It was a summers morning, the sky was blue and the sun was shining, but a girl named Susie wasn’t excited for the day ahead because she had to do a maths test. Susie was scared because she was one of the worst at maths even though she was in Year 6. When she got to school she was still scared, when she was in class she was still scared, but she just thought happy thoughts. At the end of the lesson she found out she got the highest mark, she was amazed, however, she couldn’t believe what she had done !

The Spygirl

Hi my name is Mia, i’m a spy but don’t tell anyone. My whole family are spy’s. We love our new home in Cotton Village. Sometimes it’s very quiet but we like our neighbours they are very kind around here. I also already made friends with one of the neighbours daughter ,she is called Millie I do trust her but still I can’t tell her that i’m a spy. Oh she is here finally let’s go to the mall! While we’re  in the mall there was a robber I had to go and change outfit so nobody recognise me but she said she will go with me to the toilet so she did go but she watched how I transforemed  but after I had to make her faint however, I couldn’t believe what i done to her but I had to… to be contineued…

Running Race For Anna

She was running a race however, she couldn’t believe what she had done. Anna (who was the little girl) had won first place in the big race and she had won a massive hamper full of sweets and sports equipment. She was in so much shock that she could have fainted. Luckily she did not faint. For a cheeky little snack she had a chocolate bar from her hamper and then she went to get an ice-cream that her mum bought for her. She got a large tub of chocolate chip ice-cream and another large tub but this time with chocolate ice-cream. Then it was time to go home. 

To Andrew

To Andrew

How long have you been a Health worker?

How is it like living in Sierra Leone?

Is it hard work working as a health worker?

What is your biggest pet peve?

Do you enjoy your job?

How hard is your job?

How old are you?

Are there disappointing times?

Is it a struggle to tell bad news that the baby could recover from the accident?

Don’t forget you are helping other pepole but also your helping uself with your
Braver and patieante to wait for other people being injured.


#DrawingBreath Questions to Andrew


Questions to Andrew

Dear Andrew

What is it like to be in training at drawing breath?
What happens when the you can’t understand what the person is saying?
How long have you been working for drawing breath?
Is it scary sometimes?
How do you get from place to place?
Is it stressful at times?
Do you have any other jobs besides That?
Do you like helping people?