The Daffodil on the huge bridge

On the bridge Pontchartrain Causeway was a tiny little pink daffodil living all by himself with people walking by him not even noticing him.Oh and by the way my name is Jack and the daffodils name is Mini he’s called mini because of how small he is as a flower. Mini didn’t like not being noticed because he had no friends and no-one to talk to which was very sad. One time all nine year old spotted him and picked him up and gave it to the mummy for a present. And when they got home they put him in a pot .


On mindcraft the water just cept gushing out. I was making a manshion but the bath had a hole in it. In my room was a desc, flowers and a bed. Also I had a dog room with an obcical corce. I had some stables and some horses. You could tame them. Do you like Mindcraft? I love it and I have a dog bead room, I have about 3 dog rooms. I have a big trampled Wichita lookes like a bead. I have a big kitchen(10 blokes long, I had a really big table. And lots more. Dose it sound good.


so hi am going on an adventure to a water fall in 2 hours i think its going to be very fun i am going to get very wet and i think we are going to go under it. So off we go to the waterfall i’m going with my friend Abi  were going to get soaked so were there  and the first thing we did was jumped in and the water just kept gushing out a hole so it turns out we didn’t go under the water fall so then we had mac donlds  and went to mi house to dry .

try not to laugh

This tall boy at the shop and tied on all the tiny sizes and ripped them all and brot them all and said"there not for me its for my sister". 

Sister day morning I tuned on tap water sprade in my face.

thusday  i was in the bath my dad with a hammer and hit the bath tub with it and a maive hole in it and water was going everywhere and I said"good job dad you'er the best

ha ha ha ah easy peesy  lemon tuth wate a minute  not tuth sgweesy

A True Story

“Tell me a true story please” cried the class there class water pipes had the water just kept gushing out all the time “ok ok everyone do you want a sort of scary story” said the teacher “yes please” shouted all the children “ok now then this a true story once near this school was a child, his Grandad was very poorly he could not eat and the doctors did everything they could to help but he was in hospital for about five weeks and then went home still ill as they could not cure him”.To Be Continued next week.

The Disaster On The Streets

One day my brother and I were playing football on the streets, my mother warned us not to cause any trouble. we were playing one touch against a wall, when my brother kicked the ball really hard and it came back and hit a water pipe. The water just kept gushing out we both sprinted in and told our mum and she said

“I told you not to cause any trouble and look what happens”.

“Sorry mum”,we panted.

“I don’t care, both of you are grounded for a month, and no xbox!”she replied angrily. Eventually somebody came and fixed it.

The happiest day

As my mum picked me up I asked were are we going and she said the pet store. As we drove the I asked her who’s pet I was and she said yours. When we got there I ran in as quickly as a mouse. When we got him we drove home very quickly. As we got home we set up the cage and I had to put the water in his bottle and the water came gushing out as quick. When he goting his cage I sat on my bed watching him. I Called him tom. And he’s sleeping

The water kept gushing

Duggy lived in Africa the poorest place on earth.Nobody had any money. Duggy didn’t go to school he just romed the streets collecting rubbish to sell.Duggy just wanted to be like his cousin he lived in a massive mansion all the way in Britain.There were always loads of pipe breaks and today’s was espeacilly big.Buggy went to go to the only fountain there that was filled with smelly,dirty water.He hated turning the water on as it always got him wet and he didn’t want to smell any more.He turned his back and quickly and carefully turned the knob.Suddenly,the water came out and it kept gushing and gushing.Buggy ran back to his shelter.

Can a name tell a lie

I was in the middle of the Alantic ocean. I was on the biggest boat called Titantic and was it know as the unsinkable ship. Ten minuets later we had hit an ice burge and was sinking. Who knew names told big, fat lies. I held my mum looking as white as a sheet and petrified of what had happened. We stood frightened and the water kept gushing out of the ocean into the massive ( sinkable ) ship. What was there left to do, what was there left to say. Water filled the ship  and we all DIED! DON’T trust names!