As I walked ito Mcdonlds I saw a burger with two news papper hands. I thought it was someone invsable so I kept on looking to see if it moved. It did not move for one year. I knew because I kept on going back but on my birthday I saw that they were stapled on the wall. I was so happy that I knew because if I didn’t know I would Keep on come into back. I had a lot of preasonts for dinner I had Mcdonlds. It was the best day. It was really creepy.

Over night stay.

One day I was at Mc’Donalds and I had an amazing idea. “I should stay over night hear” I shouted .Exsitedly ,I want to my friend Alice’s house .when I got there we started packing .After Alice and I fineshed packing we were reddy to go .when we got to Mc’Donalds we unpacked our bags in the play area  and started to play . “This is so fun” we shouted. When we got hungry we had a burger and fries .We saw a statue holding a huge burger and you would sit on the burger and take a photo with it.

The Big Burger

One afternoon me and my friend were walking down the road and we saw this ginormous burger which was sitting in some enormous hands.  They were gripping onto the yummy looking burger. There were lots of kids sitting and staring at the burger thinking that they could eat the hole thing in five minutes. Me and my friend couldn’t help going up the the burger a smelling it so we did it didn’t smell like  anything and that was when I touched it and I noticed it was plastic. I was very upset, all the children still thought the burger was real.

Hamburger Challenge

Today is the 1000th birthday of burger! Burgers were first crated by a man called Sami Burger who, lived in the year 1017 . Today we are doing a burger challenge this challenge is were you eat as many burgers as you can . my record last year was 4 and the highest was 7 i came joint 3rd . Today i want to beat that record . we are driving to the competion now I am exited…