The Chef Giraffe

I was really excited as I got dressed,my family were going to the zoo to see the animals. On the way I read a magazine about Giraffe’s it said people could feed them food and it was today. When we got there there was a sign that said this way for feeding time with  a picture of a Giraffe on it so we walked up to them and  got in the line. It was a long wait but we finally got to feed them the one that I didn’t eat the food instead it picked me up it took me to their shelter.Where there was a chef giraffe who cooked them spaghetti and meatballs hotdogs burgers chips sandwiches I was just amazed then he gave me a burger and fries I ate the fries and half of the burger . suddenly I woke up and realised it was all a dream then I rolled over and saw a half eaten burger next to me was it a dream?

The Vet Was Needed

…The wide,orange crocodile collapsed within 2 seconds . The vet came quickly but nowhere near quietly but everbody that was around it was shocked and they were gasping and the reason that everybody was surrounding it is because,they were in a zoo.The medics took it into the back of the ambulance.The zoo was closed and as I was leaving I saw a little girl crying and screaming because of what she had just seen.When I got home I told my whole family what had just happened and they were frightened and sad but the next day I recieved a letter saying:We would like to inform you that the crocodile is okay and thank you for coming.


the zoo trip

We wet to the zoo. The the first we sore a crocadiel  in a orange cage. the croceerdieil eaten a rock.the next ananmal was meercat . they were so cute one clapst they  trid o ecsape the masiv cage  sead so cute”””  i licke  meer cats.the next anamal was pander bear  he wasnot hay ot at all it broock the glass and chast the teters a way it was s funny the terchers ranout the zoo screem in.




The day I got disipointed

Today I am going to a very big zoo but there is a little area in this zoo where there is some crocodiles. But even weirder they are orange crocodiles if I see a orange crocodile I think I will collapse !  When I arrived I went straight to the crocodiles. The first one I saw wasn’t an orange one but it had very wide hips. Finally, I left the crocodile part and moved onto the Monkeys they were so funny. When I had walked around the hole zoo I had to go home and have tea and go to bed. 

The day I saw a crocodile

One day I saw a crocoldle with my mum and family. I loved it they did not what to go home so we played together at the Park. Because we did not need to go home yet. Then it was lunch time . The wide orange crocoldle collapsed its foot hurt and then it was lunch time and then we went on the climbing frame and then we played a game on the floor and the table then it was time for a drink and we had hot chocoate for drink and then it was then we played water tag then it was time to go home .