The Purple Hand

One day professor went to and he went to the toilet and his hand was purple and he said “I must of slept on it funny”.He just leaved it and had lunch . But the next day the hand gas still purple and now twisted.So he goes to have breakfast and he heard a scream coming from the swamp he goes to the swamp and he sees a twisted difficult crocodial up on shore.but it is still alive and I looked around to find were the scream was coming frome but wen he turned around the crocodile was gone.So he goes to eat his breakfast then the crocodile had eaten it all.

The End

Professor Crocodile

Once upon a time there was a crocodile called professor crocodile.He wasn’t any ordinary crocodile he was purple. It was difficult to figure out what he actually was.His job was a footballer.On the back of his t-shirt it said twisted because all his shots twisted round the people.Because he was a crocodile he hit it with his tail.He won all the best player of the season every time.All of his team mates where exhausted.They wish they never where a footballer.He scored one million and seventy goals he was so good. when he came home he had another trophy that was his millionth trophy.

Professor Twisted

Professor Twisted was a crazy science teacher at a University in America. He always aimed for the impossible until one day he tried to do the most difficult potion in history called Purple Croc! So he asked a ZooKeeper if he could borrow a crocodile for his experiment…. They accepted! He made the potion but it didn’t exactly look purple…. But he still went with it, he took the crocodile to the University the students were terrified! He poured the potion all over the creature making it grow and grow until it crashed through the ceiling, crashed through the floors making the building crumble to the ground! The students survived but Professor Twisted…..

The End…