the droped cinder egg

Some one dropped a cinder egg. The toy workers got to work. toy workers were  very were the toy who was fixing the egg book the egg fully. Even more you came out . ” I think we need a massive spoon ‘ sead one of the workers ‘I agree” said an other workers of the workers. so they got a spoon. It helped them a lot they evcherly Cleaned the egg up.

break the egg

Me and my frend went to the LEGO shop. We lookt arand we sor some cool batman LEGO stuf. Wen we left the LEGO shop there was some litle figer on the grand. The litle figers trid to brak the egg on the grand. There tride ages so I stod on the egg a litle bit there said thank you to me. All there have to do now is to clean the mess up. There cleand the mess up so there got there stufe and went home and hade some diner.  we went home and wathed tv and hade diner.

Volcano Explosion !

Once upon a time in a far away land lived a girl named sparkle.She was going on a trip with her best friend pearl .They have been friends since they were born.They were going to see the chocolate egg volcano.Vroom vroom the car drove down the road as fast as it could.In the nick of time they reached the desert.They got out the car and got there picnic.As soon as they reached the volcano it exploded with  all sorts of yummy things.The best part was the chocolate and cream it was so yummy.Vroom of they went back home.


The big chocolate egg

AH AH AH AH a mento




 it a chocolate egg but big the workmen had to get a drill to crack it open and to see in side it was gloomy  with custed it was a big egg but why workmen ate a bit of custed  and like it  tased like a chocolate bar milk dairy k i k k k k k k k k n j j h n n nn n n n j  j k j jk j  u f h k k i i b g  jk   k u y e r w g 


The Spillage.

I was walking to school and I saw an old house with scaffolding around it. I was quite curious about what was going on and there was builders where around it. was there he told me there was a leak with cream. egg chocolate, it was very peculiar. We was all confused at that moment and the owner and some explaining to do. AkA stealing. when I got to school I told all my friends and my friends told his friends and so on. eventually the whole school knew every one wanted to walk home, going past the spillage that had been made