man with anenormous head and a knobbly twisted nose,he had a warty thick neck with gynormous freckles.So anyway,he was working on this invention called’the growth gun’.So basically what the ‘growth gun’does is makes things grow and he is going to be trying it out on a crocodile.He got his gun at the ready,took a step back and “BOOM!”he blasted his gun at the crocodile and instead of growing it turned purple.Although how difficult the recipie was he still gave it another go but this time he added a special ingredient.So come closer and make sure nobody is watching so I can tell you that the secret special ingredient,the ingredient is hair,Professor madmans hair.The reason for this is that his hair had always been like a battery ,nobody knows why it had been in this condition,but he could always charge things with his hair.So he added some of it and gave it another blast and “BOOM!”It worked!The crocodile suddenly started growing and growing and started breaking through the wall!The crocodile got a glimpse of Professor madman and “CHOMP!”The greedy croc had eaten the Professor. “BURP!”The crocododile burped as if to say “That was delicious,”.And that was the the End of Professor madman.





Professor Jenkins

Once upon a time there was a mad scientist named, Professor Jenkins. He wore a purple jacket, black trousers and has crazy hair. I know Professor Jenkins is a strange name don’t worry I’m not mad like the scientist. Now on with the story. Anyway, Professor Jenkins had a pet crocodile called, Snappy.

One day, Jenkins was making an invention. A very exciting one. He was making a weather controller. He was making it so that he could make it snow every winter and make it sunny in the summer time. Professor Jenkins was sitting in his special chair (the chair that he always sits in), when suddenly, Snappy jumped out of his massive tank (3 meters wide, 2 meters long and 2 meters deep to be precise) and bit Professor Jenkins’ leg. His leg was being twisted and turned about until SNAP his leg had been bitten off. CRUNCH CRUNCH was the sound of Snappy eating Professor Jenkins’ leg. “I know what I should do,” he said,”I will make myself a bionic leg, it’s going to be difficult but I can do it.” He stayed up all night, worked all day then finally after 5 WHOLE DAYS he was finished,”Now I just have to put it on but how?” Professor Jenkins spent another 2 days trying to figure out how to put it on. So on the second day he tried to put it on,’this is hard,’he thought. He managed to get it on for once. Since he had got his bionic leg on, he needed to finish his weather controller so he was working on that for a couple more days. When he was done, he waited till winter to test it. After 4 months it was finally able to be tested. He flicked switches, fiddled with levers and pressed buttons and then IT WORKED.”WWOOAAHH!”A random man said as a big blast of energy shot into the air. It got cold, it started to snow! Professor Jenkins was relieved that it worked just so he didn’t have to do it all over again! Now that would be a disaster wouldn’t it.



Professor Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr.

Once there was a man called Professor Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr. He was the smartest person in the whole of the USA. But there was a problem, everyone laughed at his crazy name and its really long so people don’t even bother saying his name! So one day the professor built a twisted pit full of purple crocodiles it was very difficult to get across. The mad Professor now could get on with his work. Now there was a boy who lived somewhere in Washington in America now he had heard about Professor Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr. He felt sorry for him he wanted to go and help him with his wild inventions but he could not get over the crocodile pit. So he hatched a cunning plot to get over the pit and believe it or not it worked!!!! The plan was to create a flying Skateboard so he took of the wheels and added a new tech plasma hyper rocket boosters he flew across and went in the secret lab the Professor worked in and said a friendly “Hello!” to the Professor the the incredibly long name Professor seemed happy enough to have the boy in his lab. So they worked on his latest invention in the lab he and the boy got tons of money from that so the professor was in a good mood for the next invention the the flying Skateboard. In fact they already had one-the one that the boy made! It was a tad bit broken but the Professor didn’t mind and that sold really well to the professor and the boy we’re happy once again. The next invention in line was the chores robot they worked on bolts, cogs, nuts, wires, and metal in one short week they were finished. So they sold that and once again it sold really really really really well in fact the sold all of the robots!!!!!!!! The professor and the boy were now millionaires so they went out of the lab to buy some stuff. They bought a years supply of chocolate, 30 soda cans, 50 rainbow swirl lollipops, 100 cans of coke, 10 massive comfy sofas, a wireless TV and 80 pizzas. “This is the life” they said to each other as the walked out of the shop. At home the put their comfy sofas placed there TV opened up their sweets and sat down on the sofas to have a rest. Continue reading “Professor Chuckles Jingleberry McMonkeyburger Jr.”