#Drawing Breath Dear Andrew

#Drawing Breath


Dear Andrew

Is it nice to work in a hospital?
Where is your favorite place to go when you drop somebody off or pick them up?
Is it exciting to work in a hospital?
What hospital do you work in?
Do you work in night or day?
What is your favorite part of working in a hospital?
Where do come from?
What country do you live in?
Where do you live?
Do you have a wife?
Do you have children?
do you live in a nice house?
What are you kids names?
Do you like your job?
What’s your whole name?

#Drawing Breath Letter for Andrew


Do you find it hard to heal sick people with one light? I imagine it probably would be !

How long have you been a doctor for ?

Do you do everything else then being a doctor or are you a doctor 24/7 ?

Do you find being a doctor is a hard Job or is it easy I’d imagine it’s hard

Do you get scared when you are doing a hard

opporation or are you used to it







Dear Andrew

How many people have you helped and saved baby’s?

Do you have a wife and eneny kids?

Do you love your job and love saving people?

where do you live in Sierra Leone and what language do you speak?

How much mouny do you get in a day or hour or full 24 hours?

What dose you house look like and what street do you live in?

Whats you full name and do you have eneny pet like a dog, lizard,cat,fish and snake?

Is your house made of stick and twigs?

My name is Wyatt.

#drawing breath to Andrew

To Andrew

it  wached your vidio it must be so hard to help so many peoples babys how  are you so good at it ? So Why  did you volunteer to help people for so little money? it must be horrible to see so many people in pain but it must be brilliant to now that you save lives? have you seen baby’s being born so how do you do it ?