I just couldn’t eat something so “FOOD FIGHT,” I shouted. The thought of disgusting mouldy old food thrown into my perfect face faded away. The lasagna, the yogurt and the mash potatoes all in my face! The fun took over. I forgot about the consequences of beginning in a food fight. As the creepy old grouchy teacher walked in I stood down from the table and sat down acting like nothing happened. But as soon as it did everyone started pointing and staring at me. I discussed to walk into the principals office because I now I would happen.

To be continued…

A broken arm

Today is Saturday. Me and my friend are going to play football. I was so excited, it was our first game back from the Easter holidays. And we went one nil up by a free kick. A few minutes later I went past two went part three then suddenly I got taken down and I landed on my arm. it was broken. I had to go as quickly as I can to A&E and the doctor said, “I just couldn’t eat anything”. I was so confused because it was my arm not my stomach or my chest. Doctors are wired.