“Hi what do you want to eat ?”I asked

“10 Big Macs,7 large poshon of chips and 10 large cokes please!”replied the man.

that much be for a whole family I thought because I just couldn’t eat something so big in my life.

“That will be £30 & 80p and it will be about 20 minutes because we are very busy,” I said.

“ok!”he answered.

20 minutes later

“there you are that is 10 Big Macs,7 large poshon of chips and 10 large coke!”

” thx!”he replied.


Servant for Mr Brown

I woke up to another long tiring day being a servant for Mr Brown. He is awalys nagging at you but at least I have my colleague Jane.She is the most useless servant ever she can’t:cook, clean or make beds.Today Jane decided to cook lunch.Today Jane decided to cook cold sweet corn,lumpy, solid mash potato,chunky,freezing cold gravy,stale bread with mouldy cheese.Ugggghhhhh!I decided to go upstairs and clean Mr Brown’s office while she gets on with making lunch.At last, lunch was finished but I just couldn’t eat something so I decided to…run.



The boy can’t eat

One day at home in was dinner time it was pizza   with chicken come at bit of pizza in my mouth when try swollen it I can’t said to mum I can’t swollen it mum. That odd see the Dr Tim , the next day hello Dr Tim hello sarl were is he upstairs playing with his toys bill!! Come down  ok went down see Dr Tim banana pills I just couldn’t eat something so no

The stay

Dad just why do I have to go and stay with Nan. Sweaty for the 100th time today you are going to stay with  Nan because I and Mum are going to see your Auntie Mable because children your age are not allowed on the plane. When I got to my Auntie Mable s              The food was the Mose terrible thing I had ever tasted in my whole intia life.chicen with bacon. Yuc. And so we went to the restraint they had way better food than Aunty Mable had.Yay I had a fantastic day with my Auntie Mable.thank you Auntie


Two stars

I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting . There was ?????and? . At first I orderd scorpion cabab that looked mank  then i orderd unicorn soup  horrible. So I left and had Pizza Hut for dinna i had a ham and pineapple pizza  I only ever went there once ever   again one day I started pooping skittles so I went back to the restaurant to find the antidote and I did a I complained they gave me free meals there but i never want to go there ever again ihad take always form then on mainly pizza hut but I am fussy .


The party

one sunny morning the children were sleeping and the birds were singing in the and Toby were still in bed.ThereNana and Grandad were looking after them so they could go to a party.when they got to the party they had some food.They got so full but they wanted a cupcake .Until Lilly and Tobysaid…

drift day at skid risk

Me and my family went to skid risk for a drift day wen we got there we had some food I just couldn’t eat that so thuckt that in the dad went alt to drift then cooling pipe came of. So we went of and ficst it and drifted a gene but it came of agen. We pact the car up and wacht. my dad waht for a bit and went in with his frend. my dads fred cep on poping the tires. we hade lunch then we wacht agen then started to pack up and went home atlarst.

The big escape!

Long  long ago when I lived in a castle it was madness. I just couldn’t eat something so I just went to my room hungry that night I escaped (yaaaaaaay). I said to myself “where should I live now”. I found a big cave to live in but I need food . I was walking and walking …. finally I found some berrie’s. The more I eat the more it will fill me up.Where am I now ? I went to go sleep in a tree .I wished I never ran away from home.My mum was standing by the tree and I gave her a big hug.

My bad day

I woken up at 9pm and was late for school and got distension. I mist bracke and got a low score on my sats and there was nuthing I licked I just would’t eat it  dut  I had to I went on the filled and had a game of it. I hat it but it’s better than nuthing. After lunch I had maths! Ather school was bed dut late at night my sister woke me up I told her to go back to sleep but sead “can I go in your bed with you?”and I sead”  NO”. She carried on. Avnchly she fell a sleep and so did I.

The Cruel World

Me and my family are going to a tropical rainforest for a nice picnic.As we go through the car park a man comes and sais

“Watch out for the horrible,human-demolishing tigers,” my mum has seen lots of strange things today.


AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a Tiger. I was the only person to survive that day. But now I have to take care of myself.



ewww I have to eat grub …I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting.


The Day That My Cousin Couldn’t Eat!

Today was my birthday I had invited my favourite cousin to my birthday party(I hadn’t seen her in ages.)Me and mum spent the whole morning and half an hour putting up the decorations in the right places.Everything was ready for the party.Then the door bell rang it was my BFF Cat.Finally my cousin Cleo arrived.We had a pinyata and limbo and other games.After a few minutes the cake came out(it was leopard painted.)My cousin Cleo ate lots of cake but then she just couldn’t eat anything more so we had to send everyone home witch was sad.Worst birthday ever!

An island

Splash, splash
“Ahhh,” screamed the little boy,”Where am I.”
The little boy was on an island in the middle of the sea. He was worried and scared and searched for his mum and dad. The more Days that past the louder his shrinking tummy roared. Even more hours past but he was getting very tired and his mouth was as dry as a desert. One early he just couldn’t eat something so
he had to go hunting. He made his way to the other side of the island but when he got there was a ferry that came for him…

Aliens birthday party ?

A alien could not get to sleep. The alien could not wait for the amazing birthday. Finally, it was her birthday she was 5 years old today. All of the family members came to give presents ? and gifts.  Her name was Abigail, she loved birthdays her party was in a hour she couldn’t wait for the dark disco ?. At last it was the end of the party they all had cake and went home at night she was getting washed and then went to bed and thought to herself  “that was the best day.” She couldn’t eat something so…

The fancy reasturant

I just couldn’t eat something so slimy and disgusting. I got ready to go out to the fancy reasturant and then got in the car and set off for the reasturant. Happily I made it to my brown creaky table in time. When I got my order I stared in shock at the food they had laid out in front of me. There was snail, slugs and bunny. I told them I could not eat that horrible meal and so I went home and ordered a big cheese pizza ? and then I sat on the sofa and watched television.

The worst day!

One day I woke up and went down stairs for breakfast. Then I remembered it was my brother macking my breakfast. I hate him macking my breakfast he all ways gives me snails also he has chocolate. When mum comes he says we both had serial but he also Mackey me lie. I just couldn’t eat something so gross. Imagine if you had to eat something that gross. I gave up and told mum he got in really big trubble. Also that for 2 weeks he has to eat snails every meal. After that he was never men like that again!


Me my dad and my brother were going to Build s den in the woods and sleeping it. We have a lot of blankets and some food we are going to climb to the top and build a den at the top. We got to the top and build a den  my dad had some rope and we build a hamok and I sleeped in it the food was discussing I just couldn’t eat something so bad me packed up and walked down the hill. Then are car wasn’t at the gate someon e must of moved it but it was just pushed.

What The CAKE!!!

I looked at the cake it was tall and wide but is had pink, hard, cold strawberry cake with nice, melted cream chocolate on it mixed with cold, white, frozen vanilla ice cream. That cake is going to taste so bad I just couldn’t eat something so bad. But I tried it what the heck or should I say what the cake. That tall wide cake was so cold and nice. It was time to go and I asked “can you give me the fantastic, splendid, special recipe please “I asked the kind, nice, pleased mum “of course you can here you”.

The day I just could’t eat something so .

One day I went down to get my breakfast and then my mummy was still in bed so then my mummy came down and she said baby I need samethink to eat and she also wanted a cup of tea when she had a breakfast and I said to mummy that the day I just could’t eat something so I just said I will just get me something to eat please mummy I have had a hard day today playing with my sister and brother but they do not live with me . They live at number 12 right near me but I am not number 12 so then I played in the garden with my whole family I had a great day but then they was a knock at the door it was my auntie and my uncle and my an and dad and my whole family because it was my birthday .

Daisy and the trouble with greens

The trouble with greens Is that there sooooooooooo yucky plus mum makes me eat them. One time mum made roast dinner at Christmas and I was sick, I just couldn’t eat something so green. Green food makes my tummy wobble, my spine shiver and sometimes makes me sick (that’s when my mum gets angry). Gabby hates greens too. We once got some greens and my super soaker and squirted them so we couldn’t get green disease (greens are elergic to water). When I was at nanny and grampy’s house I spat my greens out on nanny, I got told off, I wasn’t my fault greens are horrible.