A crocodilerals life

Once in crocodile city a long crocodile was the ruler. But I (one of the normal crocodiles in crocodile city) will tell you a little secret if the ruler dies (which they change every year) then the rest of the crocodiles will die! But I am the next leader. But on the news it said one of the princess’s had gone into a orange, wide shed and it collapsed and the time was within 3:30 and 5:00 and 3568 crocodiles attended the funeral. But now I am the leader of the crocodiles. (But don’t tell anybody else about the secret!)

To be continued!!!

My day

(this is a fictional story)

The firt thing I did in the morning is put my fuzzy orange slippers on. Then I brushed my teeth and then chose my clothes. I put my crocodile crop top and my jean shorts on. I ate some breakfast of bacon and eggs and collapsed on my comfy couch. I opened the window and felt the cold breeze on my face then text my friends to come to my sleepover. Sara brought a wide trunk. Millie brought a giant duffle bag and Brooke brought a houndstooth suitcase. Within Brooke’s makeup case she had an amazing array of nail polish.

The wide foot!!

As I tied my beautiful, silky lace within my magical peach point shoes. I was ready to begin my ballet class. When the bell rang I ran into the ballet studio. Suddenly the wideness of my foot took over. I ran into the class and fitted on my other shoe but it just would not fit. I collapsed onto my friend after that she gave me a sticker saying ‘save the crocodiles.’ I looked at her weirdly then after that she gave me a orange. For the lesson I gust put on my friends point shoes

the end

(Its real)

The holiday

One sunny bright morning I got dresst into my uniform ready for school.Today was a big day for me and the whole of my class was going on a school trip.I was finally dresst and ready to go to school.We were finally there and guess what I saw the big friendly crocodile next we were going to see the tigers.As soon as we got there they were eating there food.Next we saw the mearcats they were digging in the sand.And one was so shy that it didn’t come out of its whole that it dug.I had a grate day.


Worst day ?

Today I was walking home with my friend we saw a dead bird and its chest was wide open and within it was a claw in it. I just waked away but my friend did not. We both looked at it and then we both started to walk away. After that we walked throw a forest and we were both walking on a pice of wood th get bast so water. Then the pice of wood collapsed. We both got of it as quick the we saw something in the water then a killer crocodile jumped out. To be continued.