The Orange Crocodile!

In a magical land far far away lived a crocodile.He always got picked on because of the fact that he was orange.He did not like the fact he was orange as he thought it was a bad thing to be born with.He did not understand that it was not so bad after all.Even know he was upset it was actually a very common thing for a crocodile to have. Somebody told him he was wide as a table.When he heard that he dordooled of to his room.


To Be Continued!!!!!!!!!

my pet croc

Hi my name is Ryan and  I have a pet crocodile his name is Tim and he is asleep right now.  So yesterday I went to get a pet and there was none left . So we went home and on the way back iIherd a strange noise but i kept walking this noise kept getting louder then it stoped when i got to a drain so I looked down it and there it was small crocodile it must of been a baby so i took it home I called it tim and me and Tim lived happily ever after .  

The Day I Saw A Orange Crocodile!

Today was the day when my family promised me a trip to the zoo. I got up earlier than usual.By the time we got in the car it was about half eight. The zoo that we were going to was called rainforest safari park.””Mille can you be less noisy,”said mum.At 10’oclock we finally arrived.I went running off straight to the crocodile cage. I was in for a shock I saw a orange crocodile!!!Within the cage there were lots of meat.Suddenly the crocodile collapsed. The wide door flung open and staf came rushing in. The park was closed for a week after that.My day was ruined.

Orange. Crocodile

A zoo with orange crocodile but crocodile are green but this one lazy sleep every day for 24 hours, but one day sun a boy should ORANGE CROCODILE! Then he woke up walk to the bars the boy put his hand on head he you not to touch who how did wake him kid I should orange crocodile, he in probable to wake up we should in is ear didn’t wake up mabay didn’t want wake up that time .


the end