Dear Andrew .


what is it like working with no lights and no gadgets, I am sure it would be very hard for you ? I bet you have lots to do with people’s lives all up to you to save and fix, I hope you know that you are a very good person.


are you living far away from your family?  are you happy with your life and job?

I am sorry for wasting your priceless time if you are reading this.

you should be very proud of yourself

good luck in the future

sincerely yours




Dear Andrew,

Do you like your job?Do you get paid?Do you like helping people? I can’t imagine getting up in the middle of the night without being grumpy.I would just refuse and go back to bed.You must be very passionate about your job. I love the fact that there is a man out there who doesn’t mind getting up and helping somebody else whatever the time.What does  your family think of you out in the middle of the night?Do your family like you being out?My mum wouldn’t for sure.Keep up saving people’s lives

From Amelie