“Hi what do you want to eat ?”I asked

“10 Big Macs,7 large poshon of chips and 10 large cokes please!”replied the man.

that much be for a whole family I thought because I just couldn’t eat something so big in my life.

“That will be £30 & 80p and it will be about 20 minutes because we are very busy,” I said.

“ok!”he answered.

20 minutes later

“there you are that is 10 Big Macs,7 large poshon of chips and 10 large coke!”

” thx!”he replied.


Servant for Mr Brown

I woke up to another long tiring day being a servant for Mr Brown. He is awalys nagging at you but at least I have my colleague Jane.She is the most useless servant ever she can’t:cook, clean or make beds.Today Jane decided to cook lunch.Today Jane decided to cook cold sweet corn,lumpy, solid mash potato,chunky,freezing cold gravy,stale bread with mouldy cheese.Ugggghhhhh!I decided to go upstairs and clean Mr Brown’s office while she gets on with making lunch.At last, lunch was finished but I just couldn’t eat something so I decided to…run.



The boy can’t eat

One day at home in was dinner time it was pizza   with chicken come at bit of pizza in my mouth when try swollen it I can’t said to mum I can’t swollen it mum. That odd see the Dr Tim , the next day hello Dr Tim hello sarl were is he upstairs playing with his toys bill!! Come down  ok went down see Dr Tim banana pills I just couldn’t eat something so no

The stay

Dad just why do I have to go and stay with Nan. Sweaty for the 100th time today you are going to stay with  Nan because I and Mum are going to see your Auntie Mable because children your age are not allowed on the plane. When I got to my Auntie Mable s              The food was the Mose terrible thing I had ever tasted in my whole intia life.chicen with bacon. Yuc. And so we went to the restraint they had way better food than Aunty Mable had.Yay I had a fantastic day with my Auntie Mable.thank you Auntie