death from above

One terrible day Jake and Tom were going to there friends house Liam’s. After they got inside they went up to to Liam’s room. Later they went outside to play, the sky was all orange but they still went out. As they walked out they saw a park across the road. When  they crossed the road they saw their other friend Charlie. When they walked in the park they saw a meteor in the sky they screamed and ran around. They ran to try get cover but they did not find any cover. the meteor got to close and the all burned.


NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! lets go back to four minutes ago,


“O.M.G. did you see that huge mento sculpta, it looked like a big water bottle!” Nikki said. “I know!” said Francesca               



“NNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”   the custard cream was DEAD “you know that gave me a good idear.” Nikki said. five minutes later we made the dead cream egg into a sculpta with little man TRYING to fix it 

Easter egg drop out.

One morning I woke up to find some workmen drilling, so I woke up my friend Jack[I was sleeping with him because we had a sleepover]as he was still asleep, we both got dressed and had breakfast I had some corn flakes  and Jack had some corn flakes to. Then I put my: phone, my purse, my head phones, in my hand bag and we went out to see what was going on. ” Wait is that what I think it is,” Jack announced ” IT’S A GIANT EASTER EGG,” Jack has gone manic because he really loves Easter eggs.So we had to go to the shops and get me and Jack a Easter egg.

The expiriance

On Sunday morning, there was a massive emergency. A huge cream easter egg spilled all over the clean road. Lots of men came to pick up the egg it is all cleaned up but, there is a lot of sticky cream and chocolate on the road the over day my mum was coming back from work and her car tyres got stuck in all of the cream and chocolate. My mum had to get the fire service to get her out. My mum is outside cleaning  her car right now. She is coming in now to go to bed and me.

The Wired Construction Egg

Today is the 24th April Easter Day!Me and my sister Bo were going on and on about it yesterday.We are going to have our hunt at 11:00am.It is now 8:00am and i’ve got dressed and everything.[Three hours later.]”It’s time it’s time for the hunt,”I shouted out.We went outside and found the egg.But it was strange ,the egg had cracked cream was coming out and construction men were around it.With red and white couns surrounding it.Mum was freaked out I was to my dad was shocked and my sister well nothing really.And thats how my Easter was in 2017.

Worst Easter Ever!