Two stars

I just couldn’t eat something so disgusting . There was ?????and? . At first I orderd scorpion cabab that looked mank  then i orderd unicorn soup  horrible. So I left and had Pizza Hut for dinna i had a ham and pineapple pizza  I only ever went there once ever   again one day I started pooping skittles so I went back to the restaurant to find the antidote and I did a I complained they gave me free meals there but i never want to go there ever again ihad take always form then on mainly pizza hut but I am fussy .


drift day at skid risk

Me and my family went to skid risk for a drift day wen we got there we had some food I just couldn’t eat that so thuckt that in the dad went alt to drift then cooling pipe came of. So we went of and ficst it and drifted a gene but it came of agen. We pact the car up and wacht. my dad waht for a bit and went in with his frend. my dads fred cep on poping the tires. we hade lunch then we wacht agen then started to pack up and went home atlarst.

The big escape!

Long  long ago when I lived in a castle it was madness. I just couldn’t eat something so I just went to my room hungry that night I escaped (yaaaaaaay). I said to myself “where should I live now”. I found a big cave to live in but I need food . I was walking and walking …. finally I found some berrie’s. The more I eat the more it will fill me up.Where am I now ? I went to go sleep in a tree .I wished I never ran away from home.My mum was standing by the tree and I gave her a big hug.

My bad day

I woken up at 9pm and was late for school and got distension. I mist bracke and got a low score on my sats and there was nuthing I licked I just would’t eat it  dut  I had to I went on the filled and had a game of it. I hat it but it’s better than nuthing. After lunch I had maths! Ather school was bed dut late at night my sister woke me up I told her to go back to sleep but sead “can I go in your bed with you?”and I sead”  NO”. She carried on. Avnchly she fell a sleep and so did I.