The Chef Giraffe

I was really excited as I got dressed,my family were going to the zoo to see the animals. On the way I read a magazine about Giraffe’s it said people could feed them food and it was today. When we got there there was a sign that said this way for feeding time with  a picture of a Giraffe on it so we walked up to them and  got in the line. It was a long wait but we finally got to feed them the one that I didn’t eat the food instead it picked me up it took me to their shelter.Where there was a chef giraffe who cooked them spaghetti and meatballs hotdogs burgers chips sandwiches I was just amazed then he gave me a burger and fries I ate the fries and half of the burger . suddenly I woke up and realised it was all a dream then I rolled over and saw a half eaten burger next to me was it a dream?

The Vet Was Needed

…The wide,orange crocodile collapsed within 2 seconds . The vet came quickly but nowhere near quietly but everbody that was around it was shocked and they were gasping and the reason that everybody was surrounding it is because,they were in a zoo.The medics took it into the back of the ambulance.The zoo was closed and as I was leaving I saw a little girl crying and screaming because of what she had just seen.When I got home I told my whole family what had just happened and they were frightened and sad but the next day I recieved a letter saying:We would like to inform you that the crocodile is okay and thank you for coming.


the zoo trip

We wet to the zoo. The the first we sore a crocadiel  in a orange cage. the croceerdieil eaten a rock.the next ananmal was meercat . they were so cute one clapst they  trid o ecsape the masiv cage  sead so cute”””  i licke  meer cats.the next anamal was pander bear  he wasnot hay ot at all it broock the glass and chast the teters a way it was s funny the terchers ranout the zoo screem in.




The day I got disipointed

Today I am going to a very big zoo but there is a little area in this zoo where there is some crocodiles. But even weirder they are orange crocodiles if I see a orange crocodile I think I will collapse !  When I arrived I went straight to the crocodiles. The first one I saw wasn’t an orange one but it had very wide hips. Finally, I left the crocodile part and moved onto the Monkeys they were so funny. When I had walked around the hole zoo I had to go home and have tea and go to bed. 

The day I saw a crocodile

One day I saw a crocoldle with my mum and family. I loved it they did not what to go home so we played together at the Park. Because we did not need to go home yet. Then it was lunch time . The wide orange crocoldle collapsed its foot hurt and then it was lunch time and then we went on the climbing frame and then we played a game on the floor and the table then it was time for a drink and we had hot chocoate for drink and then it was then we played water tag then it was time to go home .

The Orange Crocodile!

In a magical land far far away lived a crocodile.He always got picked on because of the fact that he was orange.He did not like the fact he was orange as he thought it was a bad thing to be born with.He did not understand that it was not so bad after all.Even know he was upset it was actually a very common thing for a crocodile to have. Somebody told him he was wide as a table.When he heard that he dordooled of to his room.


To Be Continued!!!!!!!!!

my pet croc

Hi my name is Ryan and  I have a pet crocodile his name is Tim and he is asleep right now.  So yesterday I went to get a pet and there was none left . So we went home and on the way back iIherd a strange noise but i kept walking this noise kept getting louder then it stoped when i got to a drain so I looked down it and there it was small crocodile it must of been a baby so i took it home I called it tim and me and Tim lived happily ever after .  

The Day I Saw A Orange Crocodile!

Today was the day when my family promised me a trip to the zoo. I got up earlier than usual.By the time we got in the car it was about half eight. The zoo that we were going to was called rainforest safari park.””Mille can you be less noisy,”said mum.At 10’oclock we finally arrived.I went running off straight to the crocodile cage. I was in for a shock I saw a orange crocodile!!!Within the cage there were lots of meat.Suddenly the crocodile collapsed. The wide door flung open and staf came rushing in. The park was closed for a week after that.My day was ruined.

Orange. Crocodile

A zoo with orange crocodile but crocodile are green but this one lazy sleep every day for 24 hours, but one day sun a boy should ORANGE CROCODILE! Then he woke up walk to the bars the boy put his hand on head he you not to touch who how did wake him kid I should orange crocodile, he in probable to wake up we should in is ear didn’t wake up mabay didn’t want wake up that time .


the end

I visit a crocodile

I woke up one day,and we all realised we are going to the zoo.  we got in the car and went we soon got to the zoo. I saw a wide crocodile eating an orange ? as the crocodile was eating it suddenly collapsed. We told the zoo keeper but, he said the crocodile normally does that shouted the zoo keeper. Mum drove back home ? and within the car journey we had some snacks. When we got home I walked my dog had a bath and had a ice cream. After, I was tired so I went to my cosy bed.

The weird things that happen while eating an orange!

Suddenly a wide crocodile collapsed, a very rude monkey fainted, a clever leopard attacked, a frightening tiger roared, a curious worm got dug up, a tiny ant got trod on, a black cat got ran over, a obedient dog went on his walk, a huge elephant rolled in a muddy puddle and a very dumb, unusual hare climbed a tree and couldn’t get down, all within the time it took me to eat an orange! These are some off the things that happens to animals or they automatically do it in the little time it takes to eat an orange!

The scared boy

“Did you know that there is a orange crocodile that is 2 feet wide and 6 foot long? well there is,” the old pirate said to his scary crew. “But you do know the story of a little boy who collapsed in the sea,” the captin shouted.
“NO please tell us,” the rest of the crew screeched.
“Well what happened was a little boy was a boat and travelling past an island. But when they were going past he saw an orange crocodile and fainted gut fell off the boat. Within all of the people on the boat no one saw him…

The weird zoo

“Finally I am at the zoo,” I screamed.  I ran in and went straight to the otters, they were so cute. Then everything went wrong. I went over and had a look at the orange crocodile, it was amazing . Whithin the last few minutes , the crocodile collapsed in the wide murky water and didn’t come up for a long time. Eventually a person who worked at the zoo came and rescued the crocodile and took it to the first aid room.  I couldn’t watch so I went home. The next day I came back and saw the crocodile happily swimming.

Fishing Fright

Hi, my name is Izzy and me and my dad (Alan) are going fishing down at the riverside and I can”t wait, because my dad bought me a brand new pink, fishing rod with my name written on it and going to be my first time using it. (2 minutes later) Now we’re here at the riverside we can get fishing. SUDDENLY! My dad got a big bite but he couldn’t real it in then he fell in the river, so I had to get the fishing net from beside me and pull my dad to sore.Then realised that the big tug was a CROCODILE.

Jungle Swing

One bright morning I woke up and danced around my big manchen, room my room is really wide. most of it is orange because thats my faviret coler. My mum said” we are going to the zoo”. Now I am in the car, ok I am at the zoo. Wow thier is a real crocodile. I went to pet it also within the cage there is a bird, it flew up to me and sat on my shoulder. The man said I could ceep her. Also I collapsed but only for less than a seconed. that was the best day!

The zoo trip

Hy my name is Harley we are gowing on a shool trip to the zoo. Wen we got there we sore a giant crocidirle and we olso sor a orange monkey and it chuct  sume poo at me the monkey louft. It chucht some more poo at my frend we cared on waking away from the monkey and lookt at bids there tride to talk to us but we coud not no what there saing. We moovd on to the insecs we sor a tranchler and bugs. Then we went to uow bus and went to go to shool now.

The wired school trip

Milena and I jumped on to the orange bus. when we got to the zoo we went to the crocodile but it collapsed it had a pool but it was 2km wide. Milena ran to the meercats. I ran to the red pandas. within the last hour or so we saw all the animals. Then went back to school all of our parents were at school. I told my mum how much of a good day I had. Milena came round for a sleepover we had pizza for dinner. We had  the best day ever. We had the best sleepover ever.

I wish I was rich

I wish I could have a crocodile but no I live in a  two bedroom flat with my mum,my little sister Penelope and my annoying brother Sam and my wicked stepdad Hank.It was perfect many years ago when my mum,dad and I lived together.We all sat down together and read my favroute books.Now I have to move out of this flat to somwhere else because we can’t afford  all the bills.We all sat and cried mum had the biggest tears they were big and bulgy and very bitter.She was worried we might be homeless.Everyday we all had shared a bargain bucket and for pudding an Orange each.Within minutes I was starving.Everyday I feel like collapsing on my susprisingly wide bed.

The Jungle

Me my dad and my brother were going to go to the jungle. To find a crockadile we are going to go by helicopter. The next day we got on the helicopter and I collapsed on the sofa when we got their we went straight to the tallest mountain and started to climb it when we got to the top we cold see a river so we went down the mountain and we found a crockadile we trapped it in a rope and saw a orange on a tree and got in the helicopter the night went back.